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  1. To be fair I haven't played it at all for weeks. The wheelstand is all folded up in the spare room. There is Gr2 at RBR this week though so I might try that.
  2. Yeah I'm always down for Gr2 at Fuji Dunno why I'm so much slower at everything else
  3. I guess it counts when I leave it paused all day whilst I'm working so I can jump on and hot-lap whilst waiting for builds to finish etc.
  4. I just like running the same combo repeatedly, and like that you can pick up and play, so the daily races and rllmuk leaderboards are more my thing
  5. Just watched this. Had to have a long sit down afterwards to calm down. Amazing. I didn't see the ending as positive. I'm sure there was a bit where it cut to his dad watching from backstage and his face read "I tried to save him, but I couldn't".
  6. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    I thought Button and Webber were generally known as "nice guys"
  7. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Tingram's brilliant at the socials
  8. Race A (Brands GP in a stock Mister Two) is great. Fun to lap and good racing. Apparently they're all good
  9. Trying to get some GT time this week, Race C is a sweet combo
  10. Won’t VR be the best way of knowing a car is alongside?
  11. Optimum is a 1-stop, mediums should last 5-8 laps, hards are around 1 second a lap slower.
  12. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    San Marino? Or is that the location of one of those 3? I guess San Marino isn't actually Italy or something?
  13. Covid results at 9am. 2 or more positives on a team is instant expulsion.
  14. Go to Tescos/Asdas. There was a Ford foundry in my town, those same people always referred to it as Fords.
  15. Ah yeah I was doing that. Then I realised actually getting a "DR reset" could be rather fun, as you try to avoid the nutters in detention class and win races.
  16. Nobloski makes an appearance in Super GT's comeback video (in the last race)
  17. but I mean that's where the sign up for 2 cars is
  18. and you've been to Sport > Race Entry > Manufacturer Series?
  19. Maybe you need to do the sportsmanship videos first?
  20. I use them they're fine, you just need a moment to get used to a soft brake pedal with travel rather than a hard pedal with force Though mine came with T-300 I think the only difference is metal footplates.
  21. Try the 993 on Race A for some more sideways fun. When you get in another RWD car afterwards you feel like superman. A bit like when you go in a cold plunge pool, then get back in the main swimming pool afterwards and it feels like a hot bath. Except the Gr3 GT-R, I cannot drive that thing. I love the 'vette, the R8 and other sideways ones, but the GT-R makes no sense it just goes sideways randomly.
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