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  1. Yeah, the water and large cliffs and rocks are noticeably low on detail, but the artistic effect is very pretty.
  2. Yuriko's quest line Some of the reviewers who gave this middling reviews seem to have completely missed some of the best parts of the game. It takes its time but the storytelling is really strong, as are the performances from the actors. I saw reviews slating this aspect! Another one seemed to suggest Horizon Zero Dawn has better combat
  3. Remasters, assuming done properly, yeah they do render the original obsolete (not pointless for historical reasons). For example, there's no reason to play the last gen versions of Black Flag, even the switch version is far superior. I find many remasters cut corners somewhere though, replacing low res textures with high res but artistically ugly ones, or messing up the frame rate. Remakes, of course not. There's usually significant enough differences to clearly make them a different game.
  4. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    Banner of the Maid looks promising. Very Jeanne D'Arc kind of appeal to it. Might have to buy it.
  5. No, ps4 pre-orders only at the weekend, rolling out to more over the next few weeks. Even the marketing and fake beta shite feels like a relic of last gen.
  6. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes. It's one of the best games of its type and the port is better than the last gen versions.
  7. This looks so bad. I see no one here is talking about the beta which can't be a great sign for them. Clearly no one is too excited about grinding for better Hulk ribcages. That 4K motion blur, yikes!
  8. I had something like that with Haikus, after I'd done several I met someone who was clearly introducing the concept to me. Was funny really. At least it doesn't lock you out of the feature until you've found the tutorial NPC like some games do. BTW, seeing how that shitty avengers game charges through the nose for colour swaps brings home that a game like this with great cosmetic options that are unlocked through the game really is a breath of fresh air, sadly.
  9. They all have extra bells and whistles, they're the gold standard for retro releases at the moment. Phantasy Star, for example, is reworked to make it actually playable today, with an onscreen map, a thing that explains what the items actually are, better balance and such. Virtua Racing is better than the arcade version. I think Rush Rally 3 IS a mobile game but the physics are excellent, it's just a really good rally game all round. As I say, made by one guy so it's not graphically mindblowing or anything.
  10. Even before this we weren't getting any money for him as he is a bit terrible.
  11. It is, could definitely be classed as gross misconduct. He's certainly never playing for us again.
  12. It works and always did, it's just a much shitter way to play games .
  13. Started this and finding it really compulsive. It's so good. It's definitely wonderfully jarring seeing a lavish American show that has such a British style of writing and humour.
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