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  1. Man, I never knew any of that. I kind of hate the fucking game industry
  2. Were there allegations about nether realm?
  3. One of the stories in the Last Stop is like Grange Hill meets X Files. An odd but endearing combination.
  4. The crashing on my series x stopped when the weather got slightly cooler for me.
  5. Colossal Order (the developer of Cities Skylines). Female CEO and strict no crunch policy.
  6. Atomicrops is not better than Hades, I enjoyed it back on switch mind. Hades is a lot simpler yeah.
  7. Isn't the rumour that it's more of Resident Evil 2 style remake? Remake, not remaster.
  8. And that was when Konami was an actual game developer. I don't think they'd even have the staff or know-how to do that now.
  9. Right, it's not really a game, it's a proper simulator (not like a lot of games that use the term). But you can progress as your skills improve in things like this. I messed around a lot with FSX years ago, the big airliners are incredibly in-depth but also much less fun than cessnas etc, I expect similar in this.
  10. Fairly meh sale tbh. Most of the best stuff is on gamepass.
  11. It's just get an achievement in one of 10 games. Forward Horizon 4 or Gears Tactics are among the other options.
  12. It's actually not too bad on your lap.
  13. And it was probably only that low because it was a timed xbox exclusive on new gen, so a lot of ps 5 people may not have played it yet.
  14. True. NFL 2k5 was a classic too. Funnily enough 2k was at one point a Sega brand iirc. I just think if you gave the pes team access to Sports Interactive's data and licences (and put graphics from pes into fm?) you could pull something great together.
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