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  1. I’ve got 70 hours on it and I’ve barely scratched it. It’s got its quirks, but it’s fairly solid - it’s relatively easy to ignore the shitty “neighbourhood” stuff and just play a game of basketball.
  2. I think people are angry about the film trying to please the wankers. There’s a way of making a great Star Wars movie without apologising to the absolute worst people in the world.
  3. Here are my thoughts. They are all spoiler-y I enjoyed watching it. I think I need a couple more tries before I can say I liked it. I don’t feel like I did when I left TLJ - which I felt had got so much right that it left me in tears.
  4. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. SUCH a disappointment after Sands of Time, both in tone and gameplay. Nobody wanted angry goth prince.
  5. ben-k

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve fucking got one. Happy birthday to me. Improved battery version and everything.
  6. Seems the game doesn’t crash in the Nexus when the PS4 isn’t connected to the internet. Runs smooth as silk. Huh.
  7. Got as far as the Anomaly’s first appearance on my new save...and the frame rate plummeted. Managed about 30 seconds in there before it bluescreened. Hopefully its it’s something that can be fixed with a quick update...
  8. All my crashes were on my old save. Started a new game and haven’t had a problem yet - running smooth as silk, in fact. That said I haven’t reached the Nexus yet, so I may just have it to look forward to. I seem to remember having similar problems when Next came out.
  9. It’s so beautiful. And everything’s so huge. But it keeps crashing.
  10. Everybody's Golf is so good. It's just delightful. And I don't know about anyone else, but my caddie is totally flirting with me.
  11. I’d happily watch this every day for the rest of my life. Wept throughout. Came out singing. Haven’t stopped since. I think it’s worth noting that, while it does have a lot of the “nudge, wink, remember that thing from that movie you love” references that ruined (fight me) Rogue One and the JJ Star Trek movies - In MPR they all feel earned. To the extent that I didn’t even notice any in the first 10-15 minutes or so before MP arrives. Refreshing. Delightful. It’s just Magical.
  12. Picked up Batman and AstroBot in the sales. And I got some Moves a week or so ago. And I haven’t played a flat game in more than a month. But nah, VR is never going to catch on.
  13. I get this for about an hour every time I play Bridge Crew!
  14. 2002 Ico Burnout 2 Gitaroo Man Deus Ex (on PS2) Britney’s Dance Beat (shut up it was brilliant) Jedi Starfighter (see above) Animal Crossing Tony Hawks 4 Timesplitters 2 Space Channel 5 pt 2 Yoshi’s island on the GBA And some Metroid and Mario games that everyone said were good, but I was too busy playing Gitaroo Man to bother with. I stand by my decision. Honourable mention for 2003, when Outrun 2 came out.
  15. Moves ain't getting bought this side of Christmas. Got a holiday and Christmas shopping to pay for. Which is a shame, because Bridge Crew seems like it'd be significantly more fun with them.
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