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  1. Thought Pool were lucky today to get a point. Yes they had most of the possession, but did very little with it. Apart from the deflected goal, and the Lloris save down to his left, I can’t remember a Liverpool shot on target. We did defend well though (for a change). Glad we turned up because it could have been a cricket score. I’m sure we will enjoy the point more than you guy though.
  2. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    I can see a swap on the cards.
  3. @deKay Just tried to download some Amtix and Amstrad Action from your repository and none of the .zips will expand
  4. I was there, showing off issue 4 of my fanzine (Retro Revival) alongside Boyo (Chris Wilkins) who was showing off his mame cocktail cab (who then went on to run Fusion Books). Doesn’t time fly eh?
  5. It was me... I mentioned them. I paid £240 for a maxed out GBA, and I have a £110 eBay special on its way too. The idea is to review the two of them, compare them to each other and to see if the price tag really is worth it.
  6. Just forked out for a RetroSix Prestige All black GBA. Got a few boxed games coming too… GB Motocross Madness GB Navy Seals GB Golf GB Tennis GBA NES Classics Zelda GBA NES Classics PAC Man And one or two others. call me mad…. Go on
  7. I picked up 3 x Xbox Live Golds from CDKeys for £39 each and then converted it to GP for £1, so £127 for 3 years and no VPN rubbish to deal with or about £3.50 per month for GPU for 3 years.
  8. I’ve asked RGT just today about availability of the MegaEverDrive Pro and they told me early 2022 for stock
  9. First Kickstarter I have ever backed.... gone for the 12 month sub.
  10. I've caved in and got a Mega SG and a Super NT (along with a SD2SNES) on their way to me. I was going to jailbreak the Mega SG as I can then play all the games (except for Virtua Racing I believe), and as I cannot geet hold of a MegeEverdrive Pro for love nor money!. Anyone have any advice on what settings to start with, or it just a matter of plug and play? Any other nuggest of useful info will be appreciated.
  11. Astra’s Action issue 50. The one with my letter printed in it (I was a wee nipper at the time!)
  12. SimonG


    Fair play guys well deserved win, but let’s be honest here, we are playing so badly that we would have made a Sunday league team look like Barcelona. Thought you were going to royally thump us but turns out you only had three goals in you and the ref on your side
  13. Just received an email from Droix here in the UK who mention that a new 351MP is due sometime in November / December. The same as the 351M but with a 4:3 and 2 sd card slots from the V, but without the Wifi (and in two new colours) Slightly smaller than the 351M, it seems to be a hybrid of the 351M and 351V, albeit with the same cpu (which seems to be a chance missed). More details here... https://droix.co.uk/rg351mp-faq-a-hybrid-metal-vertical-handheld/?utm_source=DroiX.net&utm_campaign=7a31060e64-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2b9a6af83c-7a31060e64-137997057&goal=0_2b9a6af83c-7a31060e64-137997057&mc_cid=7a31060e64&mc_eid=b95e20be3d
  14. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    ‘Berg was back to his brilliant self. He looked jaded at the end of last season, but then again so would you having to pick the mess up from Wanks and Moussa. hopefully Skipp can become a permanent feature and let Berg play more up the files like he did for His country in the Euros.
  15. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    Would have taken a draw before the game, so the three points is awesome. Tanganga and Moura were excellent, but for me Skipp and ‘Berg in midfield were the difference. Great start to an important season.
  16. Where did you get that DC case from @DeciderVT ?
  17. When are people going to realise that Kane really is not a big game player… Goes missing in the CL final, goes missing in the Cup final a few weeks ago against City, goes missing tonight.
  18. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    If nothing else he knows the Premier league and has had decent success with a half decent a Wolves side. If he can get Doherty playing like he did for them, and we can get Traore on the cheap then it may not be a bad signing.
  19. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    Rose and Gazza released.. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2021/may/player-update/ Let the cull begin
  20. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    I’d be happy for Kane to leave, we have lost out on quality strikers over the years because no-one wanted to be his understudy. if we can get a good wedge for him, or decent player(s) plus cash, I’d thank him for his service and let him go.
  21. Was about to order this, but reading about the lack of saves mid run, it’s a hard pass for me.
  22. My first machine, green screen monitor and everything.. £1.99 ricochet and codemasters games from the local newsagents. Dan Dare Steve Davis snooker Oh Mummy Good times.
  23. It's ridiculous... but I want one
  24. SimonG

    The Spurs Thread

    Son getting injured early doors meant that Kane had no-one running off him and was absent until Lamela got sent off on 70 mins or so. Moura put in a shift, but the rest of the side didn't show up at all until the last 15 mins. Sanchez was 'unfortunate' for the penalty, and if Lacazette had connected with the ball, it would have been a good block, not a pen. But still. Doherty should never be allowed to wear a Spurs shirt again. He was dreadful. Out of position, lazy tracking back, totally done over by the Arsenal left flank. We had Aurier and Tanganga on the bench and somehow Doc still managed 90 mins. Sissoko would have been better at LB ffs! Compared to the last 5 games, this was a totally weak performance. That said, Arsenal were no better. Apart from hitting the crossbar and post (Kane hit the post too) their first goal was deflected off of Toby and the second was the penalty. They did nothing else. And I mean nothing else. They were there to be taken, and we sat back and did fuck all. Just like the Liverpool game, we made a team in shit form, look like Barcelona. Only Spurs could do that. We need new blood and a new manager. Jose clearly fucked this one up and did nothing to fix it during the game. He has nothing in his locker.
  25. So, which its the best out there? I have seen a few flying around, but wondered what peoples real world experience are like using these cables.
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