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  1. Some screens of the Tron section here: Kingdom Hearts - Tron
  2. I doubt there'll be much game footage on show, but it should be interesting to get the BBC's take on the subject.
  3. (from the Radio Times website) Sounds like it could be quite interesting...
  4. Wow, that track is lovely. Loved Melody AM, so I'm really looking forward to this Cheers for the heads up!
  5. mr stickman


    Really? Ahh, I shall investigate...
  6. mr stickman


    The customisation aspect of the game is awesome, I must have spent about 3 hours messing about with decals yesterday. Great game so far, you feel like you're progressing as you do each race which is nice. Has anyone else noticed than when downshifting with manual gears it sometimes takes a while for the display to update what gear you've selected? Confuses the hell out of me sometimes
  7. Looks rather lovely I think Few more screens from The Magic Box. link
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