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  1. It's just a good job his holiness the Masterchief can't undo his battle suit, or we could have had a baby Footiger on top of the fan. Commendation has to go out to Ghost UK, who wasn't satisfied with getting Masterchiefs on top of the fan, he was aiming for the warthog. Aim High..and all that.
  2. I agree. Clear one looks nice, but I doubt I'd actually bother to replace my normal one unless they were normal price, but you know they're gonna be expensive. A silver one - possible brushed aluminium - would be worth the extra money. Which reminds me - I must see how much panasonic cubes are going for now.
  3. Right, I'm going to bed. It's been good to hear your thoughts Kalashnikov. Look forward to reading all your comments tomorrow. Fraggle
  4. You're right - but you can enjoy both. I like a good twitch as much as the next man- although my forte has never been 2d fighters; but for those cold winter nights/mornings - you can't beat laying in bed with only a cup of coffee and a turn-based rpg to keep you company.
  5. Well, when it comes down to shaking a dogs paws - maybe we've got to take a step back ) It's a cracking laugh though
  6. I can see how people might find turn-based dull - but SOA made the control system really simple and once you play it for an hour or so you can set up your moves in a few seconds. I suppose you either love it or hate it, but there can be so much strategy involved in turn-based, quickly working out what the best return is going to be on your moves and not leaving yourself open etc. I know it's not the same as actually doing the fighitng yourself, but don't you just love acrruing experience points and watching your characters become mightier. That was what was good about Battlefaeries (doubt anyone else will have played that?) Fraggle
  7. Cos I'd gladly kill you for free.... No Seriously, I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say it was the first game with flying, customisable galleons - and that is spectacular and something everyone should buy it for. The guided storyline is there if you want it but you can also roam the world on a massive treasure hunt. The storyline is epic and takes you through the whole range of emotions. It's one of those games that even though you know it's 5am and you've got to be up in 2 hours, you just have to carry on for that little bit longer. Lush battle animations (although sometimes a bit drawn out). You get to build your own base of operations - tailored to your taste. Frankly, the more I think about it the more I think about it, the concept would be best converted to an RTS. No, what am I saying, it has to be a TBRPG.
  8. It's a shame I can't go and buy a bunch of copies now - push up the figures
  9. That'd be fine - As long as you can have a flying ship with a few massive cannons stuck on the side of it, mingled in with some manga-style turn-based battery. You're right about the ending - I couldn't agree more, but there's always a way to revive a couple of the characters from the last one without damamging the ending.
  10. I hear you, but it would be nice to think, even if just for a split second, that the gamers could influence what games got sequelled and which should get left as a first edition only. They get it right a lot of the time, but everyone likes SOA and all they've done with it is cut out some bad language and put it on a GC disc. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but our opinions should matter - after all we're the ones who are going to be going out and spending our hard-earned cash to support he games industry. Fraggle
  11. I recently emailed Sega to find out if there were any plans to release a sequel to Skies of Arcadia. I didn't expect a reply - they're not gonna tell me even if they are right. however I got this reply: "Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately there are no plans at the moment to release the sequel of Skies of Arcadia. Kind regards SEGA Customer Service" If you're as dismayed as I am, place your protest here - maybe we can get enough support together to convince Sega to change their minds. Fraggle
  12. Yeah, that's more like it Mine are about the same - although I think you were always better at AC than me. Fraggle
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