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  1. I didn't play WL, but I did get Vardy in my silver rivals rewards Will go nicely with the Beckham I got yesterday when I tossed all my fodder into the midfield icon SBC. And by go nicely I mean they probably won't play together because Beckham is pointless in fifa.
  2. When did they get rid of the forum empathy button.
  3. Cancelo for me. Which is alright I guess.
  4. Guaranteed Prem TOTS pack is out at 200k...let us know which one of the 3 playeds who cost below 200k that you get... Gundogan Ederson Soucek
  5. Fair enough, more my kind of player
  6. Wait... Is prime Stoichkov not a good pull?
  7. No prizes for guessing which community TOTS player I got...
  8. I had to play to get 4 wins for my icon swap pack 25×83+. It was fucking dreadful. The two new SBCs today! 86 squad for a 2x86+ pack and then an incredibly overpriced icon attacker SBC! Whoop! About 600k. Fucking hell.
  9. Middlesbrough doing our very best to keep Derby up. Which is strange considering our recent history with the chairman, fully expected us to be on holiday mode in both games. Footballing integrity lives on!
  10. Maybe the Super League Founders should become the Super Salary Cap Founders...Might save them a bit of bother.
  11. It it TOTS this weekend? Is it known if TOTS will replace TOTW Picks for Weekend League? Could be time to make myself miserable again for a few weekends!
  12. I purposely swerved Rooney when it came out, not once in all the end of era/flashback cards I have picked up in the last (3?) FIFA versions has he ever been any good for me. He does stand out a little when I play against him though, not immensely mind so it probably wasnt that big of a miss really. I really like Robben though! Klaiber is an absolute monster, he has been ousted from my starting 11 because Zambrotta is a great but I still keep Klaiber on the bench as my CDM sub.
  13. Massive regrets not doing Rooney. But even bigger regrets not doing Joao Felix POTM the guy scores atleast multiple goals when I come up against him without fail. My best value player SBCs by far are Klaiber and Robben.
  14. Most things are meaningless you look at them in the context of completed movies.
  15. That episode was much more like it! It wasn't without fault though...
  16. Oh good lord, urge fading... (I mean, I am still going to do it, just need 4 WL wins to get me an 83*25 pack first.)
  17. Suprised how cheap some of those are! I though Vidic and Drogba were decent pulls at a glance. Henry is a win, maybe not as much of a win when it takes 6 attempts to get to it like haha. This should really deter me from building one myself but I want to do it more...
  18. It all feels very mediocre. My hopes were pretty low for this since it was announced but Wandavision kind of got them raised. The first episode was good, the intro to Sam (Albeit whilst killing lots of people.) looked great, demonstrated his skillset well. Without his wings though, he is a bit shit isnt he...They do nothing to sell him as anything other than a set of wings, at least give the guy some clever fight scenes to show he can do more. The flashback to Buckys killing machine days was good, it reminded you what an utter badass he was. It appears though when he isn't in winter soldier mode he is as equally shit as Sam without his wings He just looks like he absolutely cannot be arsed with it all. In terms of building up the characters Buckys man out of time schtick was good, I was kind of hoping to see more of that. Sams boat loan was meh, and giving the shield up makes him look like a twat from day one. Zemo (Who is by some distance the best thing in this.) has gone from under the radar genius, having suffered huge personal loss deciding to bringing down the avengers, to a cliché moustache twirling, bane coat wearing billionaire. Wandavision brought me round completely by showing more of two characters that I little affection for. This has pushed me the other way, Ive spent an extra 160 (?) minutes with them so far. And I actually care less about them now, than I did when they got dusted. The Flag Smashers are embarrassing but new Cap elevates my interest somewhat.
  19. Mine was 83 LB Kamara Silly pulls above! Tradable aswell! Thats another mill for pile.
  20. Modric and Gunter update. Both beasts! Loving Modric, he is absolutely running the midfield. I cant believe how long I have been hamstringing myself by persevering with a Keane and Vieira combo. Only really need one, as neither offers anything going forward. (Might even ditch them both after this eye opener.) I've ditched LB Adama who was constantly out of position, regardless of what his instructions are, Gunter actually stays in defence plus being 6.1 with 95 pace is nice.
  21. Party bag! Not great but a step up from utter shite. Plus he is officially the best LB I have, just doesnt fit into my team at the minute. I did get this from an objective 75+ 1 player pack from earlier... Pretty happy with that.
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