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  1. I see that Hannay and raise you!
  2. Jim the Vampire. I had no idea at the time, I knew the voice but couldn't pin it. Looking at a photo from the episode, I still don't see any resemblance.
  3. In terms of composure, Bergkamp is the cheese to the Sanchez chalk. Ice in the veins! I had a few games last night, I am so far off the pace its very upsetting, thankfully I got swiftly relegated from Div 3 to 4. Hopefully more relegation are on the horizon. I always float this out but Formation, Tactics and Player Instructions people are using at the moment? Mine feel like they have been patched out of sync.
  4. I enjoyed my first jaunt into other games recently, I almost forgot games arnt supposed to be consistently and utterly stressful. Even the Last of Us 2 felt like a nice relaxing stroll in the park in comparison to this.
  5. Got 95 Mertens in my Flashback pack. Party packs: 90 HL Sterling 88 TAA Shapeshifer 87 WR Cunha Might creep out of retirement this weekend for some rivals, whilst all the good players are distracted by WL. This is the best I have I think... 3 new attackers I haven't used yet. Bench: Squad entirely untradable. Got about 30k to my name.
  6. Hopefully we havent played the Warnock card too late. Writing has been on the wall for a while, Woodgate has been an appalling appointment. His team selection on Saturday was absolutely baffling, after 100+ days we somehow ended up with our reserves on the pitch and our first team on the bench. Might as well have resigned at that point, genuinely cant see any other reason he would have put that team out, other than he wanted sacking and paying off. I think its just an 8 game deal for Warnock, our remaining fixtures are fairly kind, hopefully he will do a good job and have a crack at next season with us. Dark dark days when you are happy about a Warnock appointment.
  7. Yay future stars challenge. One day I may use him.
  8. Mak is awesome. Had enough in the reserves for one spin. And got Zola'd My last mid icon spin was bloody Zola aswell.
  9. Shame its Marcus RashfoRRd.
  10. Make that two! I'm wrapped now mind, haven't played properly since WL during Laliga. (5 weeks ago)
  11. Ozark Narcos Manhunt: Unabomber The Last Dance Succession (On Sky Atlantic)
  12. The legendary Roberto Larcos.
  13. Stole a living clearly.
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