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  1. I've only played it single player so far, but I'd say two seems like the optimum number. It feels like that's what they had in mind.
  2. My two are just coming up to 11 and 9. Eldest has only really shown an interest in three videogames: Minecraft, Fortnite and Splatoon 2. Youngest has a far broarder taste and finished Ocarina of Time during lockdown and is currently spending a lot of time trying to get a victory in Tetris 99. Definitely just let them play what they want though (as long as its appropriate of course). Trying to inflict your own taste on your kids is pretty fucking icky and will surely only lead to rebellion.
  3. Wario Cup looks fun this week - pick five characters (with various score modifiers depending on their trickiness) and just keep going until you lose with each one. Can see me spending a lot of time on that this weekend.
  4. Just noticed I got an email on the 10th that doesn't explicitly say that my 2022 order won't ship early but gives a very strong impression that's the case. Does take the lustre off the whole shebang a bit, but feel like I've spent the money now so I think I'm going stick with it.
  5. 6696 in the Wario Cup putting me in the 4% . I don't think I've ever successfully done the 'LIGHT UP!' at around game 32 but other than that a perfect run seems so possible now
  6. Hmmm. There might be something in the endgame here that's spoiled it for me a bit. Doesn't seem to be an awful lot to spend your coins on compared to previous entries?
  7. Aw man, this has made a very good first impression on me. That 9-Volt boss level
  8. Great start to the latest episode of The Back Page for all you magazine anecdote fans.
  9. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Do we have any idea if Crusin' Blast is likely to be any good? I've not played any of the series before and my overriding memory from the mags at the time was that they were pretty middling on the N64. HOWEVER! I am desperate for a new arcade racer and I do like Eugene Jarvis so feel so compelled to buy it. Finding it oddly difficult to find any actual opinion on the game.
  10. Apologies in advance for the kind of question that inevitably gets asked a million, billion times in these threads... Myself and my two children share a Series S in the living room. They have children accounts connected to my Microsoft account. We all have our own profiles and use my Game Pass subscription happily. Thinking about getting a second Series S. If I do so, will we be able to use the Game Pass subscription on both machines simultaneously? Ta!
  11. I think the magazine anecdotes are naturally likely to decrease over time as they tell them all, but magazine culture and history is a fundimental part of the appeal to me. I'd never read PSM2 nor heard of Dan Dawkins prior to his appearance and I think it was one of the best episodes. Made me wish I could go back and be a bit broader in my reading, rather than just picking up Edge every month because I got super fucking snooty about games when I turned 20. Hoping they go a bit further back at some point and get someone in from N64 magazine. God, I fucking loved that thing.
  12. Sam of Big Sammy Holdings tweeted about this very thread the other day, so it's nice to know the good vibes are getting back to them.
  13. I think you mean "Party Gaaames?!?!"
  14. Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of the best games of the past five years. I reckon £6.50 is less than 7p per delighted gasp. Get the fuck on it.
  15. 'Whining'. C'mon mate, I play the campaigns solo too, but it's clearly a big deal. Something is going wrong here.
  16. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    Finished Last Stop this evening and found it quite the drop in quality from Virginia unfortunately. Perhaps the confusing weirdness of their earlier game is something that just speaks to me more, but beyond a very well-judged representation of London I didn't find anything all that engaging in the newer game.
  17. Went for it with a 2022 date. I'm order 19 900 and something and they said there would be 20 000 so I live in hope. Ever the optimist.
  18. Can now get one for 2022, in two minds...
  19. They definitely said this. I'm holding out some hope they've removed it from sale until they can get the shipping thing sorted.
  20. I'm absolutely all in for this. The original is the best Resident Evil 4 that isn't Resident Evil 4.
  21. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    I thought Virginia was absolutely fantastic, and Last Stop looks interestingly different in style and theme. I'm not expecting an awful lot of interaction or choice but if the ride is as good as the first game we're in for a treat.
  22. I'm still in at the moment, but I do think I may cancel if I don't get in the first batch. Part of the appeal of the machine is the steady release schedule with everyone dropping on the new game at once. I'm not all that optimistic this thing will be around for years.
  23. Yeah, it's definitely been widely derided and the reaction surely goes some way to explain why Breath of the Wild is so drastically different. Of course, those of us who loved it on the Wii are painfully aware anyway because we've spent the last decade being told how wrong we are and how tired the format was and how motion controls don't work and how the text is a bit slow and how it repeats itself and how the text is a bit slow.
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