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  1. 1. Super Mario World 2. Doom (1993 video game) 3. Prey (2017 video game) 4. Super Mario Galaxy 5. Spelunky 6. Resident Evil 4 7. Super Mario Bros. 3 8. Rocket League 9. Into the Breach 10. Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares 11. Metroid: Zero Mission 12. Old World (video game) 13. Fallout (video game) 14. Deus Ex (video game) 15. OutRun 2 16. Nex Machina 17. Dusk (video game) 18. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 19. Total War: Warhammer II 20. Mario Kart 8
  2. Works like this for me: I click "download" for a particular game from the bundle page and it's instantly added to my library - no need to actually download the game.
  3. There's a useful site here that lets you sort the games from the bundle (and the games from the previous itch bundles) by popularity, steam rating etc. https://randombundlegame.com/ Can't wait to get home and try out Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered
  4. Game of the Year A1. Old World From the Lead Designer of Civilization IV comes the best 4X strategy game since… Civilization IV. On the surface, Old World looks like a Civilization game, but it doesn’t play much like one. It’s more narrow in scope (a standard game is 200 turns with each turn advancing time by 1 year) and the Crusader Kings style interactions with characters make for more complex and surprising playthroughs than “Gandhi has declared war on you” (again - but this time his words are backed by nuclear weapons instead of catapults). Wars (and other political conflicts) in Old World are sparked by plausible character relations. At one point, playing as Babylonia, my ruler was married to a Scythian who was of a different religious belief than the Babylonian state religion. The people of Babylonia called for the ruler to publicly condemn her heretic husband. I chose to condemn his beliefs (to win the support of the people), but the consequences turned out to be severe as it led to a war with Scythia. We had originally secured peaceful diplomatic relations through marriage, but religion (among several other factors) play into character relationships and ultimately form the political landscape in the game. Decisions you make, which seem inconsequential at the time, may become problematic later (or prove useful) in unexpected ways. Which probably sounds familiar to Crusader Kings players, but rather than the real-time-with-pause grand strategy of CK (make decision(s), press resume and wait for stuff to happen), the turn-based 4X style means that Old World plays out quite differently. It’s not turn-based in exactly the same sense as Civilization or other 4X games, however: Possibly the greatest innovation in the game is the introduction of Orders - essentially an abstract resource (similar to Culture in Civilization). Each turn, the available orders are used for movement and other actions you take (or can be saved up for the next turn), but since the orders are limited, moving every unit every turn is rarely a good strategy. This solves the issue of mid to late game tedium in 4X games where you usually have dozens of units all waiting to be moved around with a fixed set of individual movement points each turn. The use of orders in Old World means you have to make hard decisions on what to do each turn, because you can never do everything in the usual 4X sense. Every decision you make means not doing (or postponing) something else. If there’s one thing I wish other turn-based 4X strategy developers take note of, it’s this particular mechanic. Combined with character events that always pop up with interesting decisions leading to (short term or long term) consequences, the end result is a 4X strategy game that is unusually engaging each turn and avoids the “glorified spreadsheet” feel of many other games in the genre. A2. Wildermyth I will admit I have not played this enough to say if its place on the list is justified.The blend of X-Com style turn-based combat with procedurally generated storytelling is intriguing so far and I like that character progression involves aging, relationships between characters, having children etc. Conceptually, the game is right up my alley. A3. Trials of Fire A great blend of a roguelite deckbuilder like Slay the Spire and a party-based role-playing game with hex-based combat. A4. Valheim Got sucked into the hype around release and finally managed to get into one of these survival/crafting games. I ran around for hours, skipping sleep to collect wood, rocks, mushrooms etc., and somehow I was not utterly bored. Good times. Until my brain reverted to its normal state and I went back to playing something with more defined objectives and structure. A5. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Quake I just want to state that after playing Quake again for the first time since, err, probably around 2000, I can conclude that it’s still one of the best first-person shooters on the market in 2021. Solid job on the remaster as well. B2. B3. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Activision/Blizzard Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Old World It’s a great soundtrack by Christopher Tin. Very appropriate for the setting and style of game. S2. Quake S3. Trials of Fire Visual Design of the Year V1. Old World The art in character portraits and events is just outstanding. The landscapes, cities, units etc. are nicely detailed as well. It looks at least as good as the most recent Civilization game, despite being made by about 6 people. V2. Trials of Fire Nice art style, detailed maps and lovely effects during battle V3. Valheim I guess I just really like that mix of early-looking 3D graphics with modern effects. Writing of the Year W1. Old World W2. Wildermyth W3. Trials of Fire Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Mohawk Games
  5. Shadow Tactics free on GOG https://www.gog.com/#giveaway
  6. Great to see more people playing this excellent game! I agree with @LaveDisco - it's a shame the game hasn't been more popular. I guess it not being available on every platform isn't helping, but the popularity of the recent quake remaster goes to show there's loads of interest in a game like this. And Dusk is one of the best of its kind. Another excellent retro FPS I'd recommend is Amid Evil - not as relentless and fast-paced as Dusk, but it is more old school and intricate in its approach to level design.
  7. Syberia 1+2 free on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/46500/Syberia/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/46510/Syberia_II/
  8. Love the Ikit Claw DLC ("Prophet & Warlock") - essential for Skaven imho. The new units made them so much more fun to play.
  9. Titan quest anniversary edition free on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition/ Jagged alliance gold edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/283270/Jagged_Alliance_1_Gold_Edition/
  10. Some excellent freebies this week: Epic store: A Plague Tale: Innocence: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/a-plague-tale-innocence Minit: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/minit GOG: Ultima Underworld 1 + 2 Syndicate Plus Syndicate Wars https://www.gog.com/promo/rerelease_ultima_underworld_and_syndicate
  11. I only played about 15 min but something felt off about the shooting compared to left4dead... and the level i played was just really short and lacking in atmosphere (again compared to l4d - to be fair, i guess the impact the original had is hard to top)
  12. Old World, which is out next week iirc. I have high hopes this can shake up the 4x genre in a positive way with its Civ meets Crusader Kings style gameplay. Played an hour so in early access and it's very promising - just holding off for the 1.0 release.
  13. Game of the Year A1. Streets of rage 4 I'm not much of a fan of the genre (havent played a beat em up properly since Final Fight), but even I have to bow to this majestic masterpiece. A2. Spelunky 2 It was initially frustrating having to unlearn my habits from the first game - yet once I was past that, I had to recognize what an excellent sequel this is. A3. Noita All the best stuff from BOTW crammed into a 2D game, but without any of the boring stuff - progression can be a bit frustrating due to the RNG though. A4. Huntdown A5. Hades Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ubisoft Z2. CDPR / Cyberpunk Z3. Chris Avellone Sound Design of the Year S1. Streets of rage 4 S2. Huntdown S3. Spelunky 2 Visual Design of the Year V1. Streets of rage 4 V2. Hades V3. Spelunky 2 Writing of the Year W1. Streets of rage 4 W2. Huntdown W3. Hades Format of the Year F1. Pc Publisher or Developer of the Year P1.
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