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  1. I think we can all agree though Paris was a really great pilot, especially all those times when they talked about what a great pilot he is.
  2. All caught up, quite a cyclical thread to read I have to say but very enjoyable. Anyway random thoughts so far I also like @ZOK think Use of Weapons is a little overrated, so much of it depends on its structure and it is the least interested in the higher concepts of the Culture Banks writes action and fights better than anyone pretty much, not only this but he manages to make the sections about minds taking themselves apart, or travel in hyperspace seem to make sense while also being gripping. Sorry @K for the deep time pos, but your parody was very funny. His human characters are definitely the least interesting but I agree with those saying that is kind of the point, humans in the Culture are basically pampered cats. The mind chat In Excession reminded me of the mod chat on here when we don't know what's going on. The Eaters bit in CP also made me feel physically sick, which is very rare for a book
  3. Wow that is ages, even more worrying is that he added more threads in a Dance With Dragons, all that stuff with wargs remember? I still think the first three though are incredible books, just stop reading after the battle at the wall (I think?)
  4. So I've finally got round to reading some M Banks, despite loving sci-fi and reading the wasp factory ages ago, I'd been putting it off. So far I've read (in order) Consider Phelbas, Use of Weapons, Player of Games and Excession. I just finished Excession an hour ago and I think it's the best sci-fi I've ever read. Even more amazing to find the "Outside context problem" was inspired by playing too much Civilisation. Anyway, time to go through this thread!
  5. I really want to watch this but cannot stand 4OD, do we know if it will appear on Netflix at some point?
  6. Didn't know he directed Eighth Grade. What a talent, just like his special that film is funny, touching and thought provoking, and very sad at times.
  7. This is a masterpiece, watch it!
  8. So I've not posted here but I've watched most of the games, and I thought maybe I'd just lost interest in tournament football (I only follow international tournaments, is there a name for that?) but yesterday reminded me why football is such a bonkers and brilliant game, I was literally leaping around the place cheering on the Swiss, great stuff.
  9. When did Wood get so fast? Enjoying the stat that Conway has already ready surpassed Tuffer's career runs.
  10. They were definitely of the edgy-edge lord teenager variety of tweet, though hugely disappointing to read them after the fact, and leaves a bitter taste after the first day of the English Cricket Summer. I have to say I was disappointed he couldn't look at the camera when he apologised, but he's also had this thrown at him at the last minute. The ECB should have known about this and prepped him properly. I would like him to address the tweets more specifically for sure. No doubt someone at the Mail just saves every sport person's tweets just for this case. Anyway, New Zealand look brilliant and it was a joy to have TMS humming in the background today.
  11. Given it's Tash Demetriou playing that character I hope and slightly suspect this may be the plan.
  12. I thought that was top tier partridge
  13. Apparently someone in his village heard the podcast, was friendly to his face about it but then destroyed some of his cairns and kicked up a fuss in the village. I think the whole joke was that you weren't sure if he was losing it, so having this happen has made it seem serious and no longer funny/weird. Not that I ever listened, but I was glad some people seemed to actually listen to it regularly.
  14. I haven't missed a RHLSTP in about three years now, love the fact he gives no shits about trying new things. Pretty sad and weird about the stone clearing controversy mind.
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