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  1. He faked his death and is panama I reckon, the Tiger thing is the perfect red herring. Probably not happy about this being a world wide smash if that's true!
  2. There is more intelligent Science fiction in this post than the entirety of Discovery and Picard.
  3. Madrigal: Feels escapist this show now because the characters seem so real, the places so vivid. Brilliant.
  4. or working out with Ben Fogle and Dan Snow. Seriously though the Gibbons have turned name checking grade-F celebrities into a it's very own comic form. I also can't stop talking about the Gatwick Aiport/ Nick knowles stuff, partly also because I strongly agree with Alan about Gatwick.
  5. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    The ECB are replaying a whole test match at the moment, England vs Sri Lanka, 2014 lords I can't remember the score and it's a nice background noise. Edit: sorry it's just highlights. wankers.
  6. So I got a bottle of the Lidl "highland" single malt, and as expected it's a really good value whisky. Slightly floral and rich, similar to the Gelngoyne I just finished actually and I prefer it to the Lidl Speyside malt.
  7. That was spoiler-roulette as I wasn't sure if I'd seen the film. I had not. Yeah truly terrible. The way the plot explanation just kept going and going made me laugh though. I felt they were asking the audience to remember too much without a massive information dump, and along it came. Unusually bad worrying, maybe they thought they could hide the episode behind last week's classic?
  8. Half the crew of voyager becoming Borg for the lolz really undermined the idea that it would be life changing torture to undergo that process.
  9. Ha ha I see, I'm not paying attention
  10. Second episode is up, I thought it was coming on Mondays? It's amazing
  11. At least the timing of it's demise is good, I've cancelled prime and was able to get a refund, so 5 episodes of this and series 4 of the expanse for free isn't bad.
  12. I was looking forward to this, but was annoyed and then bored with it. Yes I've heard the plot, and yes I heard that alien can smell lies. The acting was bizarre at times.
  13. If I lived your way Capwn I'd be getting into Bourbon!
  14. I'm agreeing with all those who were impressed but a bit detached from it. As a contrast I watched Bait last night, another nautical black and white tale with a boxy ratio, and it was interesting that I felt I was watching real people rather than a "film".
  15. Nah man that's how you should drink it. Though if that's a 25ml dram that's very slow! But you want to savour it, often I just bring it to my nose to smell and put it down again. Thanks for recommendations folks keep them coming.
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