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  1. I'm exercising an uncharacteristic level of self-control by waiting to see if it ends up being a bit cheaper at Dodax or wherever. £24+ is a bit excessive for me, especially when Drag City pressings can be pretty variable in general. Weirdly it's more expensive on their own site than Have One On Me, despite the latter being one LP less and coming in a fancy box.

    I hear you. I however have no self control when it comes to Joanna Newsom records and they seem to hold their value well. I doubt it will be a poor investment anyway from all the love it will get.

  2. Ahh probably scalpers thinking they will be rare or something.

    I'm really excited about the game arriving. I do like a calm, charming, furniture-y title to waste away a few hours downtime! Went into Sainsburys on the off chance they had cards but they didn't know what I was talking about. They had the game out on the shelves though.

  3. As an upgrade to my Tetsucabra armour I'm trying to get enough shiz for the Moshgari set due to the FastCharge skill. Is it enough of a def upgrade do you think? Seems by best bet for a GS user like myself but can be persuaded otherwise if anyone has suggestions?

  4. High Rank Khezu was my 'wall' until I finally beat the fucker.

    My biggest gripe with him is that there's no time to evade when you are in the middle of doing GS charges and he's decided to do his electric pikachu thing. Then when you're on the floor he does another one and kills you. He's strong at HR and it made my Tetsucabra armour with buffs look shite for the first time.

  5. Eugh I've met my 'mini-wall' in the Level 8 caravan Khezu quest. Bastard seems so easy to kill but when you're midway through a long GS animation and he's already loading up his Blanka-style thunderbolt I just can't get out of the way in time. I take serious damage from it too. I WILL BEAT YOU!

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