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  1. Sealflap

    SNES Mini

    Does anyone play with an arcade stick? I saw that the Capcom vs - branded one works from the Wii and I'm curious as to whether it's worth it or not.
  2. Is there an active group of mukers for this? Sick of playing with randoms who don't work as a team. Please message me if so
  3. Can you resend your message please? I've sorted my messages now. Thanks.
  4. Thanks man, I know - I'm having trouble re-enabling my messages so had to raise a ticket with the mods. Keen to get involved soon with you guys.
  5. Just started playing this and would love to do some duos or squads with you guys. Any chance some of you are around evenings 8-11 ish? Be warned I'm a bullet magnet at the moment it seems
  6. This looks great. Is it possible to jump into number 3 without having played the first two?
  7. I hear you. I however have no self control when it comes to Joanna Newsom records and they seem to hold their value well. I doubt it will be a poor investment anyway from all the love it will get.
  8. Got Joanna Newsom's new lp Divers yesterday. Can't wait to spin it as her other vinyl releases have been lovely.
  9. Ahh probably scalpers thinking they will be rare or something. I'm really excited about the game arriving. I do like a calm, charming, furniture-y title to waste away a few hours downtime! Went into Sainsburys on the off chance they had cards but they didn't know what I was talking about. They had the game out on the shelves though.
  10. Nice. Apparently Amazon have the album up for preorder if you're interested.
  11. I was hesitating about buying this, but having read the thread over at NeoGAF and seeing this sort of creativity I caved. Apparently the creator called his gameshow 'Pooping for Dollars'
  12. Well it seems I'm 400 stars short to get the least shite object I can see at this price - the game card case thingy. Does anyone have any spare they wouldn't mind giving me?
  13. As an upgrade to my Tetsucabra armour I'm trying to get enough shiz for the Moshgari set due to the FastCharge skill. Is it enough of a def upgrade do you think? Seems by best bet for a GS user like myself but can be persuaded otherwise if anyone has suggestions?
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