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  1. I'll park it in the could have been much worse column. Reasonably happy with it on paper. But lets see how he plays.
  2. Did the stupidly expensive Icon SBC.
  3. I think he is blessed with a Red Theo. So jealous. Did anyone get there champs points? I didn't have a chance to qualify this weekend because I refused to try and win ten more games to then attempt to quality when i shouldnt have to, cunts. Got no time for that. Oh but they gave out 2500k xp as compensation! (If you played two games) Thank god I got them TIFOS fasters.
  4. Rivals reward packs had a timer on them. Which seemed new to me. So maybe don't choose which packs you want from the rewards if you are planning on saving them for tomorrow.
  5. I loved Spinny but Theo seems to be a real step above, I'd certainly just role with his gold, the IF cost is silly.
  6. Serie A POTM Simeone looks decent for that price, pretty much an uprated Lautaro Martinez. 3* WF and 3* Skillz means he wont be for everybody mind but I will give him a whirl.
  7. Let us know how he is! I've never got any joy from Rooney, which is surprising considering how many silly EOE cards he has had out, so I just assumed his Icon wouldn't be any better.
  8. So glad I sold that chump Ronaldo the moment I packed him.
  9. I'd say it's far less pay to win and much more play the meta to win.
  10. Just one thing on the 4222. I don't know if it's Bruno and Bernardo you play in the LAM and RAM roles but they aren't cut out for those position. With the LAM and RAM essentially being full blown wingers they need stacks of pace in those positions. You could be playing them as Strikers but they aren't that either really.
  11. Keepers I hate playing against most are Don and Alli. I did play against an in form Kaylor Navas once, he was insaaaaane, but that could have been a one off. I've got Szcezza, he is solid, never seems to be an unbeatable as the above, but I need him for the Chem.
  12. Took part in my first weekend league of Fifa 22. The rewards are bloody generous! I've never had a TOTW pack before in all my days of playing Fifa. Nevermind that though. The Jumbo Rare Pack paid out.
  13. It just felt significantly tonally different from the other seasons, I don't know if it has anything to do with Clement stepping away, but it just felt off.
  14. I dont know if I was just having consecutive shit connections, but the whole team felt leggy and slow but VVD in particular felt heeeeavy... anyway dropped VVD for a couple of games and it all felt sharp again. Plus I am quite happy with my SBC De Ligt, which means I can have Maehle at FB. And now I have an extra 130k to splurge on a new strike force.
  15. What tactics/Instructions are people using for 4222? Its been my formation of choice for some time but I've not been getting on with it as of late. I think part of it is the two lumps (Milly and Arnie) I have up front, I am ditching them for a more dynamic striker partnership. Any recommendations? And I've sold VVD already, he felt like a fridge, gave him 6 games but didn't get on with him at all. Varane on the other hand, is great.
  16. I am the only twat in the world who didn't do Fekir.
  17. CL MM has delivered him a partner!
  18. @AlfromSleep I really like him, he has been an absolute rock for me.
  19. I'm using both at the moment. I do like Arnies quick feet and height combo. Tempted to cash in on Milito too but im relying on him now for my strong links! Narrow diamond in game.
  20. I have games with him when he misses 5+ chances then just when I am looking to drop him, he will have a game where he notches 3 goals+ he is a pain on the ass.
  21. I would have but Timmos post has convinced me to restructure my Calcio team to fit him (and Varane) in.
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