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  1. Getting the chance to watch some weightlifting is nice. Fascinating mix of strength and technique.
  2. Being rooted in the arcades with added 1-player content it was pure fun.
  3. I remember when Virtua Tennis was top ranked on the Dreamcast.
  4. They couldn’t afford rights to Zelda/Mario music?
  5. And a good place for reviews too. Though it still puzzles me how most give LOTR UHD trilogy glowing reviews with all the DNR smearing that has been applied.
  6. Here's a list of titles. https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/the-4k-uhd-release-list
  7. Setting the max fps in the GPU driver to the same value as your screen max refresh should alleviate this. Although that may induce some extra latency and perhaps not work with all games (even using global settings)?
  8. Aaargh! - Hitman 1 GOTY no longer on sale (at least in DK store) but all the others still are. Strange.
  9. https://wccftech.com/beware-amazons-new-world-mmorpg-brick-your-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-graphics-card/
  10. My brain hurts. Just kidding thanks. That's fair - I can get 1 GOTY, 2 Gold and III now for less than III alone pre-sale.
  11. On a serious note: Can Hitman 1 GOTY and 2 Gold be upgraded within III to PS5 GFX? Would be less costly. Or do you need the access passes that say PS4/PS5 on the "sticker"?
  12. Does that mean that NOW is the time to get: Hitman 3: Standard Edition (OR Deluxe Edition) (PS4/PS5) + Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 1: GOTY Edition (PS4/PS5) + Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2: Standard Edition (PS4/PS5) + Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2: Expansion Pass (PS4/PS5)?
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