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  1. The Fox


    Jesus out for 3 months apparently.
  2. He was superb in the last 30 minutes or so tbf.
  3. Messi definitely getting Higuain flashbacks from this Lauturo Martinez performance.
  4. Asamoah Gyan smiling down from heaven.
  5. Luis Suarez being absolutely terrible but then finally showing up to terrorise Ghana again is objectively funny I'm afraid.
  6. Lukaku has got to be investigated for betting fraud, surely.
  7. This is a fair point and makes me think maybe a better tactic is to keep the back four and extra midfielder instead, in order to cut the supply line into Mbappe. But that's getting ahead of ourselves a bit obviously, as Senegal are no slouches.
  8. I think Southgate will probably stick with the same system vs Senegal, but I would expect Sterling and Saka to come back into the side as I don't think Rashford and Foden did well enough to override Southgate's obvious love for those two players. The rest of the XI will probably remain unchanged as long as Henderson's ankle is ok. It doesn't seem like Phillips is sharp enough to make much of a contribution unfortunately. If England make it through and do face France, I think at that point he will probably switch to the 3-4-3 with a midfielder dropping out and Trippier coming back in at RWB.
  9. Henderson for Bellingham while Mount stays on. Gareth Southgate is a sick man.
  10. This Qatar keeper needs a move to England, he's pure Box Office.
  11. James Maddison at left wing back is certainly a choice.
  12. Petition for him to be called Gavin from now on. All in on Canada in this one!
  13. Comical defending from Schlotterbeck, who looks absolutely useless, but what a finish.
  14. You can take Romero out of Spurs...
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