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  1. Sorry, yes I've been going to fileplanet but all I get there is 'more beta keys _will_ be released'....
  2. How did you all get your keys (how am I goin' to get mine)?
  3. There is a hacked dreamcast version with the arcade sound effects patched in. Edit: Also, I still love the look of the model 2 racers. Graphically more powerful systems' games never seem to convey the vast expanses of asphalt and blistering speed to me the way Daytona and Indy 500 do. When I'm travelling at 320kph and I see cars in front of me crash and flip into the air, I duck!
  4. De gustibus non est disputandum of course. 8) But... source: System 16 Daytona Usa endurance mode on the oval, the japanese (non cce) version on my saturn. There was a way to get an extra difficulty level above hard, finishing that in first place took unblinking concentration and countless hours of practice. And I loved it to death. 8) Really, I know daytona is hard to get to grips with especially if you're _not_ a casual gamer. You think: this car just skids all over the place, there is no skill involved, too random etc. Watch some laps on youtube and give it more time, you'll find out how much fun there is to be had.
  5. Gears work for me but I get stuck at 152km/h a lot, could be just the speedo though 'cause when I take a corner I usually find that I should have slowed down... And both Sega Rally and Daytona require you to turn the wheel halfway to select the intermediate course, which is hard if you only have a (digital) logitech precision.
  6. The developer is taking suggestions for the upcoming version. The forum is linked from the download page in the starting post, half of it is in spanish though.
  7. ;Add your rom directories here (max 10) ;ROMS subdirectory in the same folder than the exe is always scanned when searching for roms ;(remove the ; form Dir1) [RomDirs] Dir1=d:\temp\tempfiles Open the file EMULATOR.INI that came with the emulator and look for the part shown above and then edit that like I did. Remember: lines that start with ; are ignored so remove as needed.
  8. Sega Touring Car Championship is still a very flash looking game, but I can't say I like the gameplay a lot: very strange handling. Should I practice more or is it just one of the lesser Sega Arcade racers? I think it got a Saturn conversion where Indy 500 didn't but I play the latter game more now (in fact I'm loving it ).
  9. If you can't get it to work: read the comments (lines starting with ;) in EMULATOR.INI and edit it. -Daytona: much improved, very playable, still some pop-up and glitches. -Sega Rally: only played some practice rounds, but ZOMG!!! Close to perfection, very few glitches. Looks so beautiful and plays perfectly.
  10. http://nebula.emulatronia.com/ Downloaded, gonna test now, will report back (hopefully after a nice endurance session).
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