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  1. That is a good point, it is weird that Lewis idolises Senna when Max drives much more like him. I find it hard to believe that Lewis was thinking about the DRS line. How did he have time to calculate that? I think Max was 100% thinking about the DRS line though. He'd been told to "strategically" let him past. I think he got frustrated when Lewis didn't come past the way he wanted and that's why he braked. I don't think he intended to cause the accident, the same way I don't think he intended to put it in the wall in quali, but again he got frustrated that he'd lost the lap and got too heavy on the throttle.
  2. For me it looked like Lewis assumed Max was slowing for a yellow or VSC that he hadn’t seen, so didn’t pass
  3. I did some work for a mate when he founded a startup. He told me the story of how he met the investor Andrew Norris, pitched for investment, won it and at the end asked "by the way are you related to Lando at all?", to which he replied "I'm his dad". That mate of mine...also happens to be George Russell's cousin.
  4. The "can you telllll??" sounds so condescending!
  5. For me Lewis doesn't drive into people like Senna and Schumacher did. (I don't see the incident at Copse anything like Senna/Prost or Schumacher/Hill). I respect him more for that.
  6. I convinced myself the brake pedal wasn't worth upgrading, because whilst a heavier pedal might seem more realistic, it still won't provide any more feedback. Something I noticed in karts is there is feedback when you lock-up that you just don't get in a sim. I wonder if anyone's ever made a FF brake pedal? Though it would need the software to support it too.
  7. Cool I'm happy to drive/meet if its relatively close just to save postage hassles. Will wait for BaBB's response
  8. Yeah I can split, say 160 for the wheel? I'm in Leamington Spa. I should warn you the pedals are the same as the T-150 but with metal plates The FF mechanism is a fair bit better though.
  9. What the hell is that music! I forgot that was an option
  10. Having sold my PS5 on here and before I go to eBay - would anyone be interested in my T-300 RS and Wheel Stand Lite? I think they're like £290 + £120 new so looking for £200 for both or something I have all the boxes and bits for both.
  11. Yeah I think pitting one lap after Max would still have given Max the undercut.
  12. What strat could Merc have employed? Seemed Max was quite a bit faster on equal tyres.
  13. Hard to tell I think, dirty air coming up.
  14. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Not 100% sensible in the end then, but ended up in a safe spot anyway and it was his to lose Edit: I guess it was pretty sensible really
  15. Yeah I didn't want the disc one really, but couldn't find any stock of the non disc.
  16. I end up playing retro/indie games that would probably run on a hacked SNES mini I might go for a Switch again, I did actually use that.
  17. I've got a disc edition that has technically been used, but only for about 10 minutes, I'm just not a gamer anymore I think I guess I'd be able to sell it for what I bought it for now? 450? Sort of just asking but also opening the offer to anyone here if they want it!
  18. morcs

    Squid Game

    The soundtrack is great. Some of it really sounds like Clint Mansell (esp. Moon) but isn't.
  19. Future massive Lando vs Russell rivalry. Do we get the new cars next year? I've forgotten.
  20. They're OK bolted to a stand Sorry haven't been in this thread for ages Thinking of selling my T-300 and wheel stand (and PS5 )
  21. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Yeah definitely found that Donnington has a bit of an issue in that most of the action happens in the places where you don’t have a nice view of a large section of track. Nice day for it though
  22. Yeah it's hard to deny that, ostensibly he always does "good", so it seems harsh that so many have a problem with him. I think it's just that everything he does feels like it's been planned by a PR team, even if it hasn't. Like the thanking the fans at the beginning of every speech. It's understandable though as it seems to have been drilled into him from such a young age, doing every possible thing to get there despite his skin colour and Stevenage. He didn't always wear interesting stuff either, he's learned that. Even Jenson Button said Lewis used to ask him for fashion advice
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