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  1. 8 hours ago, Popo said:


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    I guess they’re setting up Will as a gay character, and he’s worried about what coming out might do to his friendships?



    Its been clear for sometime now hasn't it? That Will got the feels for Mike..?


    His whole speech after he shared his art with Mike about how much El needs and loves him, it actually wasn't about El needing Mike at all... he was telling Mike how he feels. Plus Will braking down and crying after.


    Throughout the whole speech it was cutting to Jonathans knowing looks in the rear view as he watched it unfold which lead to the speech he gave Will later in the pizza place about how he will always be there for him and accept him no matter what.


    I thought it was rather well done. It felt like they made it as clear as they possibly could, without saying the words.

    Re: Will

  2. I get the impression Soldier Boy is as bad as Homelander but we ain't seen it yet.


    Given how Black Noir reacted to his news he was back!


    Also the speech Meave gave to Homelander about how much she hates him, Crimson Countess gave the pretty much exact same speech to Soldier Boy before he killed her.

  3. That episode was exceptional, the best of the season if not the whole show.



    The fight was a masterpiece, I didnt expect to get it ahead of the season finale. :omg:


    Homelanders face when Butcher blasted him was just perfect as was Urbans delivery of "scorched earf'", say what you want about his accent, I bloody love it guvna.


    Terrifying to think what a Homelander with wounded pride will do next, also Hughie and Butcher must be low on superjuice. :ph34r:

  4. Really enjoyed that, roll on July 1st.



    Episode 4 was best but if Max got, got, especially at the end of the run... Episode 4 would have been a phenom! Brutal, but it would have elevated it.


    It's all very comfortable for the scooby doo gang, it's all just japes, but I suppose I'm watching Stranger Things and not early Thrones. :lol:


    Also Hoppers ankle regen is next level.


  5. Spoiler

    Nothing but sympathy for Howard at this point. I get the impression that's where we are supposed to be. If he was an utter dick it wouldn't have been anywhere near as shocking and more of a punch the air moment.


    But just to name some moments from the last two episode where we had a couple of nudges from the writers onto team Howard...


    The coffee scene that gave us so much with so little said! The ungrateful wife's lack of acknowledgement of the peace latte and its destruction.


    Then the intern who dropped all the sodas... then proceeded to put the rattled sodas in the fridge... then he didn't even have the decency to know who the Charles Mcgill was!? Howard had so many opportunities to give him a bit of a roasting but opted to guide. (albeit slightly condescending but still)


    Fair to say, he didn't deserve that ending! Humiliated amongst his peers and then rounded off the day with that. Daaaaamn.


    This show is bloody brilliant. You just have no idea where its going to go.


    I also loved how Howards speech about "why me?" Was pretty much exactly what the fan theory YouTube video a few pages back said. The writers are living in our heads. :hat:


  6. I thought the first half of the season was as good as anything else they have done.


    But the second half was completely derailed....


    Once Javi was out of the picture, it completely vacuumed any and all tension out of the show.


    Couple that up with losing Darlene, 1? 2? Episodes prior. You have just lost two wild cards (Yeeeehaw) with the only remaining one not looking anywhere near as previously threatening, I mean Wendy just laughs in his face whilst he is sat in prison.


    Oh well! It won't tarnish the overall show for me (the GoT effect) but it's just a bit of a shrug of a final season.

  7. On 26/04/2022 at 09:28, Steely said:

    Picked this up a couple of weeks ago, I'm never going to play it. Anyone have any idea how much the bundle is worth?


    Just gunna stick it on the forum cheap but I don't know what cheap is. :lol:




    On 26/04/2022 at 12:33, Steely said:



    Battery looks OK.


    No memory card.





    Anyone got any idea on price please? I'm none the wiser. ☹️

  8. Nah, when it happens to Althelico, it is funny.


    It will never not be funny watching Althetico and Simeone implode.


    As far as footballing spectacles go, it's up there with the best of them. :lol:


    I've never played a Souls game before and it shows. :ph34r: (Especially after seeing the precision in John's video.)


    Im about 26 hours in, I've only just made it past Godrick and after exploring the wonders of the castle for a while I was feeling overly confident, so I gunned it north to go get that Archer Spell I've been pining after for so long.


    Put it this way I did Goldrich in 2 attempts. This guy, I say 24 in the tweet but I wasn't counting, it could have been comfortably more...  I was at it for about an hour and a half. :lol:


    Any advice would be welcome.

  10. I do enjoy a theme based team! With  Liverpool past and present you are pretty spoilt! Maybe not so much in past defenders, but luckily your current crop aren't too bad.


    A Boro team past and present would be a bloody shambles.

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