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  1. The aesthetic is really fun, not exactly pretty, no subtlety at all, just awesome arcadey nonsense
  2. NL is a continuation of the last 18 months to 2 years of giant bomb when I and most of us here lost interest, not the heyday.
  3. Maybe Bradigor picked this week's game pass games for Microsoft.
  4. deerokus

    Disco Elysium

    It doesn't require an especially beefy pc but I would have worries about text and small details in the environment on the switch screen (especially the lite).
  5. Untitled goose game wasn't a cynical meme thing, it caught on quite organically because it was a good game.
  6. Superliminal is unplayably uncomfortable for me unfortunately due to whatever it is that makes it so weird and jerky and headache inducing. That's a lot of UNs. Game seems good if you can tolerate it.
  7. Get either am external sad or a cheap ssd with a usb-sata adapter, copy over on the x to it then back from it on onto the s. It doesn't take very long ( and for last gen games loading from an external sad is basically the same speed as from internal). Not as elegant as the internal card but better value.
  8. A bad week for gamepass then!
  9. It's weird really, there's an audience of people who actually seem to be offended by the existence of arcade racers, considering them inherently inferior due to unrealism. Reviews often pander to them even though the arcade racer is an endangered species. You don't see this in any other genre - people don't grumble that ace combat exists because it isn't flight simulator or DCS, or that the truck driving in GTA isn't as fleshed out as American Truck Simulator. Anyway, any Glasgow people, Iirc the Hollywood bowl at the Quay has the arcade cabinet of this, as well as the most recent entry in the Mario Kart Arcade series. 2 player cabs of both I think. I haven't actually played either of them yet but I will.
  10. I just have a boring old 60hz TV. Edit: apparently movement speed is 30hz, maybe that's the issue, not so much frame rate per se but a strange mismatch between frame rate and movement?
  11. I think the initial article is trying to be a bit humorous, but fails utterly.
  12. I'm certain there are fridges that can play it.
  13. I don't want to trigger another frame rate discussion but superliminal gives me a headache. So damn jerky (on series X too)
  14. I mean it's an anime game, there's gonna be cringe, it's pretty good for avoiding that though. The combat is great.
  15. Reviews are out, and they're generally good but with more caveats than I expected. https://opencritic.com/game/11984/lost-judgment Skill up really didn't like it, but he took issue with the '40 year old guy beating up school bullies', element of the game... which has pretty much sold me on it. I guess he was never bullied!
  16. No one said it was impossible to have Bluetooth, just that it's inherently shit for gaming which is why Xbox and ps don't support it either and gaming headphones usually use a different method for wireless. As is being shown by people's experiences.
  17. For some reason I don't notice frame rate stuff anything like as much on the switch, probably the small screen. For the most part the important thing is consistency, a rock solid 30 is better to me than something lurching between 35 and 60.
  18. Nah there are small frame drops even on series X if you play in Graphics mode, they're using what I guess must be a surprisingly demanding shader effect to get that lovely sort of watercoloury look, the game definitely doesn't have that typical Unreal Engine look. And an unlocked fps so it lurches around which makes it look worse than it is. Frame rate mode on series X sorts it right out if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, which, contrary to what I said in an earlier post, is what I'd say is best to play on. Artistically I think the game is really impressive, much better than Namco's usually somewhat cheap looking anime RPGs.
  19. I think the final game looks better than the demo for some reason, there was what looked like a super aggressive sharpening filter which I don't notice on the final sx game. But yeah the environment pop-in/fade in is there.
  20. This has a strangely awesome cast yet never got the hype of 12 minutes.
  21. Perez is a bit all over the place.
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