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  1. Has anyone made FFB brake pedals, and do any sims support them? Seems like it should be a thing.
  2. The GT-R isn't as outright fast but it's a monster on the straights which makes for some good tactical battles with the Atenzas, really enjoyed this Interlagos/Gr3 Combo
  3. Just tried the Atenza and within 3 laps took 0.8s off the Corvette time I’ve been working on all week It’s a horrible turbo buzz box and I miss my Vette but it’s put me back in B class
  4. I always wanted to setup an iRacing rig at home but can't be arsed, so I got a wheel, stand and PS4 as lockdown was looming and I'm loving it
  5. I've really enjoyed qualifying for the Race B - Red Bull Ring Gr4, but the races are awful. I've started in 2nd/high up a few times but almost always come last, because everyone else uses the RCZ and drives past me on the straights, and there's nothing I can do in the corners, and one punt/mistake they all come past. I tried joining them but I just don't enjoy the RCZ and the driving standards are pretty bad. So I switched back to Race C - Gr3 Interlagos and it's a completely different world, even though I'm still down in C class everyone is really respectful and I've managed a 2nd place (I've still had a couple of shockers where I made a mistake, went off and lost like 40 seconds not being able to get going again). I did put TCS on 1 just so I didn't do 30 seconds of pirouetting trying to get back on circuit, so hard to manage your right foot in those situations Why is Race C so much more gentlemanly? Is it just because there are a lot more laps so people aren't as desperate?
  6. Interesting also that my steepest consistent rise in results coincided with a drop in sportsmanship
  7. Well my DR's fallen in almost a perfect mirror of it's rise, I'm back down to C rating I need to work on my disaster recovery. If I get punted off I seem to take 4 times as long as anyone else to get back on track. Resulting in a lot of last place finishes. I think because I have a wheel it's easier to try to doughnut than to select reverse and use lots of steering, but because I run TC off and usually RWD, I usually end up spinning off again in frustration.
  8. Yeah I saw someone pit on lap 1 last night, they must be assuming mandatory pit. Maybe that's why I did so well
  9. I only tried on race (in the Z4) but I didn't notice any tyre wear at all...am I a twinkle toes? Really want to do more tonight but no time
  10. BTW Who is Pimpalicious and why can't I get near their times?
  11. Reminds me of Cycling Rule 64 > Cornering confidence increases with time and experience.This pattern continues until it falls sharply and suddenly.
  12. Had a crack at Gr3 Interlagos. I love it! Shame you don’t need to pit yeah, they messed that up. Went from Z4 to Corvette and went 0.5s faster, which is good as the Vette is one of the coolest GT3 cars I think it was like an 8 litre or something though so maybe it will need to pit.
  13. I might go for Interlagos as I've been watching Super GT vids and I like how the races with pit strats turn out. Also presumably the longer race should allow more time to not have everything ruined at T1? I had someone in a daily race praise me for my clean driving last night Then I did another race and accidentally punted someone
  14. Should be massive lag and boost as well.
  15. This week's races look nice. A - Mitsi GTO at Willow Springs B - Grp 4 at Red Bull Ring C - Grp 3 at Interlagos (with pit strats)
  16. Are you doing the daily Race leaderboards? I couldn’t get anywhere near pimplicious on race B
  17. That race was carnage for me too This combo is doing my head in. It’s taken me hours and hours of doing lap after lap unable to get near the time I set very early on. The races are very scrappy like you say too. I think there are a lot of places where a good run can get you alongside but into a corner where 2 into 1 won’t go meaning you both lose several places to the pack behind
  18. Yeah I'll probably do that. I tend to ignore fake tracks as I worry the time spent learning the track won't translate to other sims, as if there's any way to actually get anything useful from time spent gaming anyway
  19. Ah bugger - Race C is in Super Formula Would have loved 15 laps of Laguna Seca in something slower
  20. Ooh I hadn't seen you nearly got me! I would have cried Race C this week looks interesting - 15 laps of Laguna Seca. I bet it's in a really fast car though
  21. I know what you mean but couldn’t explain how to fix it, tried again and for me it’s about waiting until you feel the weight transfer to turning left instead of right before going full throttle. If you go full throttle whilst the car still wants to turn right you’re heading for the barriers in no time
  22. I’m talking before turn-in, in tricky braking zones where you’re still sometimes turning from the previous corner. T1 at Laguna Seca for example, if you don’t get your line right you’re still turning a bit when you hit the brakes
  23. I hated it so much at first, now I have a weird affection for it. The rare times you get it just right you feel like a driving God.
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