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  1. Forget goggles. You're sitting in the corner, facing the wall with the club safety helmet on at this point.
  2. @feltmonkey I was banging on about Keita in here for ages before we signed him and I'm confident I'll be vindicated on that next season. He looks ready now. I agree about the other positions you mentioned apart from centre forward. The lack of depth on the wings is what bothers me. Origi is decent cover for the left but for the right all we have is Shaqiri or Ox. I'm hoping we make the most of our current position and bring in someone that can cover both sides without us having to make stylistic changes to accommodate them. A lot of people were wetting their knickers when we didn't
  3. I'd hope we can find somebody better than Adrian. He did all right when he had that unexpected run at the start of the season but the wins glossed over a few big errors, even then. As harsh as it sounds, we'd probably still be in the CL if not for his mistakes against Atletico. Surely we can do better without breaking the bank. I barely post these days and I'm not sure I've said anything on here since it finally happened. Just wanted to say Liquid Myth and Stilly have been on my mind since the win. I feel so lucky to have seen what the boys have managed to achieve over the last cou
  4. dogsout


    Yeah, sorry to hear that, man. The same thing happened to me growing up. It's shit.
  5. dogsout


    Get him on AFTV with the other kids.
  6. I tried this. When my first child was born I decided to try to 'do the right thing' and follow a local team so that I could take him to games regularly, and not have him following a team from hundreds of miles away that he'll never get to go and watch play live. It didn't work. I just couldn't make myself care. I went to a bunch of games and just sat there bored wondering what the hell I was doing. My dad's from Neasden and is an Arsenal fan, and was a regular at Highbury throughout my childhood. My dad's an alcoholic, and by the time I was getting into football he'd already left.
  7. I think the biggest difference was the break. We're always ropey for a bit after a break.
  8. At what point will people stop hating on this guy? Stop doubting and start celebrating, because he's quite likely the best of his era. At this rate, he's going down as an ATG. It would be nice if more fans could let go of their own prejudices and just appreciate him while he's here. Ridiculous performance again. He's on another level to anyone else; he has so many ways to win a fight.
  9. It's really frustrating to watch Traore play like that when I was convinced years ago that he'd turn out like this. He's a force of nature now. Massive win. I really didn't feel like we'd do it once they pulled one back because we were a bit of a mess tonight, on the hole. Wolves were brilliant; glad they're out of the way.
  10. I agree that VvD was coming regardless. Not so sure we'd have got Alisson without the Coutinho money but we were always going to buy another keeper. Either way, it's still impressive business. Coutinho was our best player at the time. It was a massive ask to sell him and improve, even if it meant we had a bit more money to play with. I recall most in here weren't particularly happy when we were linked to VvD at £40m during the summer before we bought him. Then when we failed to get him and didn't sign an alternative, many were complaining and asking if he's 'the only defender in the world' and
  11. Don't be silly. Imagine Gerrard powered by Klopp hugs. He'd have been unstoppable. Not that he would really fit into our current side but that's kind of the point: Klopp doesn't have a rigid way of playing and then look to fit players into that. That's why there are no square pegs in round holes since he came in. He looks at the group and then makes signings to compliment the group. If we had a young Gerrard when Klopp came in, we probably would just be playing with a more typical right-back rather than an alien like Trent that can somehow run a game from right-back. Phil was very
  12. Minamino really reminds me of our Gini. He's got the same knack for receiving the ball on the turn and just twisting whoever's closing him down.
  13. Completely outboxed and then jumps on the tiniest opportunity and puts him away. Crazy power.
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