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  1. While I'm here I might as well say that I've got a 1.4 million combo or something. That was just messing around, though. I'll do a proper one over the weekend and post back. Full game, obviously, not the demo.
  2. Actually, you can make every part of your costume a different colour if you want to.
  3. Yo! I've just heard you've been given your keys. Sweet. I was planning on joining you guys in the evening and holding little mini-events, but I'm afraid I'm suffereing from time-sink work-overload, so that's not gonna be possible. Still, I'm sure you'll find the CoH community friendly enough Have fun! L
  4. Hi guys, Just to let those of you who have signed up - we're going to start this next week (ish). We've been quiet because we're mental busy, but it's still very much in our hearts and minds. Leo
  5. Hi guys, Just to let you know, we're going to start this next week, when the NCsoft chap who's running the show comes back from his travels. There's still plenty of time to sign up, so tell your friends L
  6. A PlayNC account is needed to play any of NCsoft's games. It just gives you access to the various worlds when you log on, and keeps track of payments and stuff (which isn't realyl important in this case). So, if you've already played Guild Wars you'll have one, for instance. You can sign up for one here - www.plaync.com
  7. Come on, chaps! NTSC are gonna pwn you at this rate!
  8. You don't HAVE to spend hours and hours to get anywhere in CoH. It's not a monster level grind like Lineage or the like. Saying that, I quite understand the feeling. Feel pity for me - I have to play FOUR different MMOs on a regular basis, just to keep on top of things. And that's in my own time!
  9. It would be an entirely new account being set up.
  10. I'm afraid you can't apply the code to an existing account But defo come and join in anyway
  11. Thanks! You should also be aware that the activities will revolve around taking on the collective might of the NTSC-UK forum as well. Again, this is not a mandatory activity. But, you know, kick them in the face. I would.
  12. Ooh, I forgot. I will need your email address. Preferably the one associated with your PlayNC account, should you have one.
  13. Hi guys, As you may or may not know, I work with SB (Byronicman) at Barrington Harvey PR. Last year, we gave away a ton of tickets to forumites from here to go to Game Stars Live. In a similar vein, I want to give away a load of City of Heroes 14-day accounts here. City of Heroes is an MMO game for the PC. We're trying an experiment out and would like your co-operation. All you would have to do is, if you're interested, download the client and use the code I provide to access the world of City of Heroes for 14-days. We'll be running competitions, PvP and otherwise, and giving away prizes to the winners. There will be no cost to anyone who signs up, though if you wish to take part in any of the events you will obviously need to play at specific times. But attendance is not mandatory by any means. If this sounds ace, please sticky this, and any potential heroes should send me their email address via the wonder of pm. Thanks, Leo
  14. We could if we were all mods. But we're not.
  15. Tell you what, Duncan, cos you can't be bothered to maintain the table that started, just put in massive letters - LEO IS THE BEST That'll clear things up.
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