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  1. I decided to go in quality order rather than chronological (Sunshine ->64->Galaxy and then 3D World when they release it) and I'm glad I did. I'm thoroughly enjoying Sunshine, although I can understand that if you're playing the other two masterpieces alongside it that it might fall short. It's like having eating the cabbage first in your roast dinner. It's well nice, but you know you've got the parsnips and potatoes just waiting.
  2. I am also in on THE PLAN. I'm kinda hoping that by the time I get to the PS5 there will have been a redesign too, but I think that might be a bit ambitious. Getting rather excited! I spent a happy half hour yestersay drawing up a list of the Game Pass stuff I want to play and the bits in my digital 360 library that I'm eager to revisit and are on the backwards compatible list. I can almost see the eyeroll from my wife now as she sees I'm swearing at Geometry Wars again on my fancy new machine
  3. Putting FLUDD in Sunshine is such an obviously Nintendo thing to do that I have to wonder if some of you are actually familiar with their work.
  4. I'm going Sunshine first although I daresay I'll dabble in the others before I finish it. This is largely because I've been humming the Delfino Plaza tune since the collection was announced.
  5. I think I'm pretty much decided on just a Series S with a view to getting a PS5 eventually (I think Deathloop plus Something Else might tip me over). Tetris Effect is one of my best games of the generation so the lure of Connected is strong. Also - weirdly - skipping the entire One generation has done Microsoft a bit of a favour for me. Getting a Series S means Game Pass and all the stuff I've missed. A PS5 means PS+ Collection and all the stuff I've played or couldn't be arsed with first time round.
  6. Second one here is good news for me as I've just clocked that Fuser is out the same week. Looking forward to spending a bunch on money on a new machine and then mostly playing a game on it I could have played on my current gear
  7. I'm enjoying this, but it is rather frustrating that you can't remap the controls as it's stopping me from making the change to manual. I tend to just use one trigger finger on the right hand side so can't change gear and accelerate at the same time. Do developers just plain forget to put this stuff in or is it intentional? It seems bizarre to go to the effort of having a settings and controls section and then not allowing you to change it unless it's a design decision.
  8. Only echoing the general feel of the thread, but good golly that is tempting.
  9. Perhaps he thinks that's a photo of you in your avatar.
  10. Just unlocked the Pacemaker which is hilariously fucking impossible. The mere whisper of a press of the sprint button sees me launching a thousand feet through the air to my death. It's like the chains have been replaced by eels. Love it.
  11. I think I'm going to concentrate on Sunshine first. It's easily the one I've played the least and I'm looking forward to discovering that it's quite good, actually.
  12. The physical car has the camera. If there's no car it's going to struggle recreating a feed from your house.
  13. I feel like I should be the prime candidate for this - hardwood floors on the whole of the ground floor, quite a large dining room/living room, the kids are 10 and 8, I bloody love Mario Kart, I bloody love gimmicky shite - but I just can't see it working all that well in reality. In particular, I think the physical car will have to be traveling ridiculously slow in order to give you time to open up on straights and obviously the concept of power sliding is completely out. I'm open to the idea of being persuaded once it's in someone's hands but to me it currently sounds
  14. I expect I'm in the relatively rare position of having never played THPS before but have picked this up. All seems perfectly fun and I can already see that I'm going to get really fucking frustrated with it one evening which is when I'll know that I'm actually enjoying myself.
  15. I expect once he retires he'll just produce clones of himself, one of whom will live on well beyond his death as an amputated arm.
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