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  1. 50 hours, game complete (even with the completionist achievement) and I never knew that until now. There was a side mission where you had to defeat the worm to progress, it took me the worse part of an hour with the gun.
  2. If he's not dead, it would be the biggest cop out since the Scottish Doctor. Come to think of it, he did clone a lot of stuff didn't he? 2-1 he'll be back in the finale As for the episode, slow start, but plenty of fighty shooty at the end made up for it.
  3. How many bruises does she have? Poor wife. X to shoot, B to cross. then FIFA came along.
  4. Frantic Flea on the SNES
  5. Great episode. I'm guessing they just gambled on the episode based on popular opinion and exit poll. Even if Obama lost it still would have been fun to watch, and at worst, they could've just used an episode that they would've aired in the future (probably next week's).
  6. We should bring in Robert Peston to explain why
  7. In that scaremongering article it says you might get banned if you swap hard drives with different consoles and stuff. So same HD, same console, A-OK. Probably. And if they do ban the early adopters, I don't really lose out much; don't play Live, just download Arcade demos now and again, of which some have gone on to be purchases - but by no means essential, so they're the ones in the loss.
  8. Er, because it's pertinent to the post I was responding to? And to me, he's British. i.e. one of us. Hence the "haha, Massa is the foreigner, he loses so we'll poke fun of him" perspective. When I say "us vs them"surely you can see beyond race in such matters? More to the point, why are you actively monitoring users' posts as if they have a long term objective?
  9. I tested this with Hitman, every time I played the Mardi Gras level it would crash sooner or later... now it's perfect.
  10. He finished a repsectable 4th, not far behind the others?
  11. haha Steve Rider with a dig at the ad breaks!
  12. I love James' "errr... can they get to the end... *links to Toyota library* - YES HE CAN MARTIN!"
  13. It's funny from a "haha, me Brit, you foreiger" point of view though
  14. Exactly. They mentioned briefly how Massa's dad took him racing, sacrificed his time etc. - pretty much what Lewis's dad did, just on two opposite sides.
  15. There were so many fit birds in the McClaren garage, I couldn't count them all As an aside, with the US presidency probably going to Obama, isn't it amazing how two half black/white men, in completely different subjects, have reached the pinnacle of their area for the first time EVER IN HISTORY, all within the space of 3 days? It's almost poetic, and no doubt the history books will make it out that way
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