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    The BTCC Thread

    Anyone going to Donnington on Sunday? I’ve got tickets, figured it’s all outside and no need to touch anything common, even toilet stall doors are usually propped open.
  2. I’m not really any slower on Gran Turismo after a couple of drinks, but I’ve noticed it really opens everything up and I start noticing all of the scenery in the background. The weirdest one is Sardegna Circuit which is full of huge windmills but I’d never noticed until I played drunk.
  3. ii means backwards yeah, I’ve matched the top time (I think alternating between @Junker and @Jashin) as optimal splits but not strung it together so far. It's a nice technical but flowing circuit, there's a decent guide here:
  4. Yeah it feels great, until you look at the clock. I always fuck up the gentle turn under the Bilstein bridge on the mega-straight, which is the worst possible place to fuck up. I really like Dragon Gardens 2.
  5. Some tips on the Porschsliefe and apparently race c is a surprisingly fun one
  6. Actually that's quite a good way to force you to slow down
  7. The delay and slowness of the gear change animation is hilarious
  8. I always try to press a button each time it hits the one I want even though I know it makes no difference.
  9. The Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) is essentially a Fiesta I think, but they only have a 100hp one. Mine is 215, I guess I could tune it.
  10. Yeah I was gutted when I realised there was no Fiesta ST. I thought I finally owned a car that was represented in one of these games. It's in Forza The exact same colour and everything! Just too many doors and American indicators. It sounds completely wrong of course but - that's true of all cars in all games.
  11. Yeah I don't know why they're called daily races.
  12. Looks like Race B this week copied our Monday night. Gr3 at Interlagos. Should be good for some time trial competition
  13. https://mx5oc.co.uk/2019/06/12/getting-to-know-the-1991-mx-5-le-mans-edition/
  14. They made a BBR turbo one with a similar livery
  15. Tried each of the daily race qualifyings. @Junker's Honda Fit lap is gonna take some beating
  16. Yeah you know how something like the Albon/Hamilton incident this weekend splits opinion? Imagine trying to code something to decide that. You just have to laugh at how wrong it gets it sometimes
  17. Yeah even "real" is probably an exaggeration of what would happen in real life, but I think it's nicely balanced for good racing. I'm glad I put the brake balance to the rear in the Mazda, meant when I forgot about the slipstream in T1 I could just about keep it on the track by going sideways rather than understeering off
  18. It cuts you off just before the wiener-pin
  19. Ooh yeah that was true for me too. I'd kind of find myself apexing too early and thinking "wow there's a lot of grip", then flooring it and going wide. On softs you can just drive like mediums and go faster.
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