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  1. I really enjoyed Joe’s commentary when he was out, esp when it was about me “Keep it tidy morcs”
  2. So pumped for the 16th of Spa. I'll probably bin it at T1, using my usual trick which is to pirouette 180 degrees up the pit exit and crash into the wall right in front of the photographer that stands there
  3. Yeah I just let them through if I see it in time and try to get them back on the undercut. Race C is usually better because there are more laps so you eventually get your own back if you’re faster. I think there’s a higher standard of driving in race C anyway though, maybe because it attracts more people with the same mindset
  4. I still use 3rd for the chicane at the end
  5. I got something like a 1.40.3 optimal, but haven't been able to put it together. It's mostly about the right-hander halfway around that leads onto the back straight. You should stay in 4th all the way round except the chicane, and T1 is flat if you get the line right (turn in just before the last marker board and attack the white kerb on the right, even taking some grass) I've had to switch to the Audi to compete wtih Pumpalicious on Sardegna, I'm sure he'll destroy me when he goes Audi too. It's an interesting one as it's all about managing hybrid charge.
  6. Moved to Sardegna now, got fed up of being punted in the mini I def prefer the slower cars though, I feel too scrappy in Gr1
  7. Yup yup! I'm still here, I just skip the ones where I don't know the track in advance/there's a mix of tracks as I don't like to be learning the circuit during the race. I stayed quiet about it though as I know some people prefer that and I don't want to moan...I figured I'll just quietly skip them, excited for the Spa only event I could turn the cones/markers on but I find I tend to focus on those too much and not learn the track properly. Also I've been enjoying the Daily Races recently
  8. Gr3 also had a good balance at Spa in the Daily Races, so it wasn't all just one car, which was nice.
  9. Is it true we're doing a 24th or 12th of Spa next week?
  10. Just got back in the RCF, no TCS, so much better
  11. Yeah the RCZ (and other FWD) is just so much faster on the straights. It ruins Gr4 for me as I want to drive one of the RWD like the Cayman but it’s nowhere I’ve been doing race C and going up places just by staying on track but not sure I’m enjoying it. I gave in and put TCS on 2 because it’s just horrible off. The NSX also cuts out below a certain rpm then spins instantly once you get over the threshold
  12. How is this not the presenter of Beyond the Grid, he has EXACTLY the same voice!?
  13. The number of times I’ve pirouetted out of la source perfectly into the pit exit and crashed into the wall right in front of the photographer there
  14. Fastest times still Huracan? I tried it but it’s horrible There’s a good mix in the races
  15. Well it’s gotta render at least one completely different scene right? Reminder on older games they removed all but really important detail, so you just saw like the road edges and other cars
  16. Anyone else noticed they’re better after a couple of beers?
  17. The R8 is pretty good but I’d say the 911 is more stable
  18. The rolling start at Spa is hilarous. The first 4 or so cars start on the straight, the next few are right in the middle of the bus stop so have a massive disadvantage. In one race the auto drive was "warming the tyres" and started with me pointing straight off the track. I ended up getting reset and 20 seconds behind last place
  19. I've got a couple of 5L tubs of vinegar
  20. I live alone The dark stain is where I recently knocked over a full glass of red wine whilst dismounting
  21. My first time seeing a Super Famicom. F-Zero...I couldn’t believe the speed. I see it now and can’t understand how it can be the same game, in my memory it is so much more jaw droppingly fast.
  22. I'm kind of more proud of my 1:32.8 in the 'vette but I gave in and joined the Atenza enemy in the end
  23. I think you have to try it, it can never be the same as the real thing, more like driving the real thing from a remotely located set of controls, and it feels terrible at first but your brain fills in the gaps over time and it starts to feel great
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