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  1. 1m+ atleast! Prem tax. Different to Kane, his 90 card is used by no one ans he just ain't meta. Varanes 86 is still used by many, even at this stage imagine how bloody good he will be, no way his price will be accessible to the masses.
  2. That is solid advice! I opened an 25x83+ from the Icon swaps, got Parejo ans Bonucci and everyone else was 83-84. Moral of the story, don't try. 5 bloody Tokens, such a ball ache. I should have enough to get Kane now anyway.
  3. Can someone do the Harry Kane SBC please and report back, so I don't have too. Many Thanks!
  4. Not perfect chem but 60ish k back for Morales and you have some change left over.
  5. For any other amateurs like me who are lacking in the knowledge of the real world parallels between the Murdochs and the Roys, I really enjoyed this doc. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000kxw1/the-rise-of-the-murdoch-dynasty
  6. Did a mid icon SBC, got Iker Casillas. Did the weekend league, got to 5 wins and gave the rest away, I like this new rewards system where I don't have to actually play too many games.
  7. I quite enjoyed this. Probably something to do with my astonishingly low expectations and zero understanding of what is Eternal. I'm giving it 5 solitary tear rolls out of 10. Its certainly in the low end of the marvel scale mind.
  8. All 4 of my 83+ pack honked. Think I got all 83s and a couple of 84s. My packs have absolutely stunk for a while now. I say a while, about 6 weeks.
  9. I am doing mine on a far more strict budget now after wasting all my coins on getting shafted with a Pirlo and Scholes SBCs. I maybe cheating a bit with the front two. ENNNNGEEERHENRYVANPERSIELAAAAAND Need Watkins and I need to finish Squad Battles for Lowe at LB.
  10. A French team is going to be so much better than team England, some ridiculous options when you go French, helped very much by EAs love of a French player SBC. I'd say by far the strongest nationality across the board
  11. More often than not, its pace, if the baby is quicker he will be worth more.
  12. Pirlo in my last Icon SBC, Paul Scholes in this one. I feel like my midfield maybe lacking slightly in the mobility department. As a bare minimum silver lining, atleast Paul Scholes is Engeeerrland.
  13. I didn't even realise keeper distribution was a thing, I just assumed they are all the same! He has been really good when I've come up against him.
  14. Mid RVP? Baby RVP has been bloody amazing for me.
  15. Headliner Ramsdale is here to give us a better option! Saying that my team is very much... an English core. Rather than team England. I can't drop untradable Henry and Van Persie.
  16. Paaaaarty bag! Cucerellalalaloadofshite.
  17. None of those are essential for watching this. Maybe Loki at a push, but its not a necessity.
  18. Just watched the final episode. I'm going with...
  19. Ouch! It's still pretty bloody cheap in comparison to other party bag SBCs we have had, I got OTW Depay.
  20. I haven't played for a good a few weeks, but aye, I'm still scooping up England players if they fit the bill! I'll certainly pick up Magloire, it feels like they have went very early with TOTS this year.
  21. Just SBC fodder for me, but 86 and 88 is decent enough fodder for nowt. (I did get Varane as a pick, but already have him.)
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