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  1. The Fox


    Partey is a bum unfortunately.
  2. Clear penalty, but so was Maguire on Tomiyasu which didn’t even get looked at.
  3. Pipers also do a top tier cheese & onion.
  4. They'll fall away a bit after Christmas I think - their squad is quite small and they're overly reliant on a couple of players. Ogbonna has just done his ACL too.
  5. The Fox


    This might seem crazy but I think we should stop letting the bloke who’s third-best at penalties in the side, if I’m being generous, take all the penalties.
  6. It's not just Ronaldo either; Greenwood's pressing is generally poor (which I suspect is partly why Southgate tends to overlook him), and Rashford/Bruno were also guilty of some extremely daft stuff against Liverpool too, just running around aimlessly. Not sure Conte is the answer there either. He's certainly not the man to get more out of the £70m winger.
  7. Yeah it's a time travel-y sci-fi mystery really, just with a foreboding atmosphere/soundtrack.
  8. The Fox


    Yeah clear red card, but that’s Mike Dean for you.
  9. Salt Bae is just rinsing people with more money than sense, and knows the lengths some dipshits will go to have something on their Instagram stories that's desirable within their social bubble. Fair play to him imo.
  10. Depends a lot on soft tissue damage. Andre Gomes was a dislocation and fracture and he was out for about 4 months I think. Typically it's probably a less serious injury than snapping your tib+fib, because then you have to have all the rods and pins and stuff put in.
  11. Granit Xhaka being an anti-vaxxer might be the least surprising news of all time.
  12. So Ronaldo used City to draw out Man Utd, where he actually wanted to go, and Utd are going to fall for it and pay loads of money to sign him even though they don't need him at all? Jorge Mendes playing 4D chess as usual.
  13. Massive potential for some truly disgraceful scenes in this group. Plastic chairs and stabbings all over the shop.
  14. The Fox


    He seems like a nice bloke and obviously I hope he does well, but I’m not sure what the club has seen in him to even merit consideration, let alone a hefty outlay.
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