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  1. He's out of the ICU and on the mend. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts, guys. I really thought he wasn't going to pull through, to be honest.
  2. I forgot to update you @Dudley: He's off the critical list! Long road of recovery ahead but he hasn't stopped fighting and is in good spirits.
  3. I don't suppose any of you guys could tell me roughly what I should be looking to sell a PS3 Madcatz Fightstick Pro for? No idea what they're worth these days - ebay prices are all over the place. I haven't played a fighter for such a long time now; I'm totally out of the loop.
  4. Yeah, just a wired headset into the controller. So basically a bunch of us have moved over from PS4s and we're all having the same issue. All of our voices dropping in and out and sounding "robotic" if you get me? All have open NAT types. Tried DMZs, port forwarding, different headsets, etc. Edit: got everyone to change DNS to Google's and it seems to have sorted it.
  5. Picked one up the other day. Haven't had an Xbox since the 360 and loading it up for the first time felt like coming home. What's going on with the parties? The audio quality is piss-poor. Has it been like this since launch and is there any word that it's going to be fixed? Is this a problem you've all been experiencing?
  6. Only because my youngest climbs all over me and gets tangled. It's not a huge problem but I'd prefer wireless. Thanks, all!
  7. Finally picked up a Series X. I'm after a wireless headset and I'm a bit lost. Wired isn't an option due to the distance I sit from the TV and young kids that love running about between where I'm sat and the TV unit. I've always just used a cheap headset with a 3.5mm but I mainly play shooters and I'm sick of not being able to hear my opponents' footsteps clearly. Anyone care to make a recommendation? I've been looking at the Arctis 7x and Hyperx Flight. And a bunch of others but I've had enough of looking about and reading conflicting information so I'm hoping you guys can just p
  8. Bit random but Paul is my cousin. He's very, very ill at the moment with covid.
  9. Forget goggles. You're sitting in the corner, facing the wall with the club safety helmet on at this point.
  10. @feltmonkey I was banging on about Keita in here for ages before we signed him and I'm confident I'll be vindicated on that next season. He looks ready now. I agree about the other positions you mentioned apart from centre forward. The lack of depth on the wings is what bothers me. Origi is decent cover for the left but for the right all we have is Shaqiri or Ox. I'm hoping we make the most of our current position and bring in someone that can cover both sides without us having to make stylistic changes to accommodate them. A lot of people were wetting their knickers when we didn't
  11. I'd hope we can find somebody better than Adrian. He did all right when he had that unexpected run at the start of the season but the wins glossed over a few big errors, even then. As harsh as it sounds, we'd probably still be in the CL if not for his mistakes against Atletico. Surely we can do better without breaking the bank. I barely post these days and I'm not sure I've said anything on here since it finally happened. Just wanted to say Liquid Myth and Stilly have been on my mind since the win. I feel so lucky to have seen what the boys have managed to achieve over the last cou
  12. dogsout


    Yeah, sorry to hear that, man. The same thing happened to me growing up. It's shit.
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