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  1. i could not hit any enemies with the gun and got mauled good - I was shit. But loving the atmosphere and setting. I would even say that it looked very good.
  2. Yeah, so I got Zero on psn for next to nothing.
  3. Is Kiwami 2 a bad jumping on point? Just because it looks miles better than Zero now.
  4. I must admit to having a hard time spotting much of a difference between RT on and off..
  5. Asia CPT top-8 tomorrow morning. Some heavy hitters. Top-16 from this morning.
  6. Loki has been confirmed for 2 seasons but I think that is the only one (for now).
  7. I was a bit too late for that unfortunately (didn't own the PS4).
  8. Yeah but the first one alone (GOTY edition) is hella expensive on the PS Store. Plus the spring sale makes Hitman II very tempting right now. And I want to play whatever episode with the upgraded visuals.
  9. OK so: Hitman III Standard Edition Hitman II Gold Edition Hitman III Access Pass Hitman I GOTY Edition Still quite expensive but you DO get a lot of content there.
  10. I'm looking to get the whole Hitman trilogy on PS5 - I have nothing beforehand. It's a bit confusing. With the current spring sale on the PS Store I'm trying to figure out how to get all 3 (upgraded to better visuals) for the least outlay. Hitman III Standard is 25% off. Hitman II Standard is 78% off (do I need Gold edition?) Looking at the store getting the first Hitman puzzles me a bit. The GOTY edition is way too expensive I think. And all the upgrade packs are not available? It seems you can get all I+II levels as DLC bought within the new Hitman
  11. So is the Embody one or the other?
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