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  1. Ok so a new developement. Plot thickens. Limited OC could be fixed with a driver update setting a lower limit? Anything to do with going with Samsung 8nm over TSMC 7nm?
  2. Some techno-babble that might be interesting for some? https://cbloomrants.blogspot.com/2020/09/how-oodle-kraken-and-oodle-texture.html
  3. But ASUS didn't have to switch all 6 with the FE being 2/4 and the reference PCB 1/5 but they did anyway. Perhaps not being sure and going all in for peace of mind? Will we see an "updated" TUF with 2/4 down the line to save some cost? No idea how much these add pr unit over the cheaper solution?
  4. These AIB's that have cheaped out on components surely must have had some idea of what they've been doing? How come ASUS on their TUF line that isn't even the most expensive one could afford MLCC's in all 6 positions? Seems some companies just got overly greedy this time.
  5. The brazilians really do love their PED's don't they?
  6. They're readying themselves for the coming 8K revolution?
  7. The TUF cards seem like the best build and priced of all the ones not available right now. Gleaned from in-depth teardowns on the Tube. ASUS did good with the 3080 series it seems. At least the TUF's.
  8. A 6900XT beating the 3090 at a slightly lower cost? Either way AMD will need to cook something up that can rival DLSS 2.0.
  9. I've been listening a lot to Vapor by Yosi Horikawa lately. Perfect for my morning commute to work (by train) when the brain is still waking up. I highly recommend to give it a listen. Production wise it is superb and very good on a good pair of headphones or in-ears. https://www.discogs.com/Yosi-Horikawa-Vapor/master/628505
  10. PS5 Digital because Demon’s Souls. Never got round to playing any From games.
  11. Have they said how long the event is? Starts 22PM where I am and need to get up early.
  12. Pushed back due to samples not reaching the EU in time. Wednesday 16th for FE and thursday 17th for AIB's now.
  13. Amazing streaming quality as usual.. Edit Seems better now.
  14. krenzler


    Vice City currently running is good fun.
  15. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/08/19/brian-mitsoda-has-been-fired-as-narrative-lead-on-bloodlines-2/
  16. Hasn't Ono been the one standing in the way of new thinking and a fresh take moving forward? Despite his cute Blanka shtick. Just wondering since we finally got some one-on-one with the people behind the game sharing their thoughts. Not something we've been accustomed to. Not much this time around but with a promise of further updates down the line.
  17. Story-time with Kyle. Full on spoilerific mode.
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