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  1. Can anyone remember which First Order officer says at the start: I really hope it was (Apologies if I have the line wrong - I can't remember exactly, just that it made me laugh)
  2. Played Escape! With family & friends at the weekend, and after some initial skepticism (the tutorial was somewhat noddy) we all had a great time with the first scenario which we j-u-u-u-s-t failed to complete in time. There were five of us, and everyone came up with at least one solution that nobody else got so we came away feeling like Dr Clever and the Clever Gang. The scenario's got all the replay value of an Ice-Cream DVD, but I'll be happy with three sessions for the price (minus whatever ebay thinks it's worth afterwards).
  3. Mythos Tales scratched a simplicity itch for us. Its not an RPG per-se, but a Cthulhu themed mystery solver. You have a wide variety of locations and experts to visit, some clues and a time limit to figure out what the hell's going on. No stats, no GM (the book provides the mystery/locations/characters), it's all just in your head and the interplay of the players. To us it felt like a Call of Cthulhu adventure, but much, much pacier and nobody needed to be left out. In the RPG we'd have spent four hours pointlessly arguing with the coroner and got nowhere. Va
  4. I still shoot a spitoon if I see one, just out of habit. Probably better than spitting in it, to be honest.
  5. The ZX81 is such a lovely thing just to look at you can just put it on display even if it doesn't work.
  6. Got my 64 second-hand as an upgrade from my ZX81, and after many, many years very solid service I sold it off 3rd hand with a massive collection of games when my ST arrived. It's the only system I've ever sold on, and I regret that decision to this day. Had a nightmare time when my datasette broke down and took a week to replace. Did I play a lot of Sea Wolf? Yes. Yes I did.
  7. Delving around in those old arcade ROMs can be a lot of fun - I remember finding a set of completely unused (but functionally fine) background graphics in Complex X when doing a remake a few years back. They're really tiny too, so there aren't many places for things to hide.
  8. I went to France on holiday the other year, and nobody got my Shepard jokes when I found myself on board the Normandy (http://www.doverferryphotosforums.co.uk/hsc-normandie-express-incat-057-past-and-present/) It had more Duty Free shops and bored/seasick toddlers than the fictional version. Some bloke on the car deck did try to flog me a minor incremental improvement to my pulse rifle though.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm not new either, I've just been dead for a few years. I got better though. Old people might remember me from the WoS forums, and obscurists from the original Retro Gamer/Retro Survival period. In the slightly odd position of actually having spoken to more forum people in real life than through the actual forum, which I'm fairly sure isn't how the Internet is supposed to work. Anyway, unfortunate name conflict with Commander Jameson aside, hello (again)!
  10. Looks like yesterdays 'Simon Evans Goes to Market' on Radio 4 is giving out tips on how to chemically enhance certain retro gaming skills. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b061t68k#play about 18:45, if anyone's interested. Something peculiarly satisfying about hearing gaming jokes on Radio 4 (although shouldn't be that surprised as Tim Harford is a self-confessed Elite fan).
  11. Well, it still worked - it was clearly the first I'd heard of it! Wow, you're here Mr Strider. And I thought I saw boyo a few browses ago too. I should poke my head up more often (than an average of about once a year). Also, I spotted the Retro Gamer cover CD in the photo of Mo Warden. Do I win £5?
  12. I thought the news article on Netflix producing a Castlevania animated series was an April Fool, but no! It is apparently A Thing (and not even a particularly recent one - it's from early February).
  13. The Kestrel 'B' layout seems almost perfect for running mostly in Vacuum. Perfect that is until the door control and med bay stop functioning when both are in hard vacuum... Incidentally, do rooms vent quicker if you turn the oxygen system off, so it isn't trying to pump air in as it rushes straight back out again?
  14. ...aaand made it through to the flagship. With my original pop-gun. Oh dear. Still, I lasted a few rounds and boy, did I have a lot of fuel left when I blew up.
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