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  1. I'm 37 and was too old for the original pokemon craze. I've tried a few times and never enjoyed the games - you have to have nostalgia for the originals. This, however, might be cool, it's interesting that Nintendo is experimenting with applying lessons from BotW to its other properties. I'd be interested in a Metroid - Laser Blast of the Wild type of thing. Certainly I'd far rather kids playing this in their millions than free to play crap on phones.
  2. It's worth upgrading the cars, yeah. If you do the tournament mode (basically monthly challenges) you can unlock some better vehicles. The upgrade system is surprisingly fleshed out. Balancing out the right amount of armour vs performance upgrades adds a bit of depth.
  3. Watching the race leader getting totalled and flipped through the air on a crossover never gets old.
  4. Are there? I've not seen too many that aren't also on Switch or even xbox anyway.
  5. It's not GaaS but still a disappointing demo. It's like they had a half-developed 360 game that was pitched for a Gears spin-off, never got made, slapped some generic characters on it (with a bunch of polish guys doing dreadful American accents) and called it a day. It doesn't run smoothly at all on a Series X.
  6. Pretty much. Wreckfest is a much better game fwiw, with the exception of being locked to 30fps. Fps boost it please MS.
  7. Good catch. The upcoming update has me deciding to jump in shortly.
  8. Why would they make the dlc exclusive to a platform no one can buy? Mad.
  9. It's basically Motorstorm crossed with Driveclub by developers of both those games. Turn off the dialogue and music shite and you have a decent arcade game... that I only bought a couple of weeks ago
  10. Part of the reason I switched back to Xbox as my main platform is that I find Sony's fast party stuff a little hollow. They're like a prestige Ubisoft in the way so many of their games share similar concepts. That doesn't apply to their Japanese side, of course, so this is a pity. Sony seems to have utterly given up on Japan in the last few years. Is there an opportunity there for Xbox to capture a bit of that market? It doesn't seem as crazy as it used to. Yakuza 8 is going to be Switch 2 and Xbox only at this rate.
  11. The parrying worked perfectly, thanks. It's a bit unintuitive to parry what looks like 'laser' attacks at first.
  12. deerokus

    It Takes Two

    Usually about a year. There's a chance there will be some sort of limited time trial though, EA do that quite often.
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