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  1. Well, before we get to the top 5 we do have another Alternative Award... Hey @MW_Jimmy! C'mon, c'mon!
  2. Picked up both Missile Dancer and Bezier and looking forward to getting stuck into them over the weekend. Also going to buy some maracas so I can combine the two and become a Bez-ier Dancer.
  3. Can I have 53 please. Thanks very much in advance for your help.
  4. I always enjoy this discussion about the relative merits of the Mario games as it's always interesting to see who's ordering matches with yours. Such a shame you can't have it with Zelda where Link to the Past is obviously the best.
  5. Fortnite has provided essential childcare during these unprecedented times.
  6. Aaasaaaaaaaaaaand, just before we hit your Top 10 of 2020 we have time for another Alternative Award. Take it away, @joffocakes!
  7. 11. Half Life: Alyx Was there ever a surer sign of the forthcoming apocalypse, than Valve releasing a Half Life game? Seemingly announced and released within the space of five minutes, the latest adventures in City 17 not only gave us a shockingly accurate recreation of what London will look like in a couple of weeks but also a tantalising glimpse of the potential future of the entire medium. Sadly, my exposure to the game is limited entirely to the announcement trailer (several years ago I managed to get a woman consistently drunk enough to think that havi
  8. It was my second favourite game of the year and I was always fairly baffled by the response on here. I felt like there was only a handful of us that got it. I have a theory that it perhaps resonates better amongst people that don't play a lot of shooters but I have little evidence to back this up beyond a sample size of one. I can understand if someone was put off because it was too much, too stressful, too intense. But boring?! Can't wrap my head around that.
  9. 15. Paper Mario: The Origami King Got a dog this year, didn’t I? It seemed like the perfect opportunity to buy a creature that requires I leave the house multiple times a day. Being a meanie I put a veto on any of the names the kids wanted to give him. Sadly, they’re still at the age where they’d call a white dog ‘Snowy’ or some shit and I wasn’t having any of that. We had form in decent, videogame-related pet names (our cat, Cosmos, who sadly passed in 2019, was named after the big lad in Katamari Damacy) and I couldn’t allow the standards to drop. So we (I) named him
  10. 17. Super Mario 3D Allstars Popular videogame character Super Marios (or to give him his full name, Super Marios Kart) has been in over seven games since he first landed on the scene with the release of the 1994 Bob Hoskins film Super Marios Brothers. Often joined by a colourful cast of supporting characters including chief antagonist Koopa, his green brother Shrek and the sensual, subtle eroticism of the long-tounged dinosaur princess (who is famously found in the first available castle), Super Mario presents the cheerful face of the working man’s capitalist st
  11. Honestly thought there was something weird going on with my eyes and scrolled back up and down the page on my phone to compare two posts
  12. I think it's about time move onto your Top 20 Games of the Year! As before, this will flit between myself, @Qazimod, @Benny and @Wiper
  13. Ooooh, I fancy another Alternative Award. And would you believe it, here comes one right now! It's @Marlew!
  14. Nintendo and Supergiant were both a good chunk ahead of Sony. I'd say there were enough votes for the category to make sense and be representative.
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