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  1. yeah thats just how the cups are. You will usually wana have the cup as your different one not of your set of 4 the same. although on my fish i have 2 gladiator(one of which is the electro boost cup) and 2 electro artifacts and one lavawalker crown just for the crit rate / damage ( forget which) Just worked out ok like that. 701250947 if you or anyone wants to co op those. Also you get some achievements and a couple of primos for doing co op world bosses if you need a hand with those
  2. Loved the demo just getting to grips with controls and menus. Taking a little too long to figure out that you have to hold down A to ride dog. Just a small gripe/ observation though. The big red arrow. They just put a nice piece of concept art on the official page showing footprints leading to the monster but this isn't really how the game is. You could even have mandalorian or samus style goggles to see hints for tracking like footprints. The trails in World worked ok I guess . But its the hints in the way other monsters and wildlife act running away from the direction of a big monster that were so nice in monster hunter before all the glitter. Surely these days they can add broken twigs and fallen leaves "pointing" the direction. After all this is monster hunter not (just)monster batterer.Even something like the distant sound of the monster coming from a certain direction. I feel there is so much scope here unused. A portion of the fun should be the hunt. One person finding the monster and others hurrying to them instead of all following big red arrow. edit :just googled it and supposedly might be just for the demo and you can turn it off if you want. I'd rather its off for everyone in online play at least and maybe up to you when offline
  3. I got her too and was reading this, assumed it was just for teams. That's great she can benefit from it herself. Now just need to pull one more... I have diluc but he goes out doing meat runn expeditions~ yeah you can completely discount everything either of us said if you're just playing the current content. Only reason for getting op characters or any new ones is spyral abyss later levels and end game content which isnt out for ... years probably. If youre happy with the 4 or 5 starter characters youre given you could do everything with them and upgrade their talents really well. Even some 3 star bows are good at full refine like crit damage one for amber can get her doing high Ks charged shots. That said these new challenges are really tough with the cubes in solo D: but the rewards aren't essential, just very very good
  4. *4 stars rotate with the 5 star and are always available in the other banner ( and lessss common in the weapon one. So they are still about but way less likelihood. Plus you can get ones not in the main banner but again low likelihood. so yes you can get them again. Plus some have had" rate up " in the main banner multiple times already. I would go for a character you like the look of / play style of regardless of pulls cos. Unless you're planning on running abyss and getting anywhere near beating it ( I can't still stuck at about level 9-2 after the corridoor.) ... but depends if you want the 5 star character , thats where it gets complicated over whether you save up for the next banner. Cos pity usually comes in around 70 wishes in on average I'd say. Maybe a bit lower. I have had one within 8 pulls! And one Mukker got a Jean in their first pulls! So You can get lucky. Very rare though. You can see the % stats on the wish page in game. *banners run for about 20 days. the other non rate up one is permanent ( so far) You have ages left on this one ... but as above depends if you want the next 5 star. I personally usually just spin for the 4 stars i want and happy if i get a 5 star. this will change when i max constellation some of them and will prob start saving for 5 star banners. especially if they do reruns of 5 stars i already have! And this is a thing to think of too: 4 stars with full constellations uuusually match up to a 5 star with none or one. Very roughly speaking. Right now the chances of getting multiples of 5 star is so low unless you are putting in £100 and prob £500-600 for max constellations. Pluuuussss you can pull other 5 stars on the rate up banner which arent the main one so that means 70 or so more wishes later you get the one you want... ie it could take a total of 140-160 wishes to pull the banner 5 star character in a very unfortunate case! *There is no difference between single and multiple pulls according to official rules. Plus seems that way from streamer evidence and my own experience. I do single pull a day and sometimes it will pull a 4 star in as low as 5 or 6 pulls but max at 10 with pity. So you can see why sometime 1 pulls has the illusion of looking lucrative with possibility of multiple 4 stars in one 10 pull. *yes you can use the primogems for moons to get lvl up materials and artifacts etc. But its only really the whales who do this I think. Rest of us are probably best off using primos for wishes Hope this makes any sense /reads ok.
  5. I have the £5 a month contract for primogems. Its a great deal compaired with their usual price. The only issue with getting the weapons one is that these current set have been in since the start. Its possible they will change them after most have fully ascended them so you could be stuck with half ascended ones with no way to get more. Although they seem like some of the best in the game regardless. Perhaps even too good
  6. yes , I like the design, I like guitars and I would live with the country accent. Supposedly she levels up well. Lots of youtube videos saying this. And I quite like shield characters and how they play. Its why I have build up beidou. Can get 20K on her defense timed burst if done accurately. Fish should be a 5 * I swear too. Oz is so op especially with constellations ( 16K for just activating it near someone!)and paired with Klee mobs just melt away
  7. the fuck!! I didn't get a single one on her banner , congrats through gritted teeth!
  8. I'm just the messenger, sorry unsure. Let us know . I did start out playing on ps4 but my initial rolls were so bad. Plus hoping for cross save with switch in future so went with pc. That said I am using ps4 pad on pc. Is anyone else getting the stuttering and glitchy aim for bow users since the first patch? Also the auto aim can often just shoot at the floor even when next to an enemy
  9. Hi here's some codes for free primogems! You may have some of these already and some might time out very soon so use thes 4 codes asap! 153YuSaenh / genshingift / GSIMPTq125 / Cuupmbjsvd If anyone wants a friend I'm Pranny , not sure how you find me but if you can I need help with those multiplayer tasks for the latest treasure event. Just got C4 Noelle. Kinda maining her defiantly and thanks to the geo buff seems to be doing decent damage in multiplayer runs for artifacts. My fish is a beast too at C5. Hoping for Ganyu to drop to help with those sheilded twats in Abyss
  10. thanks! Thats awesome. Let me now if you need anything, even gold!
  11. yes please!!! I have only the wand so far I am losing my mind. If any kind person wants to drop any in at my island I'll be leaving it on while I sleep ( now :3 ) Help yourself to the useless litter recipes at the entrance
  12. AR 36 with no 5 star characters but still loving it. Not been addicted to a game like this ...since last month when I got addicted to rocketleague, but besides that its been a while. Its really difficult to put down because there is always something begging to be upgraded just a little here and there. And the constant push for more wishes. And Shenmue 3 made me appreciate picking flowers a lot more. And it feels a lot like monster hunter style gathering anyway. I keep telling myself . But it really is. I have started running out of moons and Mora and spent a fiver in total this whole time (just to open a reward after beating a boss cos I didnt have enough moons and then it timed out anyway cos it was the next day ... :3 ) Fischl is amazing, I have one double, I am making do with her and Noelle really. Until I get a Jean or someone . Whoever it was on here that said that got one early on that was seriously lucky
  13. Surely its as simple as being to do with walking and that not being so great for vr experience
  14. Just got my first 1st place in mario 35! while suddenly getting an eye migraine a quarter of the way through so I couldnt see the floor ahead except at the far edge of the screen. Pulled some amazing moves and flukes though, jumping a line of goombs without touching the floor, then a trooper that was on top of a pirhana plant so it saved me , then 50 marioseconds left , trapped under a row of blocks and with no flower power and thankfully other person died. Wish I could see their screen back that I was competing against. Its goood
  15. The swirly ducks ended me, won't be going back for a while
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