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  1. All of the Toast now available on Iplayer, new series kicks off on 4th Jan.
  2. I'll drop you a message if I make it on!
  3. Icon SBC! Very happy with that.
  4. Lasted about 2 minutes into the new home alone, the kid was unbearable! Ended up going for 8 Bit Christmas. Rather enjoyed it! Will be watching the Stephen Merchant one above next, had no idea it existed! Then Noelle on disney+, which was the surprise hit in our house last year.
  5. Probably not helped by what happened during the opening of the very same episode.
  6. So much better than mine! Damn Icons. I started with Pope thinking of last year, but his handling is shocking, he dropped absolutely everything. IF Ramsdale has been a big step up. I'm going to join you on the Edwards one I think, he looks pretty tidy!
  7. Cheers! Great shout. To be fair, it might worth be doing the two RM/LM in the 343 then switching to the 3412 in game. I'm finding there isn't a great deal of choice when it comes to Strikers.
  8. Yeah, silly amount if stuff to work towards with an England set up, what don't cos the earth, as the vast majority of them are free. (Foden and Tomori being the only really pricey ones..(not counting icons) I'll start with those free championship players, Laurent looks very good too, probably him and Rice in midfield.
  9. Now that I'm I'm poor again. I'm going team England! Then having players to work towards, first I have to work my way through those promo championship players and possibly Oxford. Loving Phil Jones. mainly got him in there just to upset people as he is pretty good, and I like to think he upsets the opposition when he plays so well against there high rated attackers. I never get the 74 ratings, I think he is an 84 based on his actual stats, higher with shadow.
  10. I aaaaaalways feel that way, a new card always feels great for starters then very quickly dwindles. Exactly same thing happened with my Ljungberg, he just doesnt get involved anymore, after starting off pretty hot.
  11. I started and quit all my games last night for weekend league, other people were quitting too. Absolute quitfest. Ended up getting 32 points from others quitting. Anyway got fuck all in my rewards, I've had nowt in all the packs so far, just rare golds and I also spunked my 500k on packs and got nowt. Pffft I never get any luck.
  12. Yep, very much enjoyed that. Episode 1 was OK, Episode 2 it found its groove, especially when you have Steinfeld and Renner playing off each other. They have levels of on screen chemistry that Mackie and Stan just couldn't achieve during F&TWS.
  13. Neres looking pretty pretty good.
  14. Bundesliga POTM Nkunku looks pretty good.
  15. Awww man. 900 coins now. Have him aswell.
  16. I want this movie to be a minimum of 3 hours please. Expectation levels are so high... probably way too high, hopefully I calm down at some point over the next month.
  17. Not seen any of these... Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) But I have seen this one... Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
  18. To be fair my luck has been silly this past week with Varane, Van Dijk and Ronaldo. I've always had pretty decent luck though. Pretty much exactly the same time last year I bagged Champions League Mbappe, (1 year and 2 days out from my Ronny pull...) who was worth like 1.5m at the time.
  19. Didn't realise this was possible in Silver packs. But I will graciously accept and discard.
  20. That guy will be SBC fodder long before April. Maybe even before he gets his second boost in December. Pointless.
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