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  1. It's the perfect mod - adds just enough, but no more. Feels magical in the mini's form factor.
  2. Had my Miyoo Mini for a couple of weeks now and it's an absolute game changer. Something that small, that quick to wake up, that runs so much and somehow makes everything look so gorgeous. I've been playing retro stuff on a Vita for a couple of years - but everything looks sharper and cleaner on this screen. No temptation to put any ropey filters on things, it just looks right. Just the sheer convenience of it. Took a quick trip to Disneyland Paris at the weekend, and being able to whip out Chrono Trigger in the queue for a ride, then nip it back in my pocket right before boarding (in the case...apparently the screen is pretty fragile), was awesome. While I'm here - hard recommend the Rosy Retrospection mod of GB Tetris. Adds hold (with Select) and hard drop, and therefore improves perfection.
  3. Wordle 260 3/6 My standard openers doing the lord’s work today.
  4. You’ll never know. Until you play me at Mechassault.
  5. You know what I haven’t missed about having an Xbox? Explaining to work colleagues why my gamertag is LisaSimpson45.
  6. Launchers was the reason I traded SMB2 in disgust after being obsessed with the original. There was nothing in SMB that felt cheap. Launchers felt cheap. In many ways, I’ve never forgiven Sega for Launchers.
  7. Oh, and I got an S by the way. It’s a real wonder. Giving me serious 360 vibes.
  8. The PSP version is lovely. Main reason I’ve never got rid of my Vita.
  9. Playing some on PS if anyone’s about. Ben—k (two hyphens).
  10. An update has appeared. Anyone seen any patch notes?
  11. I like this game. I like that it is to Isolation what Aliens was to Alien. Trashy. A bit wonky. Not scary, but tense. And really fun. Also, I like the orchestra stabs that are timed to headshots. I like those a lot. Yet to play with any real people yet, but the synthetics aren’t…that bad. One thing they should tweak - the Aliens don’t make enough noise. There should be more scuttling.
  12. Fuck it. I’m in. ben—k (two hyphens) is my psn.
  13. Reckon you'll need a 64GB Vita memory card to put all those Vita games on. That'll be SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS PLEASE.
  14. Many thanks @Meatball Had to dash, but left some bells on the beach for your trouble. Much appreciated!
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