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  1. I find myself in the same situation and that certainly appears to be the case. I'm going to be in the slightly odd position of being able to use the stuff I got from my Switch account on the PS5 but not the stuff I got from my PS4 account
  2. Yeah, I mean that's fair - and simply skipping them is the simplest solution should it really bother me - but it was more a comment that the frequency of them is going up a bit. The previous two episodes to the current one had guests and I think they mentioned the next two are due to have guests as well. That seems like a high proportion to me. I wouldn't want it to be wall-to-wall Games Court either. I do seem to be totally on my own here, mind
  3. I feel a little twatty and self-conscious criticising given that The Back Page is still one of my favourite podcasts and Samuel occasionally pops in here, but I am a little disappointed they seem to be ramping up the guests recently. I find the people they get in either have to be entertaining in and of themselves (Dan Dawkins, Nathan Brown, Jen Simpkins) or slot in effortlessly in the friendship dynamic (Rich Stanton, Catherine Castle) otherwise Samuel and Matthew tone themselves down a bit. The core partnership - and the chummy bullshit it produces - is one the main strengths of the show for me. I dunno. I might be on my own here, but there's been a couple of times where it feels like the guest is sucking the air out of the room a bit.
  4. I played through that with my wife and our two children on Bank Holiday Mournday. It was an excellent time and a very fitting tribute.
  5. I played it shortly after release on Switch but got bored under 10 hours sadly. I didn't really enjoy the 2D bits at all - and although I found the routine of the rice farming pretty mindful - I didn't connect with any of the characters or story threads so nothing was pulling me back.
  6. Having caught up on She-Hulk, there's certainly something reminiscent of the colour pallette this morning.
  7. Not if you're Team Fun (the 4 player team). You have to wait for it to come up.
  8. I've had the same thing this morning. I think my first win was game 12 and several of the matches prior to that were total batterings. Team Fun, right? I wonder if there's something going on to try and make the Splatfest results a little tighter. May be a total coincidence, but the win came immediately after the maps changed. I also only got one Tri-Colour which is a bit disappointing.
  9. This is so good that I can't help slipping in the odd game whenever I find myself with a little bit of time. TEAM FUN for next weekend of course. I figure I'm so useless that no amount of gear or food would save me on an island anyway so I may as well enjoy myself.
  10. Chalk me down as another that's baffled they didn't navigate this licencing minefield and release the game according to my personal list of specific requirements. Absolute joke.
  11. Reckon there will be a shadow drop for golf on Switch Sports. Been suspiciously quiet on that front.
  12. Finished the Delicious Last Course just now and thought it was absolutely stunning. Some truly magnificent bosses in there and somehow manages to look even more gorgeous than the original. Turned a 9 into a 10 for me. Total all-timer.
  13. My youngest is just about to turn 10 and has a few mates that support Man City. We live in Essex. The fans are definitely coming, we're just the wrong age as @Naysonymous suggests above.
  14. Watched this last night and absolutely fucking loved it. It actually kept me awake because I couldn't stop thinking about it. So good. So good.
  15. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm pretty sure @Wiper is a fan?
  16. I think if you like Danganronpa or Zero Escape there's a good chance you'll enjoy it, but it is a lot gentler. Less KERBLAMMO! and more *kerpuft*.
  17. Finished The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story earlier. Not strictly a visual novel, but this seemed the most sensible thread to post my thoughts as I reckon it could be your cup of tea. This sees you follow a mystery writer as she sticks her nose in a family's business and tries to figure out who's doing a load of nasty old murders. With a story told entirely through FMV, the interaction comes in Sherlock Holmes-style mind palace sections (where you try to piece together various clues to form hypothesis) and then more traditional choose-a-path sections where you attempt to use those hypothesis to solve the case. Although restricted by the fact there has to be a 'right' answer (and some of the solutions require a fair old leap of logic), it ticks along at a decent pace and just about manages to be charming through some scenary-chewing performances. I particularly enjoyed letting characters hang at a pivitoal decision moment and watch them gurn repeatedly for several minutes. A videogame that's very light on the game and very heavy on the video, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. Got some strong 2pm on BBC1 vibes. Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote; that kind of thing.
  18. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    What about 1080?
  19. Hope the proposed live show from the patreon email goes ahead! I think I'm highly likely to attend, regardless of content. Would rather it wasn't an interview though; they're obviously the classier episodes but easily my least favourite and can be pretty dry. Back Page is at its best when the potential for horseshit is high, imo.
  20. Also just finished and can confirm I thought this was total bullshit . Absolutely baffled by its popularity. Trying to hold the missile button, the stand still button and then aiming must rank as the most frustrating thing I've had to get to grips with on the Switch. Actual blergh. Hated this fucking thing.
  21. Is my memory playing tricks, or is the bit in the tunnel of Kalamari Desert 'new'? I feel like I can vaguely remember it was possible to enter the tunnel but not enforced. The NintendoLife review has confused me a bit because it refers to that track specifically as one that 'doesn't deviate from the original design'. Quite like that in Sky High Sundae because it's all anti-grav you're better off bashing into the railings and other racers as often as possible for the boost!
  22. Really cool idea to put that unskippable elevator ride before the final boss
  23. I worked the San Andreas launch and was asked by an incredibly well mannered lady if we had a copy of 'Gran Turismo: St Andrews'.
  24. Was absolutely delighted with the reference to The House of Trouser, but I think my wife's review summed it up pretty succinctly - 'That was a fucking shambles, but I do have a tear in my eye'.
  25. Man. Those moments when your fingers work faster than your brain. The instructions going straight from the screen and into your hands, bypassing your consciousness entirely. Turning you into one of those player pianos, just churning out the noises as the inputs are fed into you. Absolute fucking magic.
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