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  1. Definitely going to pick up at least one more of these whilst they're on sale. I've discovered recently that I need to have a Picross game on the go AT ALL TIMES.
  2. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't say I'm overly sold on the new art style for OlliOlli but I absolutely loved the previous two so I'm hoping it will still capture that magic.
  3. I must say, I do find it frustrating that style doesn't appear to be explained anywhere. I feel a bit like I'm playing with one hand tied behind my back. Should probably just chill out and enjoy myself but letting shit slide is not one of my strong points Edit: Actually, it's just occurred to me that if I hadn't watched the trailer I literally wouldn't have a clue what's going on.
  4. Aw man, that's fairly disappointing. I basically spent the first quarter of the year desperately scrabbling about for a PS5 so I could play this. But yeah, hopefully as Wiper says this means a better working environment for the employees. And I can just about wait another couple of months if it means people actually get to see their families.
  5. Right, I'm in. I can't help but feel a bit of a mug for paying launch price for this - and I'm not sure it's the kind of pricing strategy that should really be rewarded - but Housemarque just know how to make games I love. I also basically bought the PS5 for this and Deathloop so stressing out about the extra 15-odd quid seems a little silly when I'm already this far committed Now I've finished torturing myself over whether to get it at launch I can just look forward to playing it
  6. Finished Gnosia this afternoon. My interest did start to wane ever-so-slightly in the last handful of hours but my lasting impression is a positive one. A great little experiment mixing a elements of a fifteen minute game with a thirty hour narrative - even if it does struggle a bit with having to repeat individual lines of dialogue hundreds of times!
  7. I'm afraid to say everyone that I think the videogame music thing is just you being a bit old. There's plenty of excellent original stuff still being produced.
  8. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think that's me giving them another go. I also didn't really click with either but hadn't considered it could be down to my total lack of patience.
  9. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    I get annoyed when videogames use the same name as an earlier entry in the series (DOOM, Tomb Raider) to make the new one sound DEFINITIVE, but giving two completely unrelated games the same name is fucking lunacy.
  10. Just had the dispatch email; I got one everybody! You can all rest easy now.
  11. Can't say I hold too much weight on the thought process of 'I've got 100 hours out of it, it's excellent value!' Did you enjoy each of those individual hours? Or was it just a way to pass the time? I love both Sayonara Wild Hearts and Animal Crossing, got significantly less hour per pound from the former, but think it's by far the better game. That said, I do think it's a proper shit that so much of the coversation around Returnal is on its price. I think it's inevitable that the game will struggle and if anything happens to Housemarque as a consequence I will be writing a very str
  12. Yep, they've taken the money. There was a disclaimer on the product page which described the situation you've got above; they'll only actually refund you if you raise a help desk ticket My order has made its way to the warehouse apparently so I'm now getting excited. I daresay that this level of tense, dramatic entertainment will not be matched by an actual game on the machine for some time.
  13. Oh right, haha! Thanks both. It looks like my account has been charged so fingers and toes crossed.
  14. I think I might have got one from ShopTo. I've managed to place a back order: does anyone know if that mean I've got one?
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