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  1. St Johnstone having one of the more spectacular slump seasons I've seen. Last season they won both cups and finished comfortably in the top half. In the summer they managed a creditable draw away to Galatasary in Europe and weren't a million miles away from making the group stage of the Europa Conference. This season, bottom of the premiership, can't score, and they were just knocked out the cup by Kelty Hearts of League 2 who are basically a village team. Astounding stuff.
  2. The Activision part of that is just depressing considering the talented studios involved. If you're at one of those Devs you're probably dreaming of getting to make something that isn't Call of Duty.
  3. You're always guaranteed goals at Vale of Leithen in the lowland league.
  4. Train Sim World. Love those things.
  5. Yeah the enchancements it gets via back compat make it almost look like a modern game. Animation and background/environmental detail is the main giveaway but it seems in those days square loved using way higher res textures on characters than was needed for the platforms it was on, they totally hold up to 4k.
  6. CoD is like FIFA, appeals beyond the game industry itself to people who buy one game every couple of years, so it doesn't surprise me at all some people don't know the difference between Activision and its various studios. I really expect MS to rename Activision "Call of Duty Studios" or something like that.
  7. Jeff Grubb's uncle works for Nintendo.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised at all if MS scrapped the Activision and Blizzard names. More toxic than they're worth, unlike Bethesda which is a distinctive brand associated with a certain style of game.
  9. Rallisport Challenge was made by DICE. Good reason to buy EA!
  10. EA Play is on gamepass anyway. The main assets in such a deal would be DICE and Respawn I imagine.
  11. Microsoft's version of Smash Brothers will be amazing.
  12. EA will be cheaper than Activision so don't count it out at this rate.
  13. Only until the deal is complete. Then I am sure Phil will be saying "you're fired".
  14. I've watched the first three episodes and aye, enjoying it. The blend of tones is spot on. The girl who plays young Christina Ricci is really good as a creepy weirdo. They've confirmed a second season, hope it doesn't fall off like some similar shows.
  15. deerokus


    If only Covid immunity worked the same way as criticism immunity.
  16. Forgot about that one. Very good fun that game.
  17. Valhalla is the most boring game I've played in years fwiw. Even if you can put aside the company ethics, their games have been really tedious for the last year or so.
  18. Yeah the ultra rich clubs whining has been incredibly funny actually. In Scotland we were just getting on with games (until the winter break started early after boxing day). Meant you had, for example, St Mirren and Celtic calling up quite a few wee boys who have been playing the regional leagues in the 5th tier (on loan in at mirren's case, in the B team in Celtic's case), suddenly being thrown into the starting lineup in the prem. Just get on with it. Rangers still oddly immune to Covid though. Funny that.
  19. Maeda looks like a potential superstar for us I think. Clinical goalscorer who works hard as fuck.
  20. I'd go with Dragon Quest Warriors 2. Strikers is more of a RPG, much less of the typical musouness.
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