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  1. Finally got a 3080 FE and Trump is getting kicked out of the White House. Lovely start to the weekend.
  2. I think I'm just gonna get a 3600 for my SFF living room build for now. For 4K gaming I don't think the Gen 3s are worth the extra money currently, but I can always pick up a 5800 or something in the future if the additional cores start to make more of a difference.
  3. Yeah they're delicious and really are nice with a cold beer.
  4. The Fox


    The attacking side is still pretty dreadful but you have to give Arteta a lot of credit for this.
  5. It's the checkout process that's the issue, everyone has had them in their baskets for 40 minutes at this point.
  6. Nope, I was logged in, my card got authenticated by the bank, I clicked the final 'confirm payment' button but then nothing. Eventually had to start again but can't get back into my basket now.
  7. Can't see a single person in the PartAlert chat who has actually managed to process an order with Scan.
  8. I'm just stuck on the checkout page, keeps telling me 'We are already processing your order' when I try to click pay. Cool website!
  9. Surely DLSS isn't really relevant anyway for cards that are making mincemeat of 4K gaming.
  10. Phil Foden has absurd goal/assist stats for a midfielder his age.
  11. The Fox


    Yeah we’re dour. Arteta really needs to start showing a bit of attacking ambition.
  12. I can only assume he keeps picking this 3-5-2 because we don't have very good centre backs, but it's very boring and not especially effective. 4-3-3 surely suits us better if he's willing to be a bit braver. GK / Walker (TAA), CB, CB, Chilwell (Saka) / Phillips (Rice), Henderson (Winks), Foden (Mount) / Sancho (Greenwood), Kane (DCL), Sterling (Rashford) Centre back is a problem area though for sure, especially now Maguire has gone to shit.
  13. The problem is that as we have seen with the 3080, the £469 RRP on the 3070 is likely to be irrelevant for all but a relative handful of lucky people scalpers. If the only vaguely attainable models are £530+, that £355 2070 Super doesn't look so bad.
  14. I got that Amazon Warehouse 2070 Super. I can always return it if the 3070 and/or AMD stuff miraculously turns out to be readily attainable, but if not then it's a good value stopgap.
  15. Arsenal presenting him with a PR open goal. They thoroughly deserve to be made to look bad, regardless of the motivations or practicalities of his gesture.
  16. The Fox


    Hope we get relegated tbh.
  17. The Fox


    The difference between the two figures is pretty much what we’ve spunked on ‘Cedric Soares’ or ‘Pablo Mari’, whoever the fuck they are.
  18. Yeah I made it myself. you can come round at the weekend x
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