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  1. Sixteen Horses by Greg Buchanan Crime thriller set in a remote, decaying seaside town. Has a very foreboding, oppressive atmosphere, to the point that it feels like a horror at times. Definitely not an easy read - partly because of the subject matter and partly the relentlessly grim, often unnerving prose - but I ploughed through it in two days, so I guess it overcame that hurdle. It appears to have been picked up for TV, which I'm not at all surprised about.
  2. I thought this was pretty good overall, and the Furby sequence was fantastic. Idk if it was meant to be the case but the entire family seemed varying degrees of neurodivergent to me, so it'd probably be nice for kids who might find aspects of that relatable. The son's voice was bizarre though, no clue why they thought that sounded good.
  3. Kante is a much better all round footballer than Makelele (who was also a tremendous player, don't get me wrong).
  4. But surely unless you want a sportswashing sugar daddy with an iffy human rights record to gloss over, anyone buying Man Utd is going to be doing the same leveraged buyout style shit anyway? It's like that Spotify bloke who allegedly wants to buy Arsenal - why is he magically going to be any different to Kroenke? It just seems like the horse bolted long, long ago on all this ownership stuff.
  5. You say that but they've lost plenty of times in the league this season. Personally I think Pochettino's trophy allergy must just be highly contagious.
  6. 26-man squads at the Euros apparently - good news for fringe candidates like Bellingham, Greenwood, Saka etc in theory, although in reality it probably just means Southgate can fulfil his fantasy of having Walker, Trippier, TAA, James and Wan-Bissaka all in the squad.
  7. The next batch should certainly be predominantly Man Utd players. Keane and Cantona should be shoe-ins. Rooney if he’s eligible. Obviously not Giggs for the time being though.
  8. I suppose he does, if you highly rate lording it up in the days of @Crap90sFootball cloggers, while achieving the sum total of fuck all in Europe and at international level. He was a very, very good player, and obviously a hugely important figure in the Premier League, but in pure footballing ability he's not even close to the level of those two, who both proved themselves at the highest levels of the game. The overall standard of the league moved on a lot in the years following Cantona's peak.
  9. Shearer and Henry were both miles better than Cantona anyway. I agree though that from an influence perspective he should have been one of the first in.
  10. lol come on, what a ridiculous take
  11. Yes, people notoriously hate it when asked to work a lot less often for more money.
  12. That's completely mental, surely she would have comfortably got to the ball first if she'd just kept running?!
  13. The Chief Constable is Aliser Thorne from Game of Thrones.
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