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  1. I'm shocked that the Ghostrunner isn't voiced by David Hayter, it really sounds like him. This is really awesome fun, framerate is dodgy at times on peasant bone so I hope the series x powers through it. I turned controller sensitivity down to 40, though, default is too twitchy.
  2. The graphical upgrade from HW 1 is pretty massive.
  3. I can't buy the ps5 because it won't fit into the lift to my door As for new games - Gears Tactics. Maybe not everyone's thing, some will have played it on pc but as consoles go it's a new game at launch.
  4. Definitely, that's just the way of technology generally though. Just be thankful consoles haven't gone like phones where the same thing but thinner and a bit faster comes out every year.
  5. You'll never see a leap like that ever again. It's been iterations like this for... 20 years?
  6. Plenty of people bought the One X and Ps4 Pro which never got anything exclusive - in my case I'm still on the original bone, so the series x is also my upgrade to the one x while I wait for more out and out next gen stuff.
  7. There's actually 3 different 3d audio methods to choose from on the xbox line.
  8. Yeah I have the ps4 gold headset, which has pretty decent surround sound on ps4 but still works extremely well through the controller on xbox too.
  9. This frees me up to buy Ghostrunner as my cyberpunk game for the new console I suppose.
  10. Xcom 2 Dragon Quest 11 Ys 8 Return of the Obra Dinn Slay the Spire Monster Boy Cook Serve Delicious 2 (haven't played 3 yet) The Messenger Hades
  11. The series of puzzles just before the are really fiendish, took me ages. Worth it not only for the satisfaction of solving them but the thing itself seems fun.. 6hrs down only 29% complete, this game is big for something in this style.
  12. Don't see how it makes QR less useful, you still have to put the disc in either way, but it will load straight into where you were.
  13. Don't think so. Sony actually paid for them to licence the rights for Grim Fandango.
  14. This nails that thing where you think you must be missing something as you can't make progress anywhere, then feel like a genius when you solve a puzzle that you gave up on ages earlier Brilliant game so far. Seems big for an indie too, only 17% with 3.5 hours down.
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