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  1. Future massive Lando vs Russell rivalry. Do we get the new cars next year? I've forgotten.
  2. They're OK bolted to a stand Sorry haven't been in this thread for ages Thinking of selling my T-300 and wheel stand (and PS5 )
  3. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Yeah definitely found that Donnington has a bit of an issue in that most of the action happens in the places where you don’t have a nice view of a large section of track. Nice day for it though
  4. Yeah it's hard to deny that, ostensibly he always does "good", so it seems harsh that so many have a problem with him. I think it's just that everything he does feels like it's been planned by a PR team, even if it hasn't. Like the thanking the fans at the beginning of every speech. It's understandable though as it seems to have been drilled into him from such a young age, doing every possible thing to get there despite his skin colour and Stevenage. He didn't always wear interesting stuff either, he's learned that. Even Jenson Button said Lewis used to ask him for fashion advice
  5. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Yeah I tend to walk the circuits during the support races, just wanted to plan where to be for the BTCC ones I'm taking a friend who's never watched BTCC, so I think we'll watch the first race at mine, so he can see the interviews/build up and get to know some of the cars/characters, then we'll aim to get there before race 2.
  6. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Got tickets for Sunday (bought them early 2020). Any tips on where to stand at Donnington? That right-hand at the bottom of the hill? I was a child last time I went
  7. He does that "simply, simply lovely" thing as well which is ladz bantz, and puts me off him too.
  8. How did Schumacher finish behind Russell, given Russell retired?
  9. I definitely remember some amazing Perez performances, especially in terms of tyre management that nobody else could get close to. Seems to be dependent on the car.
  10. Oops sorry it was 170, just the console https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284409736006
  11. Mine's arrived, but I've told myself I'm not allowed to use it until I've listed my PS4 Pro on eBay
  12. Both out of stock for me now
  13. Thanks @Mallet. I got a disc one, I guess I only really wanted digital only really but that's cool It's only really because my friends keep going on about playing "Zombies" and I've got FOMO
  14. Actually would Max have run super wide if he’d not been hit? He’d already turned in from a shallow angle and had to leave space in the inside too.
  15. I'm not sure it should. Though I guess there's some interpretation here.
  16. I've been thinking that a lot. Obviously impossible to know but I think with the roles reversed we'd basically have the same outcome in reverse. I think Max would maybe have got even more shit than Lewis for it though. I also think Max wouldn't have apologised, and would have celebrated whilst Lewis was "in hospital", even though he criticised that.
  17. Though anecdotally the most non-partisan of my friends is the one who got into F1 more recently through Drive to Survive
  18. Positions of Max, Lando & Charles on turn in to Copse with Lewis on inside: Whether Max thought he was on the outside or not, Max squeezed Lewis on entry, the others didn’t. I think he’s entitled to be there, but it’s pretty high risk giving it the squeeze at that corner at that speed. Lewis took a risk too by going for it. Irresistible force meets immovable object!
  19. I was actually trying to justify Lewis going for it, to people saying he was never going to make the corner.
  20. Looking at Max’s onboard: https://streamable.com/lbdsxf In the middle of the straight he moves right to claim the inside line, then moves back left to take the corner, leaving a car’s width on the outside (as is normal for defending the inside line, squeezing the opponent whilst getting the best possible turn in) So I think he thought Lewis was on his left (the outside line), where actually Lewis had called his bluff and gone right up the inside. Lewis though was expecting him to pull fully to the outside to take the corner, but thanks to Max not pulling all the way to the outside, ended up getting squeezed into a line where he couldn’t make the apex.
  21. Amazing atmosphere today IMG_1311.MP4
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