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  1. 2 hours ago, Gabe said:


    Indeed. The worst thing is that it makes the women's game - which has really come on in leaps and bounds over the past 18-24 months - look incredibly amateurish and belies the skill the top teams have. 


    It happens in the CL too, there were some double-digit thrashings last week I think.


    I don't know what the answer is, but I can't see how it helps other nations grow. 


    It's pointless. There also appears to be none of the arbitrary handwriting from the media - like when the men's squad beat San Marino by a mere ten a few weeks ago - in the women's game. 

  2. I was just hunting around for interviews with my favourite player ever - Dennis Berkgamp, obviously - and I just came across the one with Ian Wright where you can see him visibly wilt a little every time he gets called "Den". 


    Den. Den. Den. DEN! He's not heard me

  3. 17 hours ago, g wings said:

     I can’t work this welsh team out. I know there are a huge number of injuries but despite winning the 6 nations I can’t help but feel they are treating water.


    I’m overseas so don’t follow the domestic scene as well as I used to but while there is some exciting talent around the game still seems screwed in Wales. 


    I agree, and am also not following domestic rugby (Prem or Pro14, especially the latter) as much as I used to. As you and Matts have both said, there's an injury gap in the Welsh squad at the moment - apart from Priestland, Francis and a few more I can't place many of them - but the game plan doesn't look settled either way. Half way between free flowing passing and attritional play. At least the ping pong seems to have died down though.


    Interesting series and the most lucrative I can remember the NH being in a while. Anyone care to venture a few thoughts?


    Wales - see above 

    England - we look in good nick I reckon, but EJ does have a thing for playing exciting, explosive new talent who then have absolutely no time to settle before he shifts the squad around again. I don't bemoan the exclusion of Ford or Vunipola in the slightest, with a little bit of sympathy for Ford probably, but we can't hang on past 'glories' and seem to be adapting well to running rugby; some of the midfield play is brilliant (as an Exeter fan I obviously reckon Slade should get a lot of credit for that, silly haircut notwithstanding) and Manu needs a solid round of applause and then to be quietly shuffled off before he gets knee/chest/hammy/shoulder/tennis elbow injuries every time he walks down the stairs. FB looks excellent and even I know Marcus Smith is gonna be our FH for the next seven years or so. Probably time to shuffle the SH round a bit too and a good showing of that yesterday. Ben Youngs deserves a bit of a break and not for Danny Care. Same problem with the forwards a little - as much as I love Joe Marler he must be about 45 by now (although tbf we did have our own injury problems on that front

    Scotland - in complete opposition to what I just said, the long timers are doing a fantastic job. Hogg and Russell together are basically unplayable, Watson and Fagerson have been great at the breakdown, the former especially. Inconsistency is still there and some clumsy mistakes in the backs make them look worse than they should but it's still probably the best pick of Scotland teams from the last 15 years of so. Real growth potential.

    Ireland - Honestly can't really comment on this one as I've seen very little of them, bar the NZ game. Pack looks good, Sexton is still kicking well despite having the aforementioned Vunipola effect of getting injured by a slight waft. They're an unknown quantity (because as much as I love Ireland I don't watch the league most of their players are in)

    France - Ntamack is such a stallion. Look at his lovely legs. Like England, they're getting the idea of SH running rugby, but unlike England, they've always had that nouse. Fikou is still in brilliant touch, his offloads are a thing of beauty.

    Italy - Signs of growth, especially against NZ, but without Parisse they still look a bit lost


    Now the much more fun bit, where I badly dissect the SH teams (again, despite knowing nothing about them)


    Aus - Nic White aside (I will fight anyone who disparages him), I don't remember seeing them play so poorly. No invention, caught on the back foot far too often, rumbled over in the forwards. I know they beat South Africa twice but Christ knows how. Plus their kit is terrible.

    SA - Still probably the best in the world, but it's really not a lot of fun to watch. Apart from Etzebeth leaping like a mammothfish, it's not the greatest spectacle is it? Bomb squad etc

    NZ - Hey! They're vulnerable boys! Let's get em!...until they settle their squad in the next year and then massacre everyone, obviously. Still, that quick offloading seems to be hitting a bit of a bump which is nice to see. 


    6N predictions specifically based on these games:

    1. Eng

    2. Fra

    3. Ire

    4. Wal

    5. Sco



    6. Ita


    Top five is obviously subject to massive change depending on who has a good game though.


    Sorry for the massive outpouring of rubbish; as someone who lives in Footballland this is my only vent for anything rugby.


