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  1. Saw a couple of you were online last night but the room was always full sadly I think Capcom could've made a bit more of the friends list and at least let you know if they are playing etc. or give you the option to send a message to questing friends that you are looking to join them. Anyway, this game is still awesome regardless. How many HR1 quests do you need to do before getting to HR2? I've done nearly all of the big fight ones but don't fancy doing all the dull gathering quests if I can help it. Also, am I right in thinking that it's the expedition quests where you might find treasure yourself and the guild quests are just to focus on the monster and see what you get at the end in your rewards box?
  2. I'm all about the Great Sword. Always my go-to weapon as it's just so darn powerful. Quite enjoy timing the hits then roll, sheathe and away. Repeat.
  3. Great hunt last night chaps. Sorry I had to go after an hour or so. Loving this game. The hours just fly by. Anyone around later on?
  4. Ingy and Anth you are showing as online but your rooms are full
  5. Persevering with my chain mail armour even though I just got owned by Tsetsucabra. He was limping all over the place though mind. I'm so pleased how much quicker this gets you into the action compared with Tri.
  6. Added all that have added me but plopboy it says you haven't added me?
  7. Will add you all today and hopefully catch you tonight.
  8. Saw Rikku you were online but when I went to join your room it was always full I will add the rest of you that have added me on the last page later on. Ended up questing with some randoms which was fun but all got owned by some badass dragon that was probably too ambitious for my derring armour!
  9. Thanks I've just added you back. Will you be on about 10 ish? So far I've only got dr shark and rikku added but am around later if people are up for a n00b hunt!
  10. I'm still n00bing my way around at the moment, despite putting 80+ hours into Tri! Am I right in thinking there isn't much point in doing offline gathering hall quests as opposed to the main village quests? Id love to go online with folks that are just starting out online. I feel like a learner even though I'm quite familiar with the series. Add me and let me know so I can add you back: 0791 1042 3406
  11. Zelda is quite common. Tesco had some recently online.
  12. I'm gonna be online for 1* quests all afternoon. Add me and let me know yours so I can add you back: 0791 1042 3406
  13. How many of us are at HR1 and wanting to get going with the 1* quests?
  14. Have people gone straight into online with base gear, or is it worth doing offline first to get decent gear?
  15. MH4 and MM Special Edition arrived at the same time hard putting MM back for a bit but I don't want to miss the MH online buzz.
  16. Is there already a thread for swapping friend codes ready for online? Can't believe I can play online with this for the first time on a portable! Last time I played was on the Wii, attempting to get that voice adaptor thing working!!
  17. Got my game collection confirmation too. Excited!
  18. That sounds good. Most of my vinyl is modern but I hate hearing the pops on the quieter records.
  19. You just said a whole lot of words I don't understand! How would I make up my own fluid? And what do I use to apply it? (Sorry)
  20. On my own tonight as the wife is away. Spinning Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
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