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  1. Perfect cherries are double at Re-Tail if anyone is interested in me opening my gates?
  2. Got impatient and sold my nips at Gingerling's place. Left you a bag o' Bells and some furniture for your troubles young Sir!
  3. Just added you, please add me back! 0791-1042-3406
  4. Gingerling I think we are friends already. I will be over later to sell my turnips. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Club LOL just opened today. I was literally in tears with laughter!
  6. Meanwhile at The Eden Project... I've got it bad haven't I
  7. Now I feel better! The hours you've put in are crazy!
  8. How have I sunk 24 hours into this already!?!! It's brilliant No spot pass houses yet. I wish the dog would tell you before I run around the empty space.
  9. The magical and exotic land of Malvern is now open for guests! Come and marvel at our beautiful flowers (no running), freshly planted saplings (no bumping into them) and our tat in the local Re-Tail! Lots of fruits on the trees you are welcome to pick. Just promise you won't steal my animals!
  10. Just noticed another brilliant touch - if you've caught and donated a Pirahna to the Museum go and have a look at it in the tank!
  11. Sygnar you are a legend!! Made quarter mill
  12. 0791-1042-3406 sygnar please can you add me?
  13. Enjoy the mangoes! I tried to stir you by hitting you with the bug net but there was no moving you!
  14. Thanks for the adds folks. Keep em coming! I'm in the market for classic furniture at the moment and swish antiques - going to turn my home into the kind of house Poirot would want to live in. Globes, panelled walls, oil lamps, writing desks etc - please offer me such items for trading
  15. Just added gilly and tetchy - please add back 0791-1042-3406
  16. Just discovered that the sound of rain when you're in your house is amazing! Nintendo
  17. Waiting for adds from: Keyboardkoala Epcotman Psychofox Frink Bleeders Jolly Mrpranny Shirubagan Hellcock Shepperton Tight Melon bread Salsa party Lands head Magical drop Wretcherd Pungee Dismemb0 Tracy Jcfarley Stoofle Anyone else please feel free to add me - 0791-1042-3406
  18. My first delve into turnip buying today. Started at a modest 40k worth at 93b a pop. If anyone has added me and I haven't added you back yet please let me know as I'm going to be catching up today when my fiancée is out (she doesn't get this at all ). Malvern has mangos, bananas, peaches, cherries, oranges and pears for grabs! Plus the proposed bridge works are well underway!
  19. Haha I told you not to reveal our secret supert3d!
  20. Having a blast with this. Happenings in Malvern today include: Finally getting my development permit signed off Hopefully finding an Axe The grand opening of the shop next to Nookling First ripening of non native cherry trees Excited (can't play yet until lunch as in at work *grumble*) Did anyone have the fortune teller in their village yesterday? I was too freaked out to hand over the 500 bells... Oh, and my first visit to the island yesterday was ace (btw, why can't I seem to be able to get the img extension from my tumblr to put in the forum posts? I am having to save them and then use Photobucket to make them work. I'm on iPhone 4 and with the Tumblr app.)
  21. First Resetti at supert3d s village left you a present near the station
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