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  1. As someone who mainly follows internationals I take it that is now ruined too?
  2. Spent half an hour trying to work this out! And Lawrence Christopher, where do they get their ideas from eh?
  3. It's an interesting one this because I believe it was an original and exciting idea to play a psychopath like that at the time?
  4. I've read the book, but reading the spoilers it feels like I read a different one. I think all the higher level god stuff went totally over my head!
  5. Hopkins playing Loki pretending to be Odin is the best thing that happens in the MCU.
  6. Much laughter and joy at the reservoir scene.
  7. I really liked Man Down, but it's insistence on a sitcom-style mishap every episode became painful. The show was better than it thought it was in that regard, the characters were good enough with the "crazyness". But yes, apart from that it was excellent. Wozniak on Herring's podcast was a stand out as well.
  8. Did anyone else find the mention of the real life cases of Saville and Daniel Morgan a bit jarring? Kelly McDonald delivered a line to kate, "nice one kate" that sounded 100% sarcastic, so much so I thought I had misunderstood the plot.
  9. The live version of Like Spinning Plates. Who else would write a song that beautiful, and then mess with it as they did? Don't get me wrong I love the album version, but that piano part is pure Radiohead.
  10. This is unrelentingly bleak. I'm not sure I can handle the last few episodes though I am enjoying it, I also know where it's going.
  11. What makes CGI so expensive? I've never quite understood. Is it the man hours, or the tech, or the expertise, or all of them?
  12. If only they mentioned how many cars long it was?
  13. Finally saw Far From Home, I absolutely loved it. The final battle got tiring but at least it was a little different, and I continue to laugh as much as I would in a comedy. Tom Holland is a treasure.
  14. The end bit was live action Forza Horizon 4, only they stayed on the roads.
  15. My dad had an Audi 80 and I thought it was fucking cool, because it is/was. Still looks great
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