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  1. Ha ha, what has time done to my brain?! Man this place is old.
  2. Did they ever explain what happened to that Irish lad that might have been murdered by that serial killer? I think in real life his visa ran out or something (or was that a plot in the show?), it was never explained and I resented it strongly.
  3. Not Cribbins! A true mulit-generational legend. And he made my favourtie novely record of all time. Unfortunately because of the Beatles it's only the second best song about holes.
  4. They mention centrifuges and enriching uranium which is why some of you heard Iran perhaps? Iran does have snowy mountains but not sure about Pine forests and ice lakes near a coast...
  5. We have Chelsea buns, which are probably better. Anyway, I thought that was one of my favourite episodes, brilliant.
  6. If you want to get all the stories read the appendicies, then The Silmarillion, then Unfinished Tales. Not for everyone that, I'd only recommend it to nerds as most of the stories are only sketched out. If you like myths as a child though you should love it. But as @Chindie says they might change it all. Oh and the Atlas of Middle Earth is pretty great.
  7. I'm hoping we get an animation of the First Age at some point
  8. Ah OK I stand corrected on the first one. Still five series seems about right if it's going up to the the events from the prologue of The Fellowship? Maybe they will do time-jumps like the Crown (and the new GOT series are doing). Will be much easier with characters that don't age!
  9. And as Festoon says is laid out in detail in Unfinished Tales, it's actually the one of the best stories outside the main books.
  10. yeah just reading the wiki now, I'd forgotten
  11. Looks amazing, but even more confused as to when this is set and what it will actually cover.
  12. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Let's wait and see how it goes on pitches that deteriorate more in the second innings, but I also think this is the start of something.
  13. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    TMS all the way! The first 20 minutes today are going to be very important.
  14. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    What an incredible summer this is for England, even if we lose from here.
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