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  1. Persic, Elveden and now...Rafinha. And yet I continue to hit up the party bags.
  2. Did one last night before it went. Prime Zola, I traded in my Mid Zola to get it and the price difference is about 20k. God damn Italian icons are haunting me. My four most recent are: Zola>Baggio>Zambrotta>Zola
  3. Fuuuck me that was hard work. It felt like it was about 40% slowmo. The fighting choreography (If you can call it that) was punch hard and shoot and explode things, the only hero who got a fair shake when it came to displaying a bit of skill was batman, probably because its the only character they can't CG to the nines because he has no actual powers. And Superman... ...bloody hell. I mean it was more coherent than the original was, but I should fucking think so, when you've got 4 hours to tell a story about uniting three magical boxes of doom. That could have been knocked out in 2.20 comfortably, including some character intros. With far less of Cyborg, it gave him the most time, but all I can remember is having to endure a slomo American Football game for what felt like it was about 10 minute (probably 2) for him to look sad at an empty chair, for the father issues, obviously. To be fair, I know nothing of DC beyond the movies, I really dont. Depsite that, I still feel I could string together a better overarching narrative across a series of movies on the back of a knapkin. Still Boring/10 (Batfleck was the only saving grace of the movie for me.)
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't put it as a big W, I'd say its about par! My cost is covered by the value atleast. (Just) And atleast it's not another also ran attacker!
  5. I did it too... Zambrotta for me, bloody Italians! Got Red 86 Rashford, Mbappe and Zola on the bench. I peaked with my first icons, Garincha, Vieira and since then it's been... Scholes, Shearer, Zola, Baggio and now Zambrotta. Not a bad really (Not as good as Hannays like!), Scholes and Shearer got punted straight away.
  6. Party bag went so much worse than I thought possible.
  7. I dont know how much of this is true, but a quick google kicks out these kind of figures: Being able to pay cash money for Loot boxes is going nowhere! They should be blasted into orbit, because they are an utter abomination. The only reason they arnt classed as gambling is because people are making fortunes. They are 100% gambling, dipshits can compare loot boxes to kinder eggs all they want but its not that, its truly addictive and its hooking into kids veins nice an early, its appalling. Fair play to the countries that have already took a stand against it and banned cash purchasing of loot boxes, for some reason I just cant see the UK following suit. I rant about this as someone who plays Ultimate Team and I love a loot box! But from play not for cash... If the fall out from this brings potentially banning back into light then well done to that greedy employee!
  8. @hannay that is crazy money! Especially considering how good your team already is! In other news, it's about time I packed this guy! (From CL MM)
  9. I only pushed on with the hope that it was wasnt stuntcasting because if it was to be stunt casting then it's a pretty fucking stupid thing to do, and it would completely distract from what has been a brilliant small screen debut for the MCU. Aaaand It has. I mean, I'm glad in a way because if they do bring xmen into the MCU I want them to do it on there own terms and not have to keep any of the original cast apart from Jackman, and if they do intend on firing up an Xmen route then it would only do more harm than good, muddying the water with an introduction of the Fox Xmen at this stage. But in summary, just don't do it! No need for shitty stunt casting when all it leads to is a shit gag and a let down for the viewers. Whilst the finale was disappointing from a lack of big surprises, I thought it was really well done overall, in particular the Wanda and Vision dynamic which got me deep in the feels. But when the dust settles my fondest moment of the finale will always be the ship of Theseus.
  10. Free pack (My pack was rubbish like, but when was the last time EA gave away something for free ) Also pretty much two free double 81+ Picks. Got fodder in mine.
  11. @hannay stop sponging up all my luck! I got Wass I haven't had a decent player for a few months now. Is this what it feels like to be you paupers? Living off crumbs here.
  12. Westview must be an utterly fascinating place for a scientist to be! Especially in the wake of such phenomenal events! Actually...
  13. Oh I definatly wouldnt have chosen him! I think that kind of grind deserves more. I dont grid many of the objectives really, I could count on one hand the amount of players I have completed this time around. I could count on no hands the amount of those I have kept and used consistently!
  14. Somehow managed to do the icon pick... Had to play more fifa than I care too mind, (4 hours to get 82+x25) and do a hell of a lot of 81+ Picks pack crafting. But I made it! Was it worth it? Karma.
  15. 12 Month Extension for Warnock at Middlesbrough. Big fan of his work. We did some good work in Jan, hopefully once he gets another summer recruitment drive, we can push on next season. I mean we arnt a million miles away at the moment but we just cant string a couple of results together to get close.
  16. I saw Sol first and thought that's OK I guess. And then I saw him. Phwoar. Yeah, I'd fuck Baggio off after that.
  17. Icon pick SBC! Even if I traded in my main squad I don't think I could summon the funds for that one.
  18. End of season, Fake Pietro snaps out of his trance and asks Wanda if she is with the xmen. I mean he isn't just a normal guy is he? Because is still a speedster... So maybe she just grabbed another speedster from another dimension using her magic cauldron of doom and purple wiggly woos.
  19. Opened my 81+x25 pack! Henderson + 1x84 + 2x83 The rest 82 and below. Shiiiiite.
  20. That's a very decent pull! He is an absolute unit. But best of all, his ponytail game is next level.
  21. I've got no chance but you should almost certainly do it! I mean really you probably shouldn't, but then that's not as entertaining! Do it!
  22. Yes please @kthxbliz I spunked all my moneys up the walls months ago, but love a good method! I need to build up some funds again. Living on crumbs atm. @hannay that is silly money! I could waste that on SBCs soooo easy. In other boring news. Does anyone have baby Vieira? It's madness but I've dropped his untradable from my team, I'm just getting nothing from him at all. It's bizarre, I expected him to boss the midfield but the game just passes him by he just doesnt seem intercept or tackle at all.
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