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  1. Playing some on PS if anyone’s about. Ben—k (two hyphens).
  2. An update has appeared. Anyone seen any patch notes?
  3. I like this game. I like that it is to Isolation what Aliens was to Alien. Trashy. A bit wonky. Not scary, but tense. And really fun. Also, I like the orchestra stabs that are timed to headshots. I like those a lot. Yet to play with any real people yet, but the synthetics aren’t…that bad. One thing they should tweak - the Aliens don’t make enough noise. There should be more scuttling.
  4. Fuck it. I’m in. ben—k (two hyphens) is my psn.
  5. Reckon you'll need a 64GB Vita memory card to put all those Vita games on. That'll be SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS PLEASE.
  6. Many thanks @Meatball Had to dash, but left some bells on the beach for your trouble. Much appreciated!
  7. Lovely. I’ll be right there. Thanks
  8. I’m in my second week in the turnips game, and I’ve got screwed for the second week in a row. Don’t suppose anyone has got prices above 100 this morning do they?
  9. It's going to go yellow the second it overhears someone smoking a cigarette in a nearby house.
  10. I’ve got 70 hours on it and I’ve barely scratched it. It’s got its quirks, but it’s fairly solid - it’s relatively easy to ignore the shitty “neighbourhood” stuff and just play a game of basketball.
  11. I think people are angry about the film trying to please the wankers. There’s a way of making a great Star Wars movie without apologising to the absolute worst people in the world.
  12. Here are my thoughts. They are all spoiler-y I enjoyed watching it. I think I need a couple more tries before I can say I liked it. I don’t feel like I did when I left TLJ - which I felt had got so much right that it left me in tears.
  13. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. SUCH a disappointment after Sands of Time, both in tone and gameplay. Nobody wanted angry goth prince.
  14. ben-k

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve fucking got one. Happy birthday to me. Improved battery version and everything.
  15. Seems the game doesn’t crash in the Nexus when the PS4 isn’t connected to the internet. Runs smooth as silk. Huh.
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