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  1. the Remnant patch is a little odd, auto hdr is turned on in settings but doesn't seem to work anymore and it doesn't quick resume. It used to! 60fps is nice but not that sharp.
  2. There was a bottle of it just sitting as decoration on the old set for a long time.
  3. Modern Warfare (2019) and Siege are the most obvious. I'd like another. Battlefield hasn't been on a downward spiral since Bad Company 2. I doubt they can turn it around. I enjoyed Battlefield 1 for a while until they ruined it by trying to pander to esports twats and youtubers. BF doesn't need to be balanced, it needs to be fun!
  4. That should be fine. Better start getting the planning permission for an eventual ps5 though, you'll need an extension to your house.
  5. The list of games in your quick resume 'pool' is a bit of a quick and dirty fix - rather than developing a proper UI feature they've just bolted it into the underused 'groups' feature, but it works fine. And as a bonus you can pin the quick resume list to your home screen.
  6. Returnal's protagonist always looks like Alan Pardew to me. Who isn't drawn to an Alan Pardew game?
  7. Revelations 2 is a fun game, if you liked 2make it's probably the closest in gameplay to that
  8. Pockets hates Danny, Mary, Dan... For shame! The fire escape cast continues to be good. They have a good thing there if they keep it up. I always found Mike a bit dull, sometimes slightly annoying on Resident Kinevil, but his personality works perfectly with Dan and Mary. Weird dude though.
  9. Destroy all humans seems to spit them out.
  10. Anecdote time and not really anything to do with this, but the ps-only people I know seem way more likely to buy physical copies for some reason.
  11. It's rock solid 30 on the series x already. It's not an upgrade!
  12. Yeah, it's just a lot of faffing to use your main console with it and you don't really benefit from the extra power AFAIK (emulation is typically cpu-intensive and the cpu is only slightly faster on the x, the much beefier gpu is where the power differential really is).
  13. It's a very good emulation box.
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