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  1. This wasn't a launch title. Sorry, just had to clear things up.
  2. Of course!!!! Now I can use it in future forum posts!
  3. Can I be the first to say....don't make the same mistake that I did and buy Holy Magic Century. Oh my goodness....I didn't know Konami could do something so shockingly bad. Tragic...tragic. *thinks back* I was so excited about it too, coming off the back of OoT...it's my own fault for thinking any game could ever come close to Nintendo's masterpiece.
  4. Why hasn't Miller been mentioned yet!!! Miller on tap is just the easiest beer to drink ever. The award for the perfect beer though, in my opinion - Saporro Shot Bottles, straight from a freezing cold fridge into my favourite glass. Oh. Yes.
  5. Sealflap


    As a long-serving Arsenal fan I salute Vieira for everything he has ever done for this club. I am still quite shocked that he's going as it won't seem right for a while not seeing him in that centre midfield position he's dominated so well over the years. But I trust Wenger. The man knows what he's doing. I'm a little worried though on any potential unsettling affect of others in the team though. Henry, Pires etc...
  6. Boxed Game Gear with about 25 games, most boxed with instructions - £20 Unboxed N64 w/ 2 official pads and 9 unboxed games (including Mario Kart) - £6 Unboxed Sega Master System II w/ 2 official pads \ Unboxed Commodore 64, Joysticks, 2 big instruction manuals and about 25 games \ Top Gun Handheld (Konami on the front) | Jungler Desk Top Arcade Game (Konami) - £5 the lot (there was some other random things in the box too) Boxed Final Fantasy IIX for PC (with official mouse mat! Hurrah!) and Official Strategy Guide - £4 Banjo Kazooie, IIS98 (both PAL, Boxed and Complete) (couldnt resist after the topic on here about it!) and Abe's Exoddus (PS1) - £5 Oddworld Abe's Odessey (Boxed, Complete, PS1) - 50p
  7. Ahoy! Thought I would continue my weekly car boot-a-thon even though I'm back from uni now, and the boot sales aren't familiar to me. Turned out to be a good decision, picked up lots of stuff I never would've thought I'd see at a car boot. Anyhow.....enjoy... Pocket Pikachu - Unboxed, Needs new battery - £1 Namco Gcon45 - Boxed in good nick - £3 Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus - Mint, Complete - £3 M&M's Shell Shock, Inspector Gadget Crazy Maze + Elemental Pinball - Complete - £1 each Pokemon Mini Puzzle Collection (x2) - Sealed - £1 Pokemon Mini Pinball - Sealed - £1 Pokemon Mini Zany Cards - Sealed - £1 Pokemon Red - Sealed, GB - £1.25 Pokemon Pinball - Sealed GBC - £1.25 Super Mario Super Show - VHS - 50p A great day for adding to my collections Passed on a PAL Boxed Goldeneye for £1. Should've got it really as the box was in decent nick. Ahh well.
  8. I totally agree with you guys. There seems to just be endless amounts of crappy PS1 games (and consoles for that matter) at over the top prices. It gets right on my nerves. £30 for an unboxed PS1? What planet are these people from?! I always feel too like I have to rush around the stalls at lightning speed so that the pikey Mick and pikeywife shaznay wont find the good stuff first. It seems however early or however thoroughly I look there is always someone else beating you to it at the other side of the boot. Booting is a strange thing...Go there and find fuck all or stay at home and wonder what you might have found. Even so, it's the weeks you find that gem that makes it worthwhile
  9. Now usually I have a respectable car boot status on here but as I went back home to visit the parents this week, I wasn't in my prime at my regular boots....instead I was at the local cackfest... Here goes.... Mickey Magical Mirror - Sealed, GC - £1 Total Immersion Racing - Sealed, XBox - £1 South Park:Chef's Love Shack (PAL DC) - 50p The guys at NTSC laughed at me this week
  10. Today consisted of driving to one car boot then getting lost and driving 71 miles (yes that's seventy-one miles) to the next one and back home again. All in the name of gaming eh! Here goes... Boxed Sega Mega Drive II w/ Boxed James Pond 3 and a 3-game cart - £6 Dreamcast PAL (Unboxed) - £4 Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition (MD, boxed but no instr) - £1.50 Boxed Street Fighter 2, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy and Moonwalker + 100ish Amiga games - £3 Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes (Complete, PS1) - £1 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Complete, PS1) - 25p Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Boxed, no instr) - £2 Resident Evil 2 (Missing Disk 1, Boxed, No Instr) - 50p Resident Evil: Survivor (Complete) - 25p 2 Mint random PS1 games (bought for cases) - 25p each Not a bad day...just some lovely Res Evil stuff which is always nice. Car Boot 'Quote of the Day' Me: How much is your Mega Drive Sonic 1 please? (hoping for a 20p steal) Him: That's a fiver there mate, it's a really rare expensive game that Sonic one is mate. Me: *walks off* Gotta laugh
  11. Hmmm...I traded in 3x Project Rubs on the DS for £15 each at CEX the other day. They were trading for £19 2 weeks back!!
  12. Not a bad boot sale this week even though I had a bitch of a headache. Didn't rain too which I thouht it might. Anyway... Mega Drive, 6 games, 2 official pads = £3.50 Boxed + Mint Playstation 1 Dual Shock Console + 3 mint boxed games = £5.00 Frogger (PS1) = £1.00 (Getting harder to pick up cheap) Need For Speed Underground (PS2) and Metal Slug 3 (PS2) - Both mint and complete = £7.00 the pair Aliens 3 (MS) = £0.20 The Sims: Hot Date = £2.00 15" Plush Pikachu = £0.50 Bottle of Sake = £1.00 Passed on a lot of 50p PS1 games today, I just wasn't in the mood. Also, what is it about people who think £3.50 is a reasonable price to charge you for Formula 1 97 on the PS1!!? Fools. EDIT: Oh, and I would love that pink N64
  13. If you take your lovely Arcade Stick to Gamestation...they will give you the tidy sum of... £0.50!!... ...and that's the TRADE price! I found this funny. Sorry.
  14. PAL Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick 1 Official and 2 Unofficial pads Menacer Lightgun and Receiver Jungle Strike Urban Strike Super Monaco GP LHX Attack Helicopter Combat Cars £12 Not bad I thought *shrug*
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