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  1. morcs


    @Thor I ended up with Brazilian Bourbon and Huehuetenango precisely because I wanted something like the Starbucks dark roast. @milko I find Huehuetenango is less sensitive to grind than Brazilian Bourbon, in a way that if I get BB perfect it's my favourite but otherwise Huehuetenango is the best. Both definitely more extreme than Formula Rossa. It's annoying actually because these two leave oily residue in the hopper, the grinds cling to everything and it's always a mess knocking out the portafilter, but I just love the taste of these charcoal ones. To me I can really recognise natural process because it tastes of peas.
  2. All of the chief baddies (Zubov, Lowbeer, Cherise) are great.
  3. I love the clothes that the future people wear.
  4. morcs


    It arrived, it's delightful 😊 I must make a pilgrimage to Algerian Coffee Stores next time I'm in London. Was it @milko that got us all on to it?
  5. "I have my reasons but I'm not telling you them" is essentially how he answered to why he didn't take the knee for BLM as well, which didn't exactly help the accusation that he doesn't discourage racism from his fans. On that note I hope Piquet is fuming that Lewis has been made honourary Brazilian 🤗
  6. I liked the bit where he was walking with Ted through the set of Half Life
  7. morcs


    I think this was actually my first ever bag of Huehuetenango! Quote from DM:
  8. morcs


    Oh man I've not been in this thread for months and the first thing I read is this. I also settled on Huehuetenango, I keep trying different things but this is always the best. I find it's actually more forgiving of getting the wrong grind too. All the other coffees I try and don't like I can make taste a fair bit better by just getting the grind exactly right, but I still don't really like them. They all have this sort of acrid acid/sour taste (I need to read back in the thread to see what people replied to Blue's post). I must try Brazilian Bourbon then. I have tried ACS's Brazilian Santos (High roast option) a couple of times and actually I think if you get the grind just right it can be better than Huehue. The beans have the same quality of looking very dark and shiny/moist. When I try other beans from other suppliers (except Starbucks) the beans seem to be really dry and non-shiny, and they taste pish. Yeah Starbucks works as a fallback for me are not quite as nice as the Algerian dark roasts but still miles better than everything else. They are also dark, shiny beans. I do have a Niche grinder now like @timgp so I can deal with the fussier ones. It is great.
  9. I think Red Bull itself is literally just a marketing company. IIRC they even outsource the production of their drinks.
  10. You seem to see cars carrying on with no wing endplates all the time (and bizarrely usually with no noticeable effect on performance, to the point you wonder whether they actually do anything!)
  11. Savage from Kravitz 😆
  12. Not saying it as his fault but it was a bit weird, why did Alonso wait so long to pull out when he was going so much faster and with so much straight in front of them he would have been past way before the corner? I assume when you get that close and are directly behind the driver in front can’t see anything in their mirrors?
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