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  1. KDB shows him how it should be done.
  2. I'll join! Not been enjoying the 1v1 in FUT as much lately and my team is pretty much maxed out at this point, need to mix it up abit! Some interesting changes there, should make the game more palatable with the addition of instruction. The other change will make for some appalling looking opposition line ups now doubt.
  3. Ah shit. Its been paying out for me so consistently I just assumed it was the same for everyone else. Given the level of vitriol in my direction since posting, I think I may just be a lucky prick. In regards to the Sub forum! It was just encase anyone else wanted to have a say as I only stumped across it by accident. Also its a prompt for everyone look busy before they banish us! I'll fire up League, BAP and FTL new seasons just so we look active.
  4. Nooooooo! I mean this forum is the quietest its ever been, but I don't want it to be absorbed into the ether.
  5. Genuinely assumed everyone had been getting these sort of picks...
  6. If it makes you feel any better I got Shearer'd in the last base/mid icon SBC.
  7. Anyone else trying the 80+ SBCs? The drop ratio has been so good, so much fodder plus this lot: Mbappe Aguero De Bruyne Pogba Varane Walker Gomez Lenglet Griezmann Ter Stegen IF Teirney IF Aspas IF Soucek SS Toko SS Ings x2
  8. Great pull, big fan of the Butes! Took him as my first icon swaps last year, used him for the rest of the year.
  9. Is 4 people considered a party? (Including the two people who live there, Mendy and the missus. Excluding the help, a chef.) I mean yes he breeched the rules but let's not act like he threw a rave.
  10. I imagine most of the bigger boys will play all the WL games. Making Rivals pointless so they don't bother, that's not to say you still won't play good players in rivals! I think most people will end up playing the other friendly modes during the week, but then again you need a few rivals games to get those pack rewards in. Personally I only play Rivals for the coop mode these days. I will do a rare WL now and then, think I've done one out of the last 4 weekends. I got my 83+ pack, Lewes, Oblak, 2 headliners, the bundles keeper and CB and a lot more fodder.
  11. Depends what untradables you have I suppose! Though as a fool who bought Henry the week before he came out on the swaps, I can confirm he is very much fun. Base Icon pick though... I've did 85x5, Ultimate Packs and now I'm going for the 83 pack, simple! (Boring)
  12. Thanks to your nod Al, I flew through my games. Think I had them boxed off in about 4 hours. Great rule. My rewards though... I did Ultimate packs.and 85+x5. (As I'm not doing battles) I got an icon in my Ultimate pack!!!!
  13. All posted for those and their good lady wives.
  14. No worries chaps, drop me your addresses in a PM. nadja-boiled-potatoes (Ladies M) James C nadja-boiled-potatoes (Ladies L) Revlob pawnee-goddesses-rainbow (Ladies M) PM pawnee-goddesses-rainbow (Ladies L) Papalazarou
  15. Odd one... Would anybody like a ladies tshirt free of charge. A Nadja one and a Pawnee Goddess one (Parks and Rec) https://www.teepublic.com/en-gb/t-shirt/9727756-nadja-boiled-potatoes https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/8871836-pawnee-goddesses-rainbow Ive somehow ended up with a M and L in both tshirts. So thats 4 free tshirts to anyone who would enjoy them or like to gift them along. All tagged up, brand new. I'll stick them in the post for free. Merry Xmas!
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