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  1. Well done those have finished it, 2009! I actually stopped watching in 2014 but kept up with the thread for some reason, thanks all.
  2. Disney + lost Disney £1.5 billion in the last quarter. I did wonder how they could justify spending millions on films that straight into streaming, turns out they can't really.
  3. I thought that last episode was brilliant, despite not really enjoying it much initially. A good pay off.
  4. The BBC's "The Nazis: A Warning from History" is absolute class and has lots of interviews with collaborators and normal people. Much better than this. Outside that best stick to the books, All Hell Let Loose by Max Hastings is a good overview that covers many things left out of The World at War.
  5. I think in terms of ambience and footage it is masterful and mesmerising, the loss of his voice is only a negative for me and means I can't let me attention wander. I'll keep watching for the haircuts.
  6. Yes I think Thor is right, in the edit they must have felt they had to literally spell it out. I did a lol. I'm sure I wouldn't notice these things if the show had some of the weight, dread and tension of the films, maybe an unfair comparison though.
  7. I thought the third episode was much better, great to see a certain location and now I can piece together where this story sits in the wider context. I think they've made a great choice in that regard and I am more excited now. Still find the harfoot stuff a slog mind.
  8. It seemed the comedy in this trumped the characters, it was just weird. Some scenes felt improvised, some scenes it looked like the cast didn't care. I don't think I laughed once. Bale was in another film. It looked like they all had lots of fun, but given all that the cancer plot felt tasteless and tacked on. I knew all the songs in the soundtrack and didn't like any of them, even those choices felt lazy. It seems the MCU has entered it's coked up phase.
  9. Yeah I watched it last night, it was brilliant. Any idea who the suit was? Vaughn?
  10. Anyone seen this? I assume it's total pants
  11. I thought it was OK, will watch the third but didn't really grab me. Thought we had moved on from the Irish folk cliche as well, you would have hoped someone would have pointed out the racist connotations of that. The Elves are boring, always have been, so I am concerned we are being invited to care so much about three of them.
  12. Half way through season 2 so sorry if this has been covered, but Karl Urban's accent is a joke right?
  13. Very late to the party here, but this is amazing.
  14. Absolute brilliant ending that, kept me guessing until the end and some really nice touches.
  15. Ha ha, what has time done to my brain?! Man this place is old.
  16. Did they ever explain what happened to that Irish lad that might have been murdered by that serial killer? I think in real life his visa ran out or something (or was that a plot in the show?), it was never explained and I resented it strongly.
  17. Not Cribbins! A true mulit-generational legend. And he made my favourtie novely record of all time. Unfortunately because of the Beatles it's only the second best song about holes.
  18. They mention centrifuges and enriching uranium which is why some of you heard Iran perhaps? Iran does have snowy mountains but not sure about Pine forests and ice lakes near a coast...
  19. We have Chelsea buns, which are probably better. Anyway, I thought that was one of my favourite episodes, brilliant.
  20. If you want to get all the stories read the appendicies, then The Silmarillion, then Unfinished Tales. Not for everyone that, I'd only recommend it to nerds as most of the stories are only sketched out. If you like myths as a child though you should love it. But as @Chindie says they might change it all. Oh and the Atlas of Middle Earth is pretty great.
  21. I'm hoping we get an animation of the First Age at some point
  22. Ah OK I stand corrected on the first one. Still five series seems about right if it's going up to the the events from the prologue of The Fellowship? Maybe they will do time-jumps like the Crown (and the new GOT series are doing). Will be much easier with characters that don't age!
  23. And as Festoon says is laid out in detail in Unfinished Tales, it's actually the one of the best stories outside the main books.
  24. yeah just reading the wiki now, I'd forgotten
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