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  1. There is some recompense in the fact that Cole is voiced by Terry Tate, as in the bloke in the Reebok Office Linebacker ads. (The pain train's coming etc.)
  2. There is a comic relief character in Carmine, I think hes listed as "most likely to get shot" or something in the manual.
  3. Still finishing off single player on Insane. It might just be me but I think it's now (since the patch) easier to dispose of wretches with one un-aimed shotgun blast, which is nice. Anyone else noticed if you take cover then repeatedly press the crouch stick, you can do grunting gorilla impressions?
  4. morcs


    When i try to remember what this is called my brain says "United Nations", why!?
  5. morcs


    Amusingly, if you had one of those stupid "turbo" button megadrive pads, you could fly across the top of the level avoiding all the badness (after jumping you could fly by bashing the jump button real fast). How on earth did they get away with saying pads had "slow-motion" buttons, when the button actually just pressed Start continuously. Rubbish.
  6. morcs


    Is it worth having a "post your favourite secret area" thread? Can I have the one above the ghost house in Donut Plains in Mario World? For no known reason we knew it as "The Toxic Dump". It was the place to go to stock up on everything.
  7. Yeah otherwise it would be luminesce?
  8. morcs


    I spent years searching for a Spectrum version, made me gutted I didn't have an Amstrad CPC.
  9. Best racing I've ever had is on Live for Speed's Blackwood GP Circuit
  10. I'd have thought next gen comes to mean the next gen when speculation begins on/one of the companies announces plans for their next next gen console.
  11. It's not realistic though! Well I suppose relative to Ridge Racer, NFS etc. it is
  12. People always complain about lack of damage etc. Surely first they should add some form of gameplay/progression? In the past it's always been: do some races in a crap car to get enough money for a ridiculously fast car win everything else by ploughing off the corners/beating everything on the straights I know you don't have to do it that way but there's little incentive to try to match your opponents' cars and have proper races. In GT3 I did like the Polyphony Cup, I think it was, that forced you to use an untuned car. I just think there'd be so much more longevity if you had a much more structured progression to faster cars andd harder races. Obviously none of this would matter in multiplayer online, but that's what Live for Speed is for!
  13. morcs

    Dj Jazzy Jeff

    Others say it's called the transformer scratch because he did it not by cutting the fader on and off, but by turning the transformer for the mixer on and off. This makes sense because they wouldn't have had crossfaders with sharp cut-ins in those days, but it probably would have sounded awful with all the pops and thumps it would have caused. More likely they were using a phono/line switch. I've never seen Jazzy Jeff accredited with inventing the chirp. He is the master of it though, and tends to ignore more crazy modern techniques in favour of funkier ones, especially the chirp.
  14. morcs

    Guess The Games

    I think I actually made the zip, timdip? but it's
  15. morcs


    Not strictly true monkey
  16. morcs


    I'm not usually a fan of trial and error either, but for some reason I don't mind in this one.
  17. morcs


    Doh! I did a search and everything
  18. morcs


    I really like this. I'd explain what to do but that would spoil the fun! http://www.eyezmaze.com/grow/RPG/index.html
  19. timdp disappointed you didn't spot that night! going to see Roni McSize though at Medicine Bar I think.
  20. Agree with that, I've been to Layo & Bushwacka with a mate of mine who's a friend of Layo's, it was pretty awesome. If you can blag VIP entrance the bar there is quicker!
  21. morcs


    My favourite DJ name at the moment is Bobby Friction
  22. morcs

    June Cd Mix Club

    I don't get the analogy, don't they have beer in Switzerland? The beer in England isn't great!
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