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  1. Depends a lot on soft tissue damage. Andre Gomes was a dislocation and fracture and he was out for about 4 months I think. Typically it's probably a less serious injury than snapping your tib+fib, because then you have to have all the rods and pins and stuff put in.
  2. Granit Xhaka being an anti-vaxxer might be the least surprising news of all time.
  3. So Ronaldo used City to draw out Man Utd, where he actually wanted to go, and Utd are going to fall for it and pay loads of money to sign him even though they don't need him at all? Jorge Mendes playing 4D chess as usual.
  4. Massive potential for some truly disgraceful scenes in this group. Plastic chairs and stabbings all over the shop.
  5. The Fox


    He seems like a nice bloke and obviously I hope he does well, but I’m not sure what the club has seen in him to even merit consideration, let alone a hefty outlay.
  6. The Fox


    I think that is just the perception from casual observers who perhaps don't follow Arsenal that closely, as it's something that gets recycled a lot by lazy pundits. The reality is that Arsenal have struggled creatively for a long time now and do need someone to take the burden off Smith-Rowe, who isn't exactly prolific himself. I think Odegaard at that price is certainly better value than Madders Boohooman. Ramsdale is shite though, no clue what we're doing there. Utterly baffling.
  7. Fractured fibula for Forfana apparently - I guess his tibia is ok, which should help his recovery time a lot.
  8. I think Bernardo Silva wants to leave doesn't he, and it wouldn't be surprising if Laporte wanted out too. If they could find buyers for those two that'd bring in a hefty sum.
  9. I think a lot of the actual high end burger places - so not mediocre chains like Byron and Ed's - have been doing fine, and Five Guys is everywhere now. A lot of them also offered home delivery kits through the pandemic. I am friends with the Honest co-owner and I understand they sold extremely well, to the point where the may become a permanent offering. I tried to get a Burger and Beyond x Smokestak one at one point but they had all sold out in a couple of minutes.
  10. Five Guys is absolutely fine although I do wish they would season their patties a bit more. I wouldn't go there if I was in a city that had Honest, Burger & Beyond etc. available for a similar price, but for a widely available chain I think it's pretty good. Bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, pickles, jalapenos, hot sauce and mayo is my go-to. @gone fishin' Bit confused by your last point - surely decent burgers and brioche buns have been available to home cooks for years, but high end burger restaurants have still thrived.
  11. I wouldn't advocate taking Kane off with a shootout looming, no chance. Sterling wouldn't have mattered though because he didn't take a penalty anyway. Mount should have come off much earlier to give us a proper outlet up top - that much was surely obvious, and I'm not sure what justification can be given for leaving him on as long as he did. Switching to a back four also should have come earlier, and unfortunately Saka was so poor when he did come on that he probably should have been hooked off again in extra time.
  12. Just on a personnel level, we have better forwards, they have a much better midfield, and the defences are about the same. They also have a better coach.
  13. Yep that is a very good example and it's what got Mourinho sacked eventually.
  14. I actually think that when it comes to defending, Rice is absolutely top drawer, but his passing isn't quite up to scratch at the highest level. Similarly I think that while Phillips will never be a truly elite player, he definitely has more in his locker in terms of distribution than he was allowed to show here. I think some of the issues with their play are by design, and they are doing what the manager wants them to do, and some are possibly just down to a lack of top level experience. Playing a fairly conservative double pivot was then compounded by Southgate's over-reliance on Mount ahead of them even when he was clearly not performing. He's an excellent player but clearly doesn't offer as much creative attacking verve as Grealish or Foden. Obviously we are lacking midfielders with the technical quality to match the best sides in the world, and there should be tweaks to that area going forward, perhaps with Bellingham being integrated more, but that's no reason to just be hoofing the ball up the pitch to nobody for an hour plus.
  15. I'm actually not convinced this is true unfortunately, because he had a chance to address the obvious pattern of the game at half time and instead we came out and were instantly sitting even deeper. I think he gambled on us being able to keep them at bay while offering nothing in attack, and it backfired. Yes, we only conceded with a scrappy goal from a set piece, but it was always likely that something would go in once we let Italy have total dominance of the game. I really do hope he can learn from this and be a bit braver in high stakes games against top sides, because we do have the players for it. As @Gotters says, we don't have to be some swashbuckling side winning all our games 4-3, but we have clear evidence now in the two biggest games we've played that the opposite approach probably won't cut it against the best teams. You saw Mancini try something different against Spain once it became clear they weren't going to see much of the ball, and while it wasn't entirely successful, they did score a great counter attacking goal and came close on a couple of other occasions. At no stage were Italy resorting to lumping aimless long balls into touch then simply waiting for Spain to come again.
  16. We restricted them to a few chances here and there which is fine, but it was always going to be unlikely that we would hold out for an hour against such a good side, when we were repeatedly giving them the ball back under no pressure, and showing basically zero attacking ambition ourselves. More often than not that approach just isn't going to cut it against a truly top team -- even if you're not going to try super hard to hit them with fast counters, at the very least you have to give yourself some outlets up top. I like Mason Mount a lot but him staying on as long as he did in those circumstances was farcical. Saka for Trippier was a change that made sense but again it came too late and unfortunately Saka was off his game anyway.
  17. Going forward I really hope Southgate (assuming he stays) can figure out a way to set the side up for counter-attacking when needed. We have so many fast forwards and ideally he would have looked at the pattern of the game from 30-55 mins and changed things up accordingly. Instead we just sat deeper and deeper and started aimlessly hoofing the ball out of defence, with no out ball other than Kane (who obviously couldn't win everything in the air against Chiellini). It's a desperately stupid situation to put yourself in when, with the right setup, we could have retained defensive solidity while also having the potential to do further damage to Italy. Instead we just totally ceded control of the game and in the end were fortunate not to lose inside 90 minutes. Southgate has shown decent tactical flexibility and has evolved that side of things well since 2018, but being far too passive when ahead against a decent side was a clear blind spot. We got away with it against Croatia, Czech Republic and Germany, but they're nowhere near as good as Italy. It's a shame because I think the way we started the game and the formation took them by surprise and we were very comfortable for half an hour, but once Mancini started tweaking things Southgate was found wanting unfortunately.
  18. I wish I had the confidence of some in here that Southgate will learn from his mistakes in the final, because a lot of issues in that match were eerily similar to the Croatia game in 2018.
  19. Yeah Maguire kept putting onto his right foot which is quite silly.
  20. Apparently Trippier is in for Saka, so 5-3-2. Hard to see where a goal is coming from in that system, so seems very much a safety first approach to go man for man on Emerson/Insigne, with a view to changing it up later in the game.
  21. What are we thinking for the XI on Sunday then? I think he will name an unchanged side and stick Mount on Jorginho. I would be tempted to bring Henderson in for Rice just for his experience and superior passing, but I don't think he will do so from the start. I've seen people suggest 3 at the back again, but I can't see how that makes sense. Going a man short in the middle against Jorginho and Verratti seems like a very bad idea.
  22. I suspect this is probably Declan Rice, who looks allergic to passing forward most of the time. I can't imagine it was Walker as he was excellent last night.
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