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  1. I really want an X-Box for content I can't get on my Wii. However, due to too many RROD stories I will never buy one. Such a shame.
  2. Buy a 360 Bidge, buy one now, you don't know what your missing! So glad I haven't. Me, I'll be playing all my new games that I get for Christmas and not waiting on my console getting repaired. If they ever fix the reliabilty of the 360 I will get one, otherwise I'm going to give it a miss.
  3. A friend of mine work's in Game. I went in to buy one. Out of curiousity I asked him about the failure rate. 66% of all Xbox's sold by Game are returned faulty within a year. I've decided not to get one.
  4. companies can start their financial year from what ever date suits them. most follow the tax year. i.e. from april.
  5. fair comment I apoligise
  6. Cheers Davros. I have felt that it could offer me some things that the Wii can't, but the Live issue is what has definately held me back, as it seems that the console is so reliant on it for it's gaming experience. I also enjpy playing at my own pace and don't give a damn about league tables, but much of the discusion topics that I have read all rave about the online aspects of the games and less on the individual play of the titles.
  7. Correct the Wii's online gaming lbrary is dire, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. My question was is the XBox worth it, without Live access for online gaming. Many here have said it's not, I thought you would have had the brains to understand the question was directed about the Gold service, without me having to spell it out. After all the rest of the forumites who have posted here understood it plainly enough. As for expense I buy around 5-10 titles a year. £40 is therfore around 10% to 20% of my yearly spend. That to me is lot.
  8. No just Scottish and a tight git. I'm the one that the sterotype of Tight Arsed Jock is based upon
  9. Goat Keeper that's where I disagree. I hardly use the the online gaming side of my Wii. Yes I use to surf the net on it, but don't particularly look to it for online gaming. Titles like Zelda, Wii Sports, Rayman and very enjoyable withouy needing online gaming. I wanted to know could I buy an XBox and get as much enjoyment on it without subcribing to Live, you guys have answered that with a resounding no.
  10. Your welcome. I got the advice I needed from it.
  11. Thanks folks for the honset feedback. Since the consensus is don't bother without Live ,then I'll go with that and not bother. Thanks Bidge
  12. Because I respect other peoples opinions. I like direct answers to direct questions and because it is a gaming forum whrere people can ask each other questions. I am also looking for advice on how the console the operates without subscribing to Live. I would already own the console, if it were not for me being a stubborn git over the Live issue and was wanting to know how people who own the console rated it if Live were not in the equation.
  13. With that attitude dude you would have fit right in the Auschwitz. "Yes Sir, gas the Jews Sir, no problem. I'lll do it, don't think that should be the case, but because you are telling me that's the way it is, the I'll go alomg." I just don't beleive it should be a seperate charge, build it in to the price of the console and I'll be happy, just don't make me pay a seperate charge. That established is it worth getting with out Live and list me 5 killer titles that don't rely on Live. I know next to nothing about the console, but it;s shiny and keeps attracting me flies to shite when i pass demo centre at the moment.
  14. see that's the big issue for me. I point blank refuse to pay for online gaming, they should be happy I bought the title. Therefore, what games are worth getting without live, or do I just give my love znd hard earned to the Wii and virtual console.
  15. OK. Let's cut to the chase. I am total Nintendo Fanboy. However of late the Xbox has looked interesting. I will not however pay to subscribe to Live as I believe if you buy a game then online gaming should be part of that cost. Therefore is it worth buying an xbox without LIVE. Also if it is what would be the killer titles. Zelda is my favourite game, but I also love quirky titles like Chibi Robo, Doshin the Giant, Pikmin and like Real Time Strategy Titles. KOTOR looked good as does Halo but what else do you recommend. I won't buy the machine unless I can enjoy it without paying for a Live subscription and my wife says their must be 5 titles that I can't live without.
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