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  1. Gathering Hall open for HR3 shenanigans. All welcome ID: 05-5105-1668-6946 pass code 1234
  2. Did you do the Urgent Quest at Level 2?
  3. 2 places left. Just took down Gore! HR3 geddin!!
  4. Need help with Gore please! All welcome though, tis all good fun regardless Garhering Hall ID: 36-9324-9708-0719
  5. I love the little touches in this, and I find myself chuckling at the charm of the whole world. The latest today was smiling at the Paw Pass being RARE 5 By the way, has everyone seen the planned free DLC due at the end of this week: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/03/monster_hunter_4_ultimate_free_dlc_including_link_equipment_due_6th_march
  6. Anyone fancy playing during the day today? Still got the real life equivalent of the Gore Magala virus
  7. Took down Gore Magala in solo earlier. Fun fight, carted twice. My Palico buddies were watching my back with the healing towards the end but thought he was pretty easy all things considered. Can someone remind me again what happens with the virus thing? I was using Nulberries to get the blue virus bar down but wasn't sure why.
  8. Im gonna be playing all day today as I'm fighting off a virus I've had all weekend and can't go to work. Hopefully smashing some monsters in the face will help my recovery. Happy to help n00bs or whatever, just add me and let me know so I can add you back (code in my sig). I've got a Gore Magala I wouldn't mind taking down and get to HR3
  9. I've had a weekend away so looking forward to getting back into this tomorrow anyone up for helping me with my Gore Magala urgent?
  10. Have I missed an setting or something - every time I wake my 3ds from sleep I have to re-enable the CPP in the options. A little annoying. Anyone know how to fix it?
  11. Best habit to get into is always take the paintballs from the supply box at the start and throw one at the monster before tackling it, then a pink blob will show up on the map so you can track it when it runs off if it's a lengthy battle you will need to paintball it again as it wears off after a while.
  12. Added tenpounds, Curtis and df0 my code is in my sig.
  13. I'm up for hunting later. Would love help with my HR2 urgent. Can we all maybe get into the habit of posting passworded gathering hall codes in this thread as it's so frustrating seeing people online and not being able to join.
  14. Every time I tell myself to have a break to resume my Ocarina of Time playthrough, I just...can't...do.......iiitttttt
  15. Great hunts with Ingy, Sie and Ann Coulter earlier. Thanks guys. I'm well on the way to HR3 now. Gore Magala urgent next methinks!
  16. Ok chaps. Gathering hall is open for urgent hr1 and hr2 hunts! 33-8143-4742-7787 pass code: 1111. All welcome
  17. Great, see you on there. I'll post a room up on here when I'm ready if that's ok? I've added you as a friend, my code is in my sig.
  18. Anyone fancy helping me with My Nercylla(sp?) urgent and doing some HR2 quests at about 3pm today? I'm planning on doing a 3 - 6pm stint. I'll also put mumble on if people are up for using it.
  19. Quick question: are offline gathering hall monsters stronger than if I faced them in single player story mode? I swear the spider thing is tougher than when I faced her in the story mode (HR1 urgent). Btw I've set up mumble ready to go (iOS app). I'm assuming it's just a mic and speaker app basically yes?
  20. Gutted I keep missing you guys. Sie, I've added you now so hopefully I'll see you on there soon. Excuse my ignorance but can mumble be used from my phone for voice chat? I'd need the wife to be out of the house though so might not be able to do it often but I liked it when it worked on Tri for Wii. Still HR1 at the mo but done all the big monster hints and captures apart from Gunprey now. Would be fun to get to the HR2 ones finally.
  21. Anyone want to friend me for some hunts? All you lot online already are in full halls!
  22. I've set up a room for HR1 quests! Join me! All welcome: 42-6791-5831-4943
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