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  1. Oh god yeah, an all England trio is taking the piss.
  2. I haven't had Neymar yet, I feel like I should do Neymar... he looks better than his Gold version
  3. I got a 400k player, was pretty decent for me. The players...
  4. If you aint doing it, its a good time to cash in on any TOTW players I imagine.
  5. In case people were wondering what kind of players are the new SBC! Delighted with that, Barella is an absolute beast.
  6. A palate cleanser not quite in the same bracket as the above post in terms of generosity, its a minuet gesture but my god, it warms the heart.
  7. Hagi looks like decent value, especially considering you get Future Stars Hagi Jnr in his 83 rated pack... Worth doing?
  8. When ever you guys have all saved it packs, I can't recall I time where you dropped in and said well that was bloody brilliant. Maybe there is something in the EA ether, the most stacks you got got to open, the more hindered your drop rate is. Your probably flush enough not to worry too much about faffing around with Dupe, inlets they are like 86+ kind of leads onto my next Q... Question for all! I imagine a lot of us did quite a few Prem and Ligue 1 upgrades in the chase for TOTS players... did anybody get any from those packs? Or an Honourable mention? In other news... I got bored waiting for Butes and I was too poor to tackle Kenny so I did an Icon upgrade. Yeah it's not one a of the big guns but still, pretty bloody pleased with that! I can't not drop him into CB (his CB rating is 93 I think), so I've bought honourable Mention Alaba for an ingame position swap to CDM.
  9. Where is the Prime Butra SBC? Its the last bloody thing off that leaked list to appear. I say this like it won't take me weeks to complete. 2 more days! And then I'm building Kenny instead.
  10. Doesnt look like any of us got any of the belters. (POTM cards from Ronaldo, Salah or Vinny Jnr) I think the most expensive one is the Fofana pulls, my Nkunku wasnt far behind but I dont think I can really fit him into my team at the minute either. Nice option for me to have, but not worth overhauling to fit him in.
  11. New SBC is an interesting one! Let's see those picks! Has to be Nkunku right? (I haven't picked yet, Mahrez might be good...)
  12. ^^ How I started the WL. vv How I finished. Ok, on paper and based on the ratings I took a significant step down across the board. But I think I fell foul of using players based on ratings rather than how the player actually plays. Kane was honking it up, though off the bench he has actually been pretty prolific! David has just been so much more fun and productive. Dropping the two wardrobes in midfield. Originally it was Rice & Savic but switched to two more tenacious nippy players in Savanier and IF Barella 86. (And then Essien showed up in a Mid Icon swap, so I had to move Barella on, but he was bloody good I'll miss him!, high hopes for Essien.) Van Dijk & TAA for Magloire & Lowe. More pace. It stopped me getting broken on so much, Van Dijk is great in the box, but moves like a bloody truck when you are tracking back. Formation wise, I tried the 442 and 41212 Narrow, no joy, the narrow was good in defence but I was just a mess going forward. Ended up using Ovvys 4222 and since then I think I won something like 10/13.
  13. Note to all, I mean you probably already figured this one out. Don't bother with FB Kane. Martinez looks good.
  14. Loving the work Pants. I'll give them a go, TA VERY MUCH, to be honest I have never paid attention to any work rates! I think I've naturally ended up with differing rates. I am now finding Rice to be very clunky mind, might be time to shift him on, then again he might do me a job at CDM. I have been enjoying rivals (I'm just slowly plodding through the leagues, playing bare minimum games to get 3 wins.) but finding myself constantly found out in WL. I'm thinking it's part tactics, part being out of practise, I only play to get bare min in WL aswell to get my 2 picks in rewards and then duck out of whatever number of games I have remaining.
  15. I'm 2w from 6 in weekend league qualification. Squeaky bum time.
  16. What tactics are other folks using? Currently finding that I'm constantly coming up against two banks of 4 in a 442 and I just can't get anywhere near the opposition box. Then... shock horror. I'm being countered.
  17. 1m+ atleast! Prem tax. Different to Kane, his 90 card is used by no one ans he just ain't meta. Varanes 86 is still used by many, even at this stage imagine how bloody good he will be, no way his price will be accessible to the masses.
  18. That is solid advice! I opened an 25x83+ from the Icon swaps, got Parejo ans Bonucci and everyone else was 83-84. Moral of the story, don't try. 5 bloody Tokens, such a ball ache. I should have enough to get Kane now anyway.
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