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  1. Is it a special edition named after Kimi, like the Tommi Makkinen edition Lancer?
  2. Hey we don't pay for it, it can take as long as it likes! Highlight so far is Uzi's Civspeak at 50:30
  3. , out of interest? I and only got before I sold the game. In pretty much the same way as . Both are almost the same just with .
  4. It's taking about an hour and a half to download through iTunes for me 27 minutes remaining!
  5. Ghouls and Ghosts. You were supposed to play through the entire ridiculously hard game without a save mechanism, then get told you have to play through all over again because you don't have a powerful enough weapon to kill the boss.
  6. That is odd, it looks like the left rear is actually running positive camber. It might be just tyre deformation though, as the grooves look vertical relative to the car.
  7. My mates were taking the mick out of me and my suncream, now they're lobstered up to the max Every time I go to Silvertsone people get burned, even when it's overcast, so I came prepared!
  8. Ah bugger I hadn't noticed, formula one thread got that, now sandwiched by Gamerdork. I just asked him how he found it, apparently through iTunes, either by searching for games stuff or it was a highlighted podcast!
  9. Quick camera phone vid of Hamilton
  10. My biggest lol was when Uzi said "f*cking exciting racing game". I'm not sure why it's so funny I put it on the other day and the lad I share an office with recognised it having listened to it himself. I was surprised at that as he's not a forumite. Keep up the good work!
  11. Found out this morning that my mate won two weekend tickets for the British Grand Prix, and he's giving me one of them on the Sunday I'm going to the testing tomorrow too, how did those who went yesterday/today get on?
  12. I definitely think Hamilton should have been penalised. No video I can find on YouTube, but from what I remember he passed Webber before he entered the chicane, so he had no reason to cut it other than having overcooked it on entry. If you go into a corner side-by-side you have to adjust so that you can still get around the corner. You can't just go off the track on purpose. As long as Webber didn't push him out illegally (don't think so from my recollection), he shouldn't have made the move if he couldn't get through the chicane. Edit: I also don't think he did it on purpose. Ideally the officials should have told the team to surrender the place straight-away, which would have been much less harmful to him than the drive-through. Edit: Oops, I mean Vettel, not Webber!
  13. I think they're great too, Clarkson-esque unapologetic mickey-take. Apart from this continutation of "Kimi did the same in Monaco as Hamilton in Canada", which is absolute turds.
  14. I thought that as well. Getting drunk with Little Jacob is the most entertaining, if you turn and watch him staggering about and the things he says. Niko's drunken taxi hailing I found funny too.
  15. How was it driving like a knob? Several others lost it in the same place, not least Coulthard in qualifying with much more spectacular results. They have to drive to the limit and it's inevitable that sometimes, especially in those conditions, they'll go over it. Hamilton wasn't driving over the limit, he just wasn't obeying the rules. If anyone should be penalised for Monaco it should be Alonso for his ridiculous hairpin attempt.
  16. By open do you mean that's where you're allowed to spectate from? Seems an odd place to do it, there aren't any stands on that bit iirc.
  17. It is a type of drifting, he would probably use the term oversteer ("lift-off" or "brake induced" oversteer), drifting tends to be used to mean keeping oversteer for as long as possible as a spectacle rather than for speed.
  18. Probably a bit more, as I'm guessing the lap times he's talking about are a fair bit over 19 seconds! If you look at those leaderboards the kids are something like half a second quicker than the adults iirc.
  19. I've just checked this with a mate of mine who races touring cars and used to race karts to a high level. He also works as a mechanic for a kart team most weekends. He said with karts basically you don't want to drift under power at all, unless it's a very slippery indoor (painted concrete) surface, sometimes then a little bit of drifting can be better than slowing right down to a crawl. Apparently though if it's a big speed change like a straight into a hairpin he will break loose the back end under braking (as you see in videos), meaning he can brake later and get the kart facing out of the corner as quickly as possible, but again once the power's down it's all forwards and not sideways. Oh he also said last weekend they were finding that 1kg = 0.3 seconds a lap, and the effect would probably be more with slower karts (the ones they race are considerably quicker than the ones you hire).
  20. You can ask for ballast to make everyone even, but I've never done that for fear of looking like an ass. It is frustrating when you're chasing someone 20kg lighter than you and just can't quite get up close enough on the straights to challenge into the corner, had that last time I went The disadvantage is reduced in the wet as more weight means more grip, but you're still worse off overall.
  21. Yeah rally and track differ because in the former tyre grip is the most restrictive limit, and in the latter it's engine power. There are two major things with karts that don't apply to F1 cars which could favour drifting: The aforementioned fixed rear axle, which makes the kart tend in a straight line when coasting Lack of gears, drifting may allow you to keep the revs higher where the engine can produce more power (although afaik race karts usually have gears and manual clutches) You can also keep the revs up in "fun" karts by holding the accelerator and brake at the same time, because of the centrifugal clutch. This wears the clutch and brakes out though so you'd probably get told off!
  22. I don't see how people can claim Raikkonen did it on purpose, or that he should have been better than to make that mistake. Coulthard did exactly the same thing in the same place in qualifying with a dry track.
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