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  1. Steely

    Close Season

    lol where the hell did i get monkeyboy from :s yea we'll have to play again sometime
  2. i was hopeing to get drawn with someone in the top divisions so i can try an upset but im playing someone in my league
  3. Steely

    Close Season

    apologies to monkeyboy uk i didnt mean to quit that game i was trying to sort through another invite i got and went through with it by accedent. we where drawing anyways i assume u got the points.
  4. do you post them straight after the draw? cos i will be elsewhere
  5. Steely

    Close Season

    yea mate good games 5 all inthe first game was quite the adventure
  6. Steely

    Close Season

    yea im on. steely1986
  7. Steely

    Close Season

    im up for a game now if anyone cares to join me
  8. Steely

    Close Season

    im up for a couple of games but i havent picked my team yet i wanna know which minnows i will be dragging out of the conference league
  9. cool, so you are automaticaly entered if you are in the league?
  10. its looks rubbish i hope you can lay it down because i havent really got room for a tower set up
  11. When u get knocked out is it the same as last years where u have to line up the vision or is it a button basher?
  12. that could be it but im going to blame...my tv
  13. Capture the flag was good last night it will be better when everyone has the 'pimped out rides'. Career mode is annoying the hell out of me tho it always seems to be the final checkpoint i mess up on ><
  14. Gamertag: Steely1986 E-mail: dirrty_sanchezz@hotmail.com thanks
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