  4. I am in such a quandary about this show. My technical ability beyond "Ted lasso stream online" is nonexistent (I blame Netflix et al for making me take my finger off the torrenting button), but I also don't want to start another subscription service because they're a capitalistic cancer. ALSO also, I don't want to do a seven-day trial in case this show runs for nine completely top quality seasons and I spaff it away on the first two seasons. 


    But it is by far my most wanted for some time. 

  5. I bought this a few days ago and it's already earned a superlative that I've never felt needed a category up until this point: Number one in Captivating but Fucking Frustrating. 






    I like collecting items though. 

  6. I was going to write that it's extremely cynical, but realistically it's exactly as cynical as Niantic have ever been but with even worse QoL for the playerbase. They'll just grind out the sympathetic tweets, ignore it, and assume everyone else will too. 


    There is also talk going around that various subscription types have been datamined from the game, with different distance values attached to each. We were so busy obsessing over sponsored content, none of us even thought of the other way they could make money whilst fucking the players over...


    Play Orna instead. It might be hugely addictive, then a massive pain in the arse/grind at higher levels, but it was made with love, dammit. 

  7. This is £6.49 on the PS Store at the moment. I played it a while ago after playing 4 and Blood Dragon.


    It is just as excellent as I remember.


    Any po-faced purist can sit on one, as far as I'm concerned. I've not played a single moment of this game without a massive grin on my face - the story is utter tripe, the FPS aspects are dodgy, the standard Ubisoft collect-em-all is abundant. But you know what? This game is what Just Cause wishes it could be.


    Customise a character with a mullet and a stars-and-stripes t shirt, get a big gun, turn your brain off, and have some of the most dumb shit fun you've had on a game in years. 

  8. Lovely match.


    I'm a 33 year old and my first formative memory of football was Euro 96. I can't say I'm a die hard football fan, but the most obvious difference in the last two tournaments to me is that instead of focussing our gameplan on media-chosen superstars, Gareth Southgate has somehow made the England team behave like an actual team of football players who, being in the top ranked teams in the world, achieve results consistent with the top ranked teams in the world.


    I mean, the S*n and all that have probably had a general go at it (I'd rather gouge my eyes out than check for confirmation), but it's at least nice to temper our perennial disappointment with some actual football that looks cohesive. 


    It's almost like print media is attempting to intentionally damage the country, but of course that's nonsense. 

  9. Lovely goal.


    I've been saying it for a while but we should fear Denmark. Already making it look fairly smooth sailing against a team we only put one past and - barring the Finland game obviously - they've been the most consistent team of the tournament. 

  10. Worth noting that you can actually get two suit upgrades per system - one is on the station, the other in the Anomaly next to the exosuit upgrade guy. 


    For fast cash, if you already have the resources to craft medium refiners then you can simply slap a load of cobalt and oxygen (buy it from pilots at a space station - they'll sell about 2000 each and you only need 13k or so to make decent scratch) in them, make loads of stacks of ionised cobalt, then put it back in the refiner to make (I think) something like eight times the cobalt you started off with. Since cobalt is bought in every system, you can sell your whole stash there, then buy the whole lot back for a fraction of the cost - I net around 60 million units a system like this (there are two system economies - one planetside, one on the station). 


    Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread! I picked this up again a month or so ago and am having a blast so am slightly obsessive with it. My partner is off home for a month on Saturday, and whilst I'm ostensibly sad, I have a big bag of weed and, since I'm dropping her off at the airport early doors, a whole goddamn weekend to myself :)

  11. 20 minutes ago, Gabe said:

    When was the last time Hazard was good? It's been a while, hasn't it (I know he's had a lot of injuries)?


    How are we feeling about this post? 


    Edit: I am a dunce. Carry on. 

  12. 1 minute ago, Stopharage said:

    I can’t stand Sam Matterface. His entire commentary is based upon soundbites that are akin to back page football puns and dreadful play on words. “He used to be a postman, so you’d expect his delivery to be good.”


     Now he’s going on about hugging Lukaku. 


    Painful isn't it? You get the feeling he writes them down days in advance with a big self-satisfied smirk on his face. 

  13. Denmark are playing *quite* well after the first fifteen minutes, but Wales have turned into headless chickens. Hacked clearances, no time on the ball and when they do get it they pass it straight back. Tellingly the best piece of defending in the last ten minutes was a Dane smashing a ball against Ramsey's feet when he knew nothing about it. 

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