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  1. Just finished The Legend of Korra, which appeared on Netflix before Christmas. It has been a real treat, yes it's aimed at younger people but it's better written than most things aimed at adults. Intrigued to see how Netlfix's remake of Avatar will turn out, but worried the original show runners have left.
  2. This is the thing that's going to make me sign up for Disney + I think.
  3. Is there any bonking? Sounds like my parents might like it but I can't stand watching sex scenes with them.
  4. That Paris was a great pilot though right? Remember all those times they talk about how great a pilot he is?
  5. Yeah I think iPlayer has a better selection at this time anyway.
  6. ha ha I also cried. general musings: what is aim of the fighting? Murder? Or just broken limbs? When will someone get arrested for assault? Jonny's son acting has got worse Miquel's acting has got better top product placement this season was that really Japan? I love this show
  7. I got an Xbox after 6 years of not gaming, and I'm still mainly playing this. I love just getting in an average car and driving it like a maniac. The views from the mountains are amazing as well, the sound of the wind on your car with the engine off is just pure class.
  8. Halfway though episode two and I've laughed more than I would with most comedies. Sometimes they even mean it to be funny as well! Brilliant.
  9. I love how La La Land teases you with parts of the main melody throughout before you hear it in full. Such a clever idea as I found myself singing along and I didn't know why. I don't think this is the first time it happened at all but it's done perfectly. Uncut gems deserves a shout out as well, perfect match up for me.
  10. I still don't want to believe that's Ghibli. Maybe it's a kind of snobbery for hand-drawn stuff but I get no pleasure from looking at that. Maybe there is still great care and attention to detail, but the characters don't move right. I mean they don't move like humans. Defintely not the target market though I guess.
  11. My housemate in 2012 decided to rewatch it all. I'm still haunted by that fucking clock waking me up. I hate this show, it was ok the first time but it's generally very bad and boring. However, if the bad guys have good accents it's normally a good series as a rule.
  12. All good cheese needs cheesy acting though, watching Hawk is like watching one of your mates in drama lessons or something, I love it.
  13. I was watching straight of the back of a one hour online chess session and totally missed it!
  14. One of the few shows that I find disgusting, so fair play to them. Brings back serious flash backs from my past ha ha. not in a good way. Still it is a great show, though I thougt this series wasn't as strong.
  15. Another team that fails to use any of the infinite guesses. Oh look, there are some broadband providers, let's try two combinations of the five possible answers and give up shall we? So much shouting at the TV. Idiots.
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