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  1. I always try to press a button each time it hits the one I want even though I know it makes no difference.
  2. The Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) is essentially a Fiesta I think, but they only have a 100hp one. Mine is 215, I guess I could tune it.
  3. Yeah I was gutted when I realised there was no Fiesta ST. I thought I finally owned a car that was represented in one of these games. It's in Forza The exact same colour and everything! Just too many doors and American indicators. It sounds completely wrong of course but - that's true of all cars in all games.
  4. Yeah I don't know why they're called daily races.
  5. Looks like Race B this week copied our Monday night. Gr3 at Interlagos. Should be good for some time trial competition
  6. https://mx5oc.co.uk/2019/06/12/getting-to-know-the-1991-mx-5-le-mans-edition/
  7. They made a BBR turbo one with a similar livery
  8. Tried each of the daily race qualifyings. @Junker's Honda Fit lap is gonna take some beating
  9. Yeah you know how something like the Albon/Hamilton incident this weekend splits opinion? Imagine trying to code something to decide that. You just have to laugh at how wrong it gets it sometimes
  10. Yeah even "real" is probably an exaggeration of what would happen in real life, but I think it's nicely balanced for good racing. I'm glad I put the brake balance to the rear in the Mazda, meant when I forgot about the slipstream in T1 I could just about keep it on the track by going sideways rather than understeering off
  11. It cuts you off just before the wiener-pin
  12. Ooh yeah that was true for me too. I'd kind of find myself apexing too early and thinking "wow there's a lot of grip", then flooring it and going wide. On softs you can just drive like mediums and go faster.
  13. You were well quick through the middle sector, after you’d passed @Freeman In the green Porsche behind me (who I just couldn’t shake off) you were definitely a “Oh Lawd he Comin’” in the mirror in that massive Mazda. I managed to hold you off a bit by accidentally parking on the outer kerb after the last turn and ruining your straight. Didn’t you also overtake the 3 of us when someone else joined from the pit exit? What a move I got an amazing start, up through the middle of pimp and @Varnsen but lost it all immediately when I managed to get skewed by a kerb into my Corvette teammate (batmobile) exiting the Senna esses, followed by doing the same into the wall on the next turn, which I guess was cold tyres. First to 13th in 1 sector Never really felt like I got my head together after that but still enjoyed it immensely. Loved being in the really close train of... must’ve been 8 cars at one point. I had some space at the end so tried to go for fastest lap. Got within a tenth, was close but then found I'd fuelled myself 2 laps short so lost 2 flying laps coming in AGAIN. Esp annoying as I'd come in for a late tyre stop because I'd timed that wrong as well - and didn't take on any fuel. I need to work on a) strats and b) remembering about cold tyres at the start.
  14. Ah yes you're right, Atenza was the one. I gave up on the vette and joined the Atenza brigade in the end.
  15. P.S. I really like the Gr3 Corvette to drive but it never seems to be up there with the quickest. Gr3 RC F too, though that can be fairly competitive at a lot of circuits.
  16. Or just the same car you've already got 4 copies of. You can't sell them for money either.
  17. Sometimes you have to quit out of what you’re doing for it to trigger
  18. The GT-R is good everywhere because of its straight line speed, good for overtakes on the main straight at Interlagos. To me it's harder to drive than the R8 though. It's hard to beat the RSR
  19. Ooh fastest in a non-standard car choice in both B & C, I'll take that (Though I'm sure someone else would have claimed that but moved to the RCZ/GT-R and went even faster)
  20. morcs

    Formula One - 2020

    They’re infra red cameras pointing at the tyres
  21. Sector 1 of Spa Circuit Experience would be a good place to practice as well I think, bus stop and la source are places you can either gain a lot of time, or pirouette. It's in the 911 RSR too which is oversteery but in the good predictable way I love just repping a small section like that when practicing, esp when it gives you a leaderboard.
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