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  1. Latest podcast of The Big Picture looks at the life and career of the biggest action star of the modern era. Worth a listen.
  2. Is it too silly? Bale looks to be going all-in as always.
  3. Weirdly the new Dr. Strange episode was just up in the podcast app but I could not play it and shortly after it was removed again.
  4. Didn't know that app - will look into it. As long as the quality is the same (on an iPad).
  5. Does subscribing to EDGE digital give access to their back catalogue or only from the current issue going forward?
  6. She has been working out heavily and eating for gain too.
  7. With all the inspiration (also) clearly drawn from Seven the way it climaxed with a not too original action sequence felt a bit underwhelming. Would have loved something a bit more memorable but expecting 90’s Fincher brilliance is probably too much of an ask from a big blockbuster these days. But yeah, beautifully shot and love the score.
  8. Do these unlocked tiers integrate into your podcast app of choice (I use Apple podcast app) or do you have to listen in a browser for the URL to work?
  9. Interview. https://www.eurogamer.net/fez-at-10-years-old-phil-fish-resurfaces-for-a-rare-interview
  10. Is that Eurogamer article spoiler-free? Been thinking about giving this a go.
  11. Being a dane, I'm so happy to finally see Mark O. Madsen in the main card of a numbered event. Knowing what he's been through with his wifes illness, having to tear down and rebuild his house due to mold/moisture and injury. https://www.osdbsports.com/editorials/mark-o-madsen-fights-far-more-himself
  12. Got the Godfather 4K trilogy on iMovies for close to 20£. Seems fair enough for the work they’ve put into the restauration.
  13. So, how about that Godfather 4K DV trilogy eh?
  14. Thanks for the suggestion Kevvy. Asking for a collegue who has one and quite a few cartridges - will forward the recommendation but I don't think his catalogue is big enough that he wants to spend this amount.
  15. Is there a good plug and play upscale converter thingy for using your N64 with modern TV’s?
  16. Any substance or logic to the 49'ers trade rumour?
  17. Sounds good. Are both scheduled for a long run of multiple arcs?
  18. Are there any exciting upcoming runs with a fixed writer/illustrator duo on any of the big DC or Marvel titles? Would be nice to try and collect the original issues and it being worth it for both the story and art. Wouldn't have minded collecting all 50 issues (seperately) of Immortal Hulk for instance. I hate the concept of constantly changing art from arc to arc even though it's understandable to a degree. Like Bendis/Bagley, Bendis/Maleev, Snyder/Capullo etc. of the more recent(ish) ones.
  19. Am I crazy for wanting an FoV slider (PS5)?
  20. Knowing they'll be using the RE Engine plus the look of that trailer they'll most likely go hyper realistic this time?
  21. Very sorry for the bump but could this be that? https://www.capcom-games.com/countdown/ Yeah could be anything.
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