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  1. I've never played it so have it preordered which I never do. Looks special.
  2. Astral Chain is fantastic. It's their most polished game I've played.
  3. Has anyone been watching former regular contributor Gary Whitta's Animal Crossing-based talk show? The guests he gets are insane, has already had Elijah Wood, Danny Trejo as well as the more expected guests like Mary Kish. Next episode, Sting and Shaggy https://www.youtube.com/user/gwhitta
  4. There's a remaster coming out, and it seems to be brilliant, a huge graphical overhaul.
  5. It sounds like it's a bit shit and extremely short.
  6. Thankfully nothing much of note in the latest sale. Crystal Crisis looks alright if you want a Super Puzzle Fighter style game except with Nicalis characters instead of Capcom.
  7. It's not very obvious but 'Namco Museum Arcade Pac' isn't a separate game from Namco Museum it's just a bundle which includes Pac Man CE2. All three are in the sale but it's couple of quid cheaper that way than buying separately if you want them all.
  8. Senna, and lots of the ESPN 30 for 30 short docs. There's one about June 17 1994, which is brilliant - the OJ Simpson car chase, the Stanley Cup winners parade, the USA playing in the opener of their home world Cup, the NBA finals and Arnold Palmer's final round of golf all happening at the same time.
  9. White Lines is just the right amount of silly.
  10. I didn't get on with it when I played it on pc a few years ago, it's frustrating.
  11. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    The only difference is that you can play the regular switch in vertical mode with a special grip. Can't do it on the lite as the controls aren't detachable. But the switch is an absolute mecca for shmups regardless. In terms of sheer quantity of quality games all round the switch is like the ps2. It's actually hard to keep up with all the good stuff. I want to get Astral Chain but have several other games to get through first not including all the good indie stuff.
  12. This game was excellent, bit of a forgotten classic. It was probably my favourite master system game in the day.
  13. A Game Boy with Super Mario Land and Tetris. I had a hard time with Mario Land until one night I dreamt I'd completed it, woke up and did so. First game I really remember playing was Thanatos on the Spectrum.
  14. Cosmic Star Heroine is a couple of quid, it's a good chrono trigger-ish rpg from the Breath of Death/Cthulu Saves The World dev. Thing I like about is that it has a fun and unique combat system and for a 16 bit style rpg is really quick and snappy, no long cutscenes, gets you into combat right away, when you die you just instantly restart the battle with no loading.
  15. I'm really enjoying Inhuman Resources so far. Imagine if Ken Loach directed a corporate espionage thriller where a midlife crisis having, world-weary Eric Cantona headbutts people a lot and you have this series.
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