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  1. Hopefully they'll be an episode where it turns out all the eggs are actually little moons. That's right, all eggs. Why not.
  2. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Oh, The Edge is on iPlayer. It basically covers the period of cricket from when I started listening to TMS religiously, I'm sure you've all seen it but if not it's a real treat.
  3. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I remember Woakes' ton at Lords in 2018 really vividly so I've been disappointed every time he's not repeated that pretty much. I think the selectors knew he had that performance in him and could choose all those bowlers.
  4. I remember many in here loved him from the start, I did not but his performance has aged brilliantly. Might watch that WW2 one later.
  5. This was brilliant, thought I'd worked out the plot immediately but it was much better than I imagined. Even better...
  6. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Just we win/lose I want to shout out Sibley taking 114 balls in his second innings, I feel he's made a huge impact to this team.
  7. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah just doing "something" is a great idea, and I really like how broad bats. What a match this is, I was sure we'd lost it yesterday.
  8. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Just fired up the BBQ and had more beer, this is what it's all about
  9. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    This is officially now very exciting
  10. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Surely that's not a note of positivity @feltmonkey? As I type, Sibley is gone and the game swings in Pakistan's favour. Really enjoying this.
  11. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    32-2 this morning for Pakistan, they must be happy. Good start from England though as well, think we've got a game on. Hopefully.
  12. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I don't quite understand why we didn't pick more batsmen, but this Pakistan team is great. Hopefully we can make a game of it but felt we lost it yesterday.
  13. Yeah it won me round in the end, particularly as an interesting case study on how America is changing.
  14. Pete


    I re-read Watchmen at Christmas and in light of recent political events and the success of marvel it's only got more relevant. I actually strongly felt veidt was a good guy this time as well. @Death's Head is spot on about the squid, and in the context of global warming it's even more true. I think Moore is saying we need comic book simplicity in our lives and seek it out, but we can't deal with the real horrors of the world we've made. I do hope we see a more serious adaptation, or even more spin offs is they are as good as the last series.
  15. Also not enjoying the newest season of last chance U, I miss small town Americana. Urban California is not a setting that holds much mystery unfortunately. And the meat grinder that is American captilism, it's grim. But the coach does seem like a good person, which makes a change from the horrible cunts before. I've found that people that bang on about "family" loads are the biggest cunts and this show has confirmed it. Cheer is incredible, are they doing another series?
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