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  1. So what actually are the rules about the lap 1 lunge?
  2. It’s so unclear what makes a legal overtake then. Did Max not get alongside before braking and therefore wasn’t entitled to use the full track width?
  3. A lot of people think there's some sort of legal avenue but I don't think there is a judge or a court or anything like that. The "court" is just the FIA. I think it's all about money at the end of the day. I think Ferrari have got stuff by threatening to leave the sport before?
  4. Ooh I like that. I wonder what the rules say. I like that when Hamilton was catching him he was actually just saving tyres and charging the battery and stuff
  5. He was asked by Chandhok before the race whether he’d use a red flag in this scenario, he said he’d try to avoid it.
  6. Is it common to restart without letting lapped cars through?
  7. To me, accounting for the stress and pressure to act: Letting the cars behind Max through wouldn’t have affected the key result but would have taken too long, so only letting the win-affecting cars through meant he could stay within the spirit of the un-lapping rule without running out of laps and ending under the safety car. Obviously we have all the time in the world to work out how badly that would go wrong, but in the moment I think he saw letting some cars through as applying the rule in a way that didn’t mean running out of time.
  8. I think I’d feel scared going down paddock hill at 70mph in a Citroen Picasso or something
  9. It seems to be car’s width on entry, but the car on the inside is allowed to squeeze on exit
  10. OK I did it now There's a weird moment where he's going up through the gears and it seems like it actually goes from 5th to 4th and the engine over-revs too!!
  11. I couldn't get past the adverts, annoyed me too much.
  12. Quite a lot of variables to account for, including how much tyre and engine saving he’d been doing, and what was happening with Max’s tyres
  13. I’m OK with DRS because if both sides are equal, they’ll just swap positions every lap.
  14. Is it possible he'd have 2 laps in that scenario though, because they didn't need another lap to let those cars through?
  15. I actually felt it was 50/50 or going Max's way once Max got the first free stop for softs. I was worried for Merc that another safety car, not an unlikely event at this circuit, would likely give it to Max. (I hadn't thought about the possibility of ending under the safety car).
  16. It'll be completely new cars anyway though? So they'll all be able to rake as much/little as they like?
  17. Next year's quite hard to predict with the new regs too though.
  18. I keep thinking of rugby vs football in terms of arguing with the ref.
  19. I feel like I hear as much "FIA are biased against us" from both fans on both sides.
  20. I also think Lewis could have kept his steering angle on corner entry and hit Max, and the outcome of that in terms of interpreting the rules wouldn't be predictable!
  21. I think it's a joke about when people on Come Dine with Me accept losing in the least magnanimous possible way
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