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  1. No way. I refuse to believe, I cant tell if serious?!
  2. 100% my same feelings. I hate playing against him. Yet Never gave him a proper run out. I probably could, but i wouldnt be doing they Neymar SBC, I'd just be buying the base. But doing Sane and buying the base doesn't make much sense? I tied up a lot of my money in Vertongan and Toby last week, so I really need that Mid Icon SBC to come along and ramp things up if I was to afford both. Cheers! Yeah, to be fair when I have come up against him, he hasnt had a great deal of impact, he hasnt been terrible mind, Ive conceded to him a few times. Cheers chaps, maybes my monies and SBC fodder untradables are best kept for another day. In other news, fucking TOTY Allison as absolute trash, I dont even use him in my first owned prem team now that I have base Lloris. I might aswell trade him in an SBC at this point because he is unusable.
  3. Thinking of doing Kimmich and Sane SBCs, as all fodder is so ridiculously low, those two will align nicely with my Davies LB and maybe allow me to draft in Akanji next week. Yay or Nay? Or do I just need to get Neymar and stick with Baby Keane and baby Hierro?
  4. Yeah these kinds of cards certainly seem hot within the moment. I'd sell them as soon as they are packed. Have any of the SS cards risen throughout the week? During day one of Futurestars I sold Tomori for 840k he is 588 now. I could have sold Ikone for 340, kept him till he dropped to 280, he is 233 now. I dont think his drop has been as dramatic because of the Oshi link though.
  5. 84 Kent in bound! Suppose I don't need that Neymar anymore.
  6. Has to be Akanji! Still using his gold card in my Bundesliga team. I cant figure out a way to get him into my standard 11, alongside scream Pigue (Undroppable!), but I'll be rolling with Akanji... (If I get the required points, which seems unlikely at the moment.)
  7. Oh wow, such an angry man. The thing is, he absolutely dicks on everyone in that video with silly dribbling and skill moves in and around the area all of which defy belief, and then when someone sets up to stop him getting in the area. Pure rage because its not realistic. How can he not see the juxtaposition of that. I mean yeah, if you put on those tactics from the off and thats how you play every game then your a bit of a shitter. But if you come up against someone, who starts rinsing you with fancy dribbling, you're well within you rights surely. Much like real life football, if you are not as good, you defend in numbers and hope for the best.
  8. They generate this issue themselves though by making such shit objectives, which make it very hard to complete them in properly competitive matches. (Score and assist in a win with a certain player. Score 2 goals and win with a certain players, score a header and win!) To do those in matches where you only win every other game is just painful, and thats just winning every other game, nevermind winning and scoring 2 goals with said player. In Div 4+ I have to take a goal any way I can get it. More natural objectives would work. Like the icon ones, I dont drop for those, but then people still will. Hell, I might now that I've seen how much smoother sailing things are just a couple of divisions away.
  9. Yeah I just didnt get him either. I didn't like him after 100 games, cant say I notice him when playing against him which is always a sign. I dropped from 3 to 6 and the difference was mind boggling! Back in 5 now and still on a winning streak, 4 is where it gets too competitive to complete these sort of objectives for me and 3 is my ceiling.
  10. I'm close to finishing both Odegard and Oshimen now, just 2 more braces of Osh and one more goal and win with Ode. I've scored a grand total of 2 headers with Oshimen, both from over the top through balls. I did drop down a couple of divisions to tackle them though. The shame. The content for the current promo has been absolutely honking mind.
  11. So many objectives in one goal. My single greatest achievement on FIFA.
  12. Yeah I was referring more to the picks not being too bad. The TOTW pack was utter trash.
  13. Not terrible! Not good either though. Pretty much meh of a meh-ness.
  14. Bloody hell Hannay, how do you manage to do these things. I really bloody struggle in Rivals. Win-Draw-Lose on loop for eternity. And my win usually comes with not meeting the objective. My weekend league record is so much better, why cant the objectives be in there! @gooner4life How did Eliteness treat you?
  15. That Zaniolo card looks trash. One of the objectives... 7 lobbed through balls in Rivals wins. For that card.
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