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  1. Pretty crazy offers in Waitrose at the moment, Buffalo trace for less than £20 and I picked up an 12 yr Old Pulteney for £25. Many other good ones cheap as well. Really like the Old Pulteney as well, strong on the honey notes. Not getting any sea air mind!
  2. I stopped watching the Whittaker run after several episodes, can I just go into this latest series cold?
  3. Enjoyed playing with some of you tonight, though I was getting killed an insane amount it was fun. Didn't impress with my immediate warthog flip though on our raid.
  4. Man with the Golden Gun should be much higher up - one of the best villians!
  5. I'm around this afternoon, very happy to drive someone around on a warthog as it's the only thing I'm actually good at.
  6. I'm really really enjoying this. It seems people are actually trying to win the objectives as well rather than just get kills. Someone drove one of those alien tanks into an area controlled by another team, while someone else flew a banshee in. It was total chaos and rather magic. Slightly alarmed at the noises my Xbox one is making however, best not play it too long!
  7. WHAT JUST HAPPENED great episode though, much better to spend more time focusing on good bakers
  8. First game got booted, in the second I had no display and every other re-spawn I could only move and look around. I did get one game though, and thought pretty much everything was good with it. Seems really fresh and new, even on my original xbox one.
  9. yeah I've got it on online mode, so that's interesting.
  10. I should add as a cactus lover I'm finding getting rewarded for destroying decades old cacti problematic.
  11. It's interesting some see driving to the track as a chore as for me it's most of the game. It's much easier to get a skill chain on this though isn't it? Without all the trees, there are also fewer cars and you can bomb down the highway flat out with ease, but that took some skill in FH4.
  12. It's mainly because I thought the wheel spin was referring to an actual wheel spin, so when people spoke about it on here I just thought they were doing lots of donuts for some reason. I mainly like driving in straight lines and attacking the local drivers.
  13. I played FH4 for about 4 months before I discovered the wheel spin, and seasonal objectives took me a year to discover. It was pretty amazing doing 30 wheel spins in a row though.
  14. I got Forza 4 only last August, was still playing that this weekend and found out 5 was coming to game pass. Can't believe it. So far I don't like the scenery as much or the cars, but it's early days. The menus are slightly less confusing, but how I progress seems more confusing than before. No doubt I'll be playing this though all the time, I just love driving around aimlessly. The really high volcano is pretty awesome as well. One question, how do I stop the game beeping at me? It was annoying in 4 but it's much more annoying in this.
  15. I absolutely loved this, I went for a piss when it felt halfway which was actually with only about 20 minutes to go.
  16. Lucas is awful, he seems to have no interest in any of it. At least Noel builds a rapport with some of the contestants. Thank goodness for Pru.
  17. Pete


    Just finished Sex Education, so so much better than I had expected. I didn't really see a drop in quality either, I just became more emotionally engaged with the characters. Perfect stuff to watch when getting over a cold anyway. It's just joyous.
  18. The problem with QoS is that I've seen it twice and all I can remember is that exploding hotel. Anyway just got back from No Time to Die in a quite quiet morning showing. I enjoyed it, but it didn't feel much like a bond at times even though most of the beats were there. I definitely wasn't bored but it felt like the film had a bit too much baggage on ocassion. All the stuff that was new (and could have been a little bit poochie) were actually the best parts, anything referring to the older films were for me harder work. I think it's going to split opinions here.
  19. Pete

    Squid Game

    I think they could have dropped the last episode entirely almost. I heard on the radio this has been absolutely huge for Netflix, which is pretty amazing for a Korean show.
  20. The reviewer in the FT makes it clear he didn't like Spectre and then is very positive about it, so I'm actually going to see it now I think.
  21. Pete

    Squid Game

    Really enjoyed this, though agree with @jon_cybernet's criticisms, especially with the police officer story line. But I was definitely having too much fun to care by then. The characters were all distinct and relatable and I loved the visuals and music, which at times reminded me of Utopia.
  22. I don't think you need to bother with the first series at all do you?
  23. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I left early to get home to listen in those twenty minutes. All this talk of a draw before today had be asking if people had seen England play cricket before?
